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Asked: 6 years ago


i'm talking about those apples Won tries to sell for 500G.

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From: deathstriker24 6 years ago

1) The apples Won tries to sell for 500 G can be shipped and sold for a reduced profit
2) Furthermore, 3 or so of the recipes require the 3 different apples to create each other...
3) The apples themselves are better than the regular apples you find on the ground during fall as they give better stamina and fatigue bonuses.

4) Won is a greedy person and rips people off with these fake apples, but apparently everyone in the game is deluded including the Harvest Goddess... so buy them and ship them so you can ship at least 1 of everything in the game. These apples appear on your memo.. go figure.

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It's a heart event, you have to buy it if you want to be closer to him or marry him XD . Plus It's needed If you want to complete the recipe book.

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