Question from cindynd

Where do i get wine or popcorn?

I need this to make Karen like me than marry me .....


smedway answered:

You get wine from the Aja Winery. You need to talk to Manna when the winery is open. And you will need to make the popcorn yourself or use a cheat code. To make popcorn you need a kitchen, corn and a frying pan.
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coledamole answered:

You must have the complete kitchen set
popcorn=corn+frying pan+salt+butter
wine= the only place you can get wine is from manna, duke, or karen if you are her friend. If you have just started the game, like in the first two months, dont buy a lot of wine for her yet. Get her bamboo shoots from by the spring.
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ZeroPoint88 answered:

You can get the wine for 300g at Aja winery and popcorn you need to have a kitchen for it
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