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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat Karen? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Basket In The Mines? 3
Brown Turnips? 1
Can i find the Teleport Stone At the Spring mine when the 3rd year begins? 1
Carter's Mushroom Plantation? 10
Did I just chop down my plants? 1
Do u get anything fom the pedometer? 3
Do you need to be in year 3 or past year 3? 2
How can I find the tool im finding? 1
How can I hold more than 3 items? 1
How can i use karen's wine? 5
How do I get "Turbojolt XL" & "Bodigizer XL"? 2
How do i obtain the Teleport Stone when i'm at the bottom of the Spring Mine? 3
How do I use the Frisbee? 1
How do you get the different kinds of burnt food? 2
How do you use medicines? 1
How to find all the power berries and the cursed tools? 2
I can't drop my gift? 1
Is there a point to the clock? 4
Is using a blessed tool uses more energy than a mystrile? 1
Kappa's berry? 3
Mythic Stones? 4
Second house upgrade? 2
the use of Book (prize from answering 100 guess question? 1
What can i do to get quality eggs ? 2
What do I do with Mary's Great Book? 1
What do the Jewels do? 2
What is Anns favorite item(s)? 1
When should I use 'Elli Leaves'? 1
Where can I find (goods for my home)? 1
Where can I find (maker)? 2
Where can I find (rod)? 5
Where can I find all the king fish (rare fish)? 2
Where can I find blue feather? 3
Where can I find cursed tool? 1
Where can I find golden egg? 1
Where can I find Muffin Mix? 2
Where can I find my egg that I threw in the spa? 1
Where can I find queen of the night? 2
Where can I find the STOCKING for Starry Night Festival? 2
Where can i find...........................? 2
Winter mine fishing? 1

Other Help Answers
(How to earn?) 2
About kappa jewel ?? 2
Blacksmith closed ALL the time every single day? 1
Can I married? 2
Can u ever go to other towns? 2
Can you do the blue heart event if her heart is green? 2
Can you get different chicken colors? 1
Carter? 1
Ellen? 1
Heart is redish- orangy ish? 5
HELP! I Forgot to order from the TV shopping channel! what do i do? 1
Horse? 1
How can I feed my animals if it is a typhoon day? 1
How can i find the cursed tools? 1
How can i find the teleport stone? 6
How Can I get back my Golden lumber? 1
How can I remove the grass that I plant? 1
How do i go on the path blocked by big rocks on mother hill? 2
How do you find the ghost in the mirror? 3
How do you get a new Blue Feather??? 2
How to get rid of the Dog? not ur dog 1
How to link to the gamecube? 2
Mary's Blue Heart event? 1
Mining? 1
Popuri's heart events?! 1
Record player? 3
Rival Heart Events? 1
Rumors? 2
What are all the marriage requirements to marry Popuri? 1
What can i do after...? 1
What constitutes "littering"? 1
What do I do with Ann's music box? 2
What does gotz like? 3
What does Unhappy for a chicken mean? 2
What will I do to make Won my friend in easiest way other than giving him gold everyday? 3
Where are those at? 1
Where can i find the Van shop? 2
where can I get de blue feather?? 1
Where can i put the jewel of truth after i find it?????????????????? 2
Where does my stone go? 1
Where to get weeds? 5
Where's Karen house? 1
Who is the queen of the night? 1
Why aren't Ann's rival event's happening? 6
Why doesn't she marry me? 1
why is Karen's heart colour not changing? 1
Will the hearts go down? 5

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