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Mythic Stones?

I know that they are extremely rare and can be found in the spring mine level 60 and below . I have only found 1 or 2 but havent been able to find anymore. Is there any certain level they appear in more? Any certain location or way to make them appear more frequently?

TsubaDude provided additional details:

yeah .i had found 2 on level 60 and now im on 170 and i havent really seen anymore where i looked. although ive only really been checking on the X0 levels

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black_kat08 answered:

Nope, there are no certain levels or locations, but... yes, you can find them in spring mine on floor 60 and below... they're just totally rare.
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maelusanta answered:

You can find the teleport stone on the 255th level.
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gudboiii answered:

All I know that the Mythic Stone is found at 60th "ONLY"! So I suggest after you got all Mythic Stone in 60 go upstairs and go mine again until you go to 60th...
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K1nuk answered:

Some body know how to go to forest behind the crunch
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