Question from Samhain123

Asked: 5 years ago

Who is the girl from the beginning prologue scenes?

My two best guesses so far are either Karen or Ellen. Can anyone confirm this person's identity?

Additional details - 5 years ago

When I first posted this, I had just started playing, so I wasn't really familiar to the characters and their personalities. Now, I'm pretty sure the girl is Ann. When I pay attention to the way the girl is dressed and the way she talks compared to Ann, her demeanor seems exactly the same. I guess this was a sorta stupid question...

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From: smedway 5 years ago

I always thought that it was Ellie. The reason is that she is a.) the easiest girl to marry in the game. b.) she has similar hair (color and style). Popuri has pink curly hair and Mary has black hair so it would be obvious if it was either of them - but if you take a look at traditional manga/anime the hair styles do not change much over time. The only real changes to determine age are length or "pig" tails on girls. The overall shape of the hair stays the same as the character ages. Ellie seems to have the same style throughout. And yes, I know it is hard to tell since the intro parts are monotone, that is why I focus on the shape of the hair as well as color.

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I think it's more of the players decision as to who that girl is. She's technically whoever you marry probably.

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As Cyan_Flame said, the girl from your past will be the girl that you marry whoever she may be, since the story won't be so good if you knew who the girl was and married someone else instead.

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In my 6 years of this game..I'm so sure that the girl from the prologue scenes is probably the girl you want to marry..


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Don't listen to others because she is the character in MFoMT

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