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"A hacked-up job that was just made to make some money, but still the best yet."

So this is my first review on GameFaqs. Back on subject: I really liked this game even after beating and unlocking everything in Eternal Duelist Soul. Its not just a bunch of menus anymore like the past. This time you get a far more advanced menu that looks like battle city. It also has more interesting things to do than just battle a bunch of people in a menu.

Game play: This is the part you should judge a game by. And this game has excellent game play. First off the CCG of Yu-Gi-Oh is very good on its on but other games attempt to change the rules around but that never turns out good. but this game has the real-world rules like Eternal Duelist Soul but this has more cards. This game also has a map of Battle City split into 14 parts. I like this to the menus cause it makes it easier to choose an enemy cause you have less choice. What I really like about this game are the duelists points. When you win a duel you get 50 of the points and when you lose you lose 30 points. This makes all you dueling able to be displayed by your number. It is a real since that you did something good when you get 50,000 duelists points. 9/10

Graphics: These aren't the best graphics in the world but they are plain and simple and get the job done. The map of Battle City is nicely done and the sub-menu looks good. I think if the graphics where any flashier it would get hard see everything that was going on. 8/10

Control: The control is very easy to learn and once you have it down you won't forget it. But one problem with it is that it relies to much on the A and B buttons and you might make a mistake when you rush though the menus and there are a lot of menus. I think they should have made a button for traps when you want to activate them, and another one summoning monsters. They had the right idea with the R draws a card thing. but it is easier for beginners this way. 8/10

Sound: I don't listen to the sound. N/A

Replay: This is the best part. It has 26 players, some you have to unlock, duelists points to keep up with progress, a weekend tournament, an annual tournament, some card limitation tourneys, and over 1000 cards your likely play even when you get everything and unlock all the stuff. 10/10

Overall: I think this is the best Yu-Gi-Oh game yet. It has more cards and official rules this is the yu-gi-oh you should get if you only buy one. 9/10

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 05/09/03, Updated 05/09/03

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