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Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town
Version 3.0

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Version Log
0.01- 11/7/04   14:32
*Started writing walkthrough.
0.1 - 13/7/04   15:27
*First three sections nearing completion.
0.2 - 14/7/04   16:35
*First five sections finished.

0.27- 14/7/04   21:54
*First seven sections finished.
0.3 - 15/7/04   17:13
*First nine sections finished.
0.4 - 16/7/04   07:11
*First ten sections finished.
0.49- 16/7/04   18:24
*First twelve sections finished.
0.5 - 16/7/04   19:37
*Minor updates.

0.81- 21/7/04   09:52
*Massive updates.
*Sections one to twenty-four finished.
*Section twenty-five skipped.

0.85- 21/7/04   11:04
*Minor updates.

1.0 - 21/7/04   12:21
*First full version.
*Requires completion, sections: 3,4,8,9,12,14,15,18,19,21,22,23,25.

1.1 - 25/7/04   15:27
*Relatively Massive updates on all Sections.
*Sections that still need work: 9,14,15,18,19,21,22,23,25.

1.11- 26/7/04   12:34
*Ran spelling and grammar checks.
*Very minor updates.

1.13- 28/7/04   17:12
*Minor updates.
*Added a new section 26, so moved current 26, 27 and 28 forward one space.
*Rate your progress section started.

1.23- 28/7/04   17:57
*Rate your progress section finished.
*My score not yet added.

1.25- 28/7/04   18:16
*Every section so far finished.
*More sections to come.
*9, 18, and 19 require very minor updates.
*21, 22, 23, and 25 will need major updates soon.
 *Copyright section to be re-written.
*Grammar and spell check ran again.

1.3 - 29/7/04   12:18
*Debating a codes section.
*Only section requiring an update is section 25.
*Do I really need the "first seven days" section?

1.6 - 29/7/04   12:40
*Planning full rewrite.
*Will update new E-mail addresses tonight.
*Will check registered sites tonight.
*Section 30 created.
*Contents updated.
*Changed first seven days section to first three days.
*Changed mind so swapped first three days to first four days.
*Completely rewrote the entire of section four.
*Spelling and grammar check ran again.

2.0 - 30/7/04   00:21
*Code section has been placed on slot 26, and therefore, other items will be 
moved forward, Barely begun codes section.
*Split sections up further.
*Updated contents.
*Massive updates everywhere.
*Entire walkthough rewritten.

2.1 -  4/8/04   21:26
*Gamefaqs accepted my walkthrough, after three tries...
*Updated translation errors a lot.
*Still can't be bothered to do the codes section.
*Updated mythic stone info (finally).
*Things to update: Translation errors
                   Easy Money
*Things to start: Rival Events

2.15-  5/8/04   19:06
*Updated/started questions section.
*Updated/started codes section.
*Updated/started rival events sub section.
*Things to update when I gater the info: Translation errors
*Things to update when I can be bothered: Rival Events
                                          Easy Money

2.2 -  5/8/04   21:48
*I'm sending this update in now.
*To be updated before submitting next version: Fishing
                                               Easy Money
                                               Rival Events
                                               Translation Errors

2.5 -  14/8/04  16:45
*Long overdue updates.
*Last update for a while. 
*Still require updating: Fishing (major)
                         Rival Events (major)
                         Codes (major)
                         Glitches (whenever found)
                         Translation errors (whenever found)
                         Questions (whenever asked)
                         Easy money (very rare updates)

3.0 - 21/11/05   16:32
*Woah, has it been that long?
*Updated a few titbits that were bugging me.
*Still need updates: Fishing
                     Rival Events       

3.0 - 01/02/06   21:45
*No change to version number, only difference is that supercheats.com was
 added to my "allowed" list.

3.0 - 14/05/06   17:15
*Again no change to version number, but all instances of my E-mail address 
have been removed from the guide. To be brutally honest, at this stage I am 
sick to death of people contacting me who cannot string together a sentance 
written in proper english.
*I will add the final info for the rival events and the fishing when I get 
the time, but I have other guides to write in all fairness, and my life takes 

FINAL - 31/01/07   19:00
*I've been writing this walkthrough on and off for almost two and a half years
now and I've finally decided enough is enough. Anything that isn't completed
now isn't going to get completed; sorry but that's the way it is. There are
other websites that deal with the missing Fishing stuff and Rival Events.
Personally I'd reccomend http://www.fogu.com/hm4 as it is where I got most of
my material from anyway. I put to you that, asside from those two missing or
incomplete sections that this is still one of the most comprehensive guides
around for this game. There will be no further updates and I will no longer
answer emails regarding this walkthrough.
1) Storyline And Controls
   1.1) The Storyline
   1.2) Controls
   1.3) Combo Controls

2) Character Information             

3) Maps                             
   3.1) Town Map
   3.2) Farm Map

4) The First Four Days And Beyond            
   4.1) Day One
   4.2) Day Two
   4.3) Day Three
   4.4) Day Four
   4.5) Onwards...

5) House Upgrades                    

6) The Shopping Channel              

7) Tools And Their Upgrades          
   7.1) Basic Tools
   7.2) Copper Tools
   7.3) Silver Tools
   7.4) Gold Tools
   7.5) Mystrile Tools
   7.6) Cursed Tools
   7.7) Blessed Tools
   7.8) Mythic Tools

8) A Guide To Shopping               
   8.1) Areas To Shop
   8.2) Items Sold

9) Mining                            
   9.1) Outline
   9.2) Spring Mine
   9.3) Winter Mine

10) Gems And Jewels                  
    10.1) The Jewels Of Truth
    10.2) The Jewels Of The Kappa
    10.3) The Jewels Of The Goddess

11) Power Berries                    

12) Animals                          
    12.1) Possible Animals
    12.2) Animal Descriptions

13) Cooking                          
    13.01) Outline
    13.02) Failure Page
    13.03) Recipe Book Page One
    13.04) Recipe Book Page Two
    13.05) Recipe Book Page Three
    13.06) Recipe Book Page Four
    13.07) Recipe Book Page Five
    13.08) Recipe Book Page Six
    13.09) Recipe Book Page Seven
    13.10) Recipe Book Page Eight
    13.11) Recipe Book Page Nine
    13.12) Recipe Book Page Ten
    13.13) Recipe Book Page Eleven
    13.14) Recipe Book Page Twelve
    13.15) Recipe Book Page Thirteen
    13.16) Recipe Book Page Fourteen

14) Harvest Sprites                  

15) Full Calendar                    
    15.1) Spring
    15.2) Summer
    15.3) Fall
    15.4) Winter

16) Confessional                     
    16.1) Outline
    16.2) Effects

17) Fishing                          
    17.1) Areas
    17.2) Fish Type Locations (Cancelled)
    17.3) King Fish
    17.4) Other Items

18) Marriage And The Build Up To It  
    18.01) Possible Wives
    18.02) Heart Events
    18.03) Rivals
    18.04) Favorite Items
    18.05) The Harvest Goddess
    18.06) Heart Boosting Festivals
    18.07) A Little Heart Boost
    18.08) The Wedding Day
    18.09) PREGNANT?!?!?!?!
    18.10) Awwww.... It's A Boy
    18.11) Oh My GOD! Is He OK????
    18.12) Growing Up
    18.13) Rival Events (Cancelled)

19) Unlockables                      

20) Shippable Items                  

21) Translation Errors               

22) Glitches                         

23) Easy Money                       

24) Mini Games                       
    24.1) Harvest Sprite Games
    24.2) Goddess Games
    24.3) Festival Games
    24.4) Misc. Games

25) Questions                        

26) Codes
    26.1) Codebreaker Codes
    26.2) Action Replay/Gameshark Codes

27) Rate Your Progress
    27.1) Moderate To Hard Challenges
    27.2) Expert Challenges
    27.3) My Score

28) Contact info (Removed)              

29) Copyright

30) Credit Where It's Due            

31) In Closing...

1)	Storyline And Controls

1.1) The Storyline

The story of this game goes, that when (insert player name) was a child, he 
visited a farm and spent an enjoyable few days around mineral town. He then 
left again with his family, but kept in touch with the man who was so nice 
to him. This man one day just stopped writing, so (insert player name) goes 
to his farm to investigate...

It turns out that the old man had died, and mayor Thomas hands the farm 
over to (insert player name), as the old mans will asked. And so the life 
as a farmer begins...

1.2) Controls

D-pad = move around in game, on TV and on menus.
A = Lift item, talk, investigate, throw item, give item.
B = Place item in rucksack, use/charge tool.
L = Whistle.
R = Run.
Start = Menu.
Select = Earnings.

1.3) Combo Controls

L + UP = Just whistle for dog.
L + DOWN = Just whistle for horse.
L + B = Eat/Swap tool.
L + B = Swap item.
Start + L = Town map.
Select + L = Farm map.
A + B = Open item/tool screen.

2)	Character Information
(Player)- You, the city kid turned farm-boy.
Karen - Young drunk, daughter of Jeff and Sasha. Possible wife.
Mary - Bookworm, library owner, daughter of Anna and Basil. Possible wife.
Anne - Tomboy, daughter of Doug, her mother is dead. Possible wife.
Elli - Nurse, granddaughter of Ellen, sister of Stu. Possible wife.
Popuri - Sister of Rick, Daughter of Lillia. Possible wife.
Harvest Goddess - Queen of nature. Possible wife.
The Kappa - King of nature.
Thomas - Mayor of mineral town.
Jeff - Karen's dad, and owner of the supermarket.
Sasha - Karen's mum. Gossiper.
Zack - Comes to collect shipments.
Won - Owner of the beach shop.
Kai - Owner of the summer beach shack. Only there in the summer.
Harris - Police officer of mineral town.
Gotz - Does all upgrades to do with wood.
Basil - Mary's dad. Climbs the mountain regularly.
Anna - Mary's mum. Gossiper.
Lillia - Popuri's mum. Gossiper, owner of chicken farm.
Rick - Popuri's moody brother. He has a real problem with Kai.
Doctor - Hmmmm... I wonder what he does for a living???
Saibara - Blacksmith.
Cliff - May get bored and leave town.
Doug - Owner of the pub, Anne's dad.
May - Barley's granddaughter.
Barley - May's grandfather. Owner of the yodel farm, also gives you the 
Stu - Ellen's grandson.
Ellen - Stu and Elli's grandmother.
Manna - Owner of the winery. Married to Duke.
Gray - Young blacksmith.
Carter - Priest.
Bold - Purple harvest sprite.
Chef - Red harvest sprite.
Timid - Green harvest sprite.
Aqua - Light blue harvest sprite.
Staid - Dark blue harvest sprite.
Nappy - Orange harvest sprite.
Hoggy - Yellow harvest sprite.
Duke - Married to Manna.
Gourmet - Doesn't live in town, comes for the cooking contest only.
Van - From HM.AWL.
Lou - From HM.AWL.

3)	Maps

3.1) Town Map

This is the full list of areas on the town map.
Your farmland- you're inheritance!
Hot springs- go here to recover stamina + fatigue.
Goddess pond- where the goddess lives.
Spring mine- mine here.
Winter mine- mine here in winter only.
Mother hill summit- some festivals are up there.
Gotz house- upgrades.
Chicken farm- buy chickens.
Blacksmith- upgrade tools.
Yodel farm- buy cows + sheep.
Rose Square- most events are held here.
Mineral beach- fish, play, and attend events.
Summer Shack- food shop.
Zack and Won's shop- bits and bobs.
Sprite hut- the home of the harvest sprites.
Clinic- buy drugs here.
Church- confess, and attend services.
Supermarket- buy almost anything.
Doug's Inn- food shop.
Mayor's house- duh.
Ellen's house- duh.
Library- read books.
Aja winery- buy wine and juice.
Basil's house- duh.

3.2) Farm Map

This is the full list of areas in your farmland.
Your house- sleep and live here.
The water hole- fill up your watering can here.
The water mill- put corn in here to get chicken feed.
Your dog's house- never seen it used...
The chicken coop- your chicken's home.
The bridge- leads to the forest.
The barn- your cows and sheep live here.
The stable- your horses home.
The woodbin- take chopped up wood from here to make fences.
The field- crop space.
The tree- honey (All seasons) and apples (Fall only) grow here.
The mailbox- receive mail here.

4)	The First Four Days And Beyond

4.1) Day One

You begin the game on the second day of spring. on your first morning, collect 
your tools from the box inside. Play the harvest game on your TV every day 
until the forth day (then it disappears.), either eat or ship the item you win 
(if you can't ship it, eat it.). Pick up your dog, then collect the honey, and 
drop it in the shipment box. After that, you should go up into the mountains 
and collect bamboo to ship. Then go back a few times for the grasses. Next go 
and browse around town for a while, and drop by to collect the fishing rod 
from Won's shop. Before returning home, visit Barley if you haven't already, 
for in a few days he'll bring you a horse. Clear as much of the farm as 
possible, and then be in bed by nine PM.

4.2) Day Two

Next morning, play the game on TV, pick up your dog, collect the honey, the 
grasses, and the bamboo, read any letters, and then, get right on with 
clearing the farm. When bedtime comes around at nine PM, retreat to your 
room and sleep.

4.3) Day Three

On day three, collect all you did yesterday, play the game on TV, and remove 
the remainder of the stones and branches that you can for now. Then remember, 
weeds re-grow every day, and must be always disposed of. By the end of today, 
the farm should be clear, so go to bed early if you can slip in the privilege.

4.4) Day Four

This is your forth day, as usual you must remove weeds, collect the honey 
and everything else from the mountains. Also, play the game for the last 
time today (until next spring!!!). Simply collect your lovely new horse and 
say hello to it from now on, like you do to your dog every morning. From now 
on, concentrate on money. You should now have 3,000g to get the first rucksack 
upgrade so you can collect the stuff from the mountain in one or two trips 
rather than three. 

4.5) Onwards...

The second backpack upgrade will appear in the supermarket a week later for 
5,000g, and when you get enough cash, buy the basket for 5,000g for your 
foraging trips. After that, start on crops, animals and getting a girlfriend. 
It gets in some ways easier and in some ways harder from here on out.

5)	House Upgrades
These are the upgrades that Gotz will perform on your lovely abode.

Expansion 1
3,000g + 200 wood

Expansion 2
10,000g + 700 wood

Barn extension
6800g + 500 wood

Coop extension
5000g + 420 wood

Window change
25,000g + 300 wood

Mailbox change
10,000g + 200 wood

Doghouse change
20,000g + 500 wood

30,000g + 580 wood

6)	The Shopping Channel
The following items are available on the shopping channel (which appears 
every saturday on the variety channel (left.).).
The items below must be bought from the Inn's phone, and so cost an extra 
10g on top of the actual price.
Finally, the items appear for certain reasons as you progress through the 
game, not everything is available from the start.







Seasoning set

Frying pan




Rolling pin



Big bed

Power berry

7)	Tools And Their Upgrades

7.1) Basic Tools

all of these tools apart from the fishing rod are found in the box inside
your house at the beginning of the game. The fishing rod is found at Won's

Smash only tiny stones

Till one square

Slice on one square

Fishing rod
Catch small fish and junk

Watering can
Water one square

Chop branches

7.2) Copper Tools

Tools are upgraded to this level through use of one piece of copper ore
and 1,000g, after enough experience has been gained.

Smash tiny stones
Smash large stones in three charged hits

Till two squares in front

Slice on three squares

Fishing rod
Catch small and medium fish and junk

Watering can
Water three squares

Chop branches
Chop stumps in six charged hits

7.3) Silver Tools

Tools are upgraded to this level through use of one piece of silver ore
and 2,000g, after enough experience has been gained.

Smash tiny stones
Smash large stones in two charged hits
Smash small boulders in six charged hits

Till three squares in front

Slice in two by three squares

Fishing rod
Catch small and medium fish and junk

Watering can
Water two by three squares

Chop branches
Chop stumps in three charged hits

7.4) Gold Tools

Tools are upgraded to this level through use of one piece of gold ore
and 3,000g, after enough experience has been gained.

Smash tiny stones
Smash large stones in one charged hit
Smash small boulders in three charged hits

Till four squares in front

Slice a three by three patch

Fishing rod
Catch medium and large fish and junk

Watering can
Water three by three squares

Chop branches
Chop stumps in two charged hits

7.5) Mystrile Tools

Tools are upgraded to this level through use of one piece of mystrilee
and 5,000g, after enough experience has been gained.

Smash tiny stones
Smash large stones in one charged hit
Smash small boulders in two charged hits

Till six squares in front

Slice a five by five patch

Fishing rod
Catch large fish and power berries and recipes and junk

Watering can
Water five by three squares

Chop branches
Chop stumps in one charged hit

7.6) Cursed Tools

Tools are upgraded to this level through going down to a certain level
of the winter mine after all your tools are mystrilee level. The levels 
are 29,39,49,59,69, and 79. The cursed tools take up nearly all of your 
stamina to use.

Smash all stones

Till a twelve by three area

Slice a nine by nine patch

Fishing rod
Catch large and king fish and treasures and junk

Watering can
Water six by thirteen area

Chop all stumps or branches on the current screen

7.7) Blessed Tools

The only difference between cursed and blessed tools is that the blessed
tools take up the normal amount of stamina for charging a tool. In this
section, I will write how to bless each one.

Hammer and Sickle
Have equipped for ten days in a row

Fishing rod and Axe
Use 255 times

Hoe and Watering can
Have removed by Carter ten times

7.8) Mythic Tools

For this upgrade you need all of the blessed tools (or the mythic stones
cannot be found), one mythic stone each (which can be found on the goddess 
jewel levels of the spring mine), and 50,000g.

Smash anything that you could smash currently on screen in one hit

Till an eighteen by five area

Slice a fifteen by fifteen patch

Fishing rod
Catch king fish and treasures and junk

Watering can
Water a twelve by twenty one area

Chop everything that you can chop that is currently on screen but use fifty 
percent less energy than if a blessed axe is used

8)      Shopping Guide

8.1) Areas To Shop

This is a list of all of the places to buy in the game.
-Gotz' cabin
-Won's house
-Traveling Won
-The supermarket
-The summer shack
-The winery
-Doug's inn
-Yodel farm
-Chicken farm

8.2) Items Sold

Now, what do these places sell?

Gotz' Cabin
Covered in section 5 and in addition:
Wood                      50g
Vacation house   100,000,000g   +   999 wood

Won's House
Ball                     100g
Frisbee                5,000g
Jewel of truth        50,000g
Pineapple seeds         1,000g
Cabbage seeds            500g
Green pepper seeds       150g
Moon drop seeds          500g
Pink cat seeds           300g
Magic seeds              600g
Toy flower seeds         400g

Traveling Won
SUGDW apple              500g
HMSGB apple              500g
AFPFE apple              500g
Vase                   2,000g

The supermarket
Blue feather           1,000g
Medium rucksack        3,000g
Large rucksack         5,000g
Basket                 5,000g
Wrapping paper           100g
Bread                    100g
Rice balls               100g
Curry powder              50g
Chocolate                100g 
Muffin mix               100g
Flour                     50g
Oil                       50g
Turnip seeds             120g
Potato seeds             150g
Cucumber seeds           200g
Strawberry seeds         150g
Tomato seeds             200g
Corn seeds               300g
Onion seeds              150g
Pumpkin seeds            500g
Eggplant seeds           120g
Carrot seeds             300g
Sweet potato seeds       300g
Spinach seeds            200g
Grass seeds              500g

The summer shack
Water                      0g
Baked corn               250g
Spaghetti                300g
Pizza                    200g
Snow cone                300g

The winery
Wine                     300g
Grape juice              200g

Doug's inn
Water                      0g
Daily special            500g
Salad                    300g
Apple pie                300g
Cheesecake               250g
Cookies                  200g
Mt. grape wine           500g
Pineapple juice           300g
Milk                     200g

Yodel farm
Animal fodder             10g
Cow                    5,000g
Sheep                  4,000g
Cow pregnancy potion   3,000g
Sheep pregnancy potion 3,000g
Animal medicine        1,000g
Bell                   1,000g

Chicken farm
Chicken feed              10g
Animal medicine        1,000g
Chicken                1,500g

Upgrades               explained in previous section
Scissors               1,800g
Milker                 2,000g
Brush                    800g
Necklace               1,000g   +   Orichalc
Broach                 1,000g   +   Orichalc
Bracelet               1,000g   +   Orichalc
Earrings               1,000g   +   Orichalc
Mayo maker            20,000g   +   Adamantite
Cheese maker          20,000g   +   Adamantite
Yarn maker            20,000g   +   Adamantite

Bodigizer                500g
Bodigizer XL           1,000g
Turbogizer             1,000g
Turbogizer XL          2,000g

Record player          2,000g
Copper                   150g
Silver                   200g
Gold                     250g
Mystrilee                  400g
Record 1                 500g
Record 2                 600g
Record 3                 700g
Record 4                 800g
Record 5                 900g
Record 6               1,000g
Record 7               1,100g
Record 8               1,200g 
Record 9               1,300g
Record 10              1,400g

9)       Mining

9.1) Outline

Mining is one of the best ways to earn money, it is also the only way of 
upgrading tools and finding their cursed counterparts.

One trick to get down to the lower levels is to use the dual slot cheat.
This is saving before you go down a level and then again when you get 
down there. This allows you to only use the most minute amount of energy
when going from floor to floor.

Mining is done by smashing rocks with the hammer, this is how you access 
gem stones and the cursed tools, etc. You also need to dig with the hoe,
in an attempt to find the stairs leading down. If you want to go up, bear
in mind that you go down one level at a time, but can only go straight
back up to the surface.

A good item to bring if you plan on going rrreeeaalllyyy deep into a mine
is the Elli leaves. I will tell you how to make them in the cooking 

The stairs going down will never be within the eight square grid that
surrounds the stairs going up.

9.2) Spring Mine

In the spring mine you can find...

Adamantite at floors 10 and under.
Copper on every floor.
Teleport stone after third year on floor 255.
Recipe on floor 255.
Goddess jewels.
Gold on floors 3 and under.
One power berry.
Mytril on floors 5 and under.
Orichalc on floors 10 and under.
Mythic stones on all floors containing a goddess jewel.
Silver on all floors.

9.3) Winter Mine

In the winter mine you can find...

Agate on all floors but 50, 100, 150, and 200.
Alexandrite on floors 50, 100, 150, 200, and 251+.
Amethyst on all floors but 50, 100, 150, and 200.
Diamond on all floors that end in 0 also floors 200+.
Emerald on all floors that end in 5 also floors 200+.
Fluorite on all floors but 50, 100, 150, and 200.
Kappa jewels.
One power berry.
Moon stone on all floors that end in 8.
Peridot on all floors but 50, 100, 150, and 200.
Pink diamond on floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, and 255.
The cursed tools.
Ruby on all floors but 50, 100, 150, and 200.
Sand rose on all floors that end in 9.
Topaz on all floors but 50, 100, 150, 200.

10)       Gems And Jewels

The jewels only appear after you purchase the shelves from the TV shopping

10.1) The Jewels Of Truth

1) On top of the dog house.
2) In the horses water box.
3) On a lamppost between the church and rose square.
4) Exchange for 1,000 medals at the horse races.
5) Buy from Won for 50,000g.
6) Mary's library second floor bookshelf.
7) Play the new years show on the TV inside the vacation house.
8) Drops from the calendar in the mountain cottage.
9) While holding the other eight, investigate Tom's fridge.

These jewels combine into the gem of truth, which will allow you to view
your stamina and fatigue levels.

10.2) The Jewels Of The Kappa

1) Floor 0 of the winter mine.
2) Floor 40 of the winter mine.
3) Floor 60 of the winter mine.
4) Floor 80 of the winter mine.
5) Floor 120 of the winter mine.
6) Floor 140 of the winter mine.
7) Floor 160 of the winter mine.
8) Floor 180 of the winter mine.
9) Floor 255 of the winter mine.

These jewels combine into the gem of the kappa, which will allow you to
regain your fatigue while time passes when it is equipped.

10.3) The Jewels Of The Goddess

1) Floor 60 of the spring mine.
2) Floor 102 of the spring mine.
3) Floor 123 of the spring mine.
4) Floor 152 of the spring mine.
5) Floor 155 of the spring mine.
6) Floor 171 of the spring mine.
7) Floor 190 of the spring mine.
8) Floor 202 of the spring mine.
9) Floor 222 of the spring mine.

These jewels combine into the gem of the goddess, which will allow you to
regain your stamina while time passes when it is equipped.

11)       Power Berries

Power berries increase your maximum stamina level by ten.

1) Plough your field.
2) Throw harvested items into the harvest goddess pool for ten days.

3) Buy for 900 medals at the horse races.

4) Come first in the horse races.

5) Come first in the Frisbee contest.

6) Fish of the pier at the beach with a mystrile rod in winter.

7) The 100th floor of the spring mine.

8) Buy for 10,000g on the TV shopping channel.

9) Behind the entrance to the winter mine.

10) The 19th floor of the winter mine.

Special berry) Throw cucumbers into the kappa lake for ten days.

12)        Animals

12.1) Possible Animals

The animals possible for your possession in this game are as follows:

12.2) Animal Descriptions

*You start off with the dog.
*You simply pick it up and put it down once a day to increase it's 
*Over the course of the first three seasons, the puppy that you start with
*will grow into a full grown dog.
*Then the Frisbee and the ball will appear in Won's shop.


*You get the horse the day after you befriend Barley.
*The horse should be spoken to and the brushed each day.
*Soon after the start of your second year it should grow up.
*At this stage, when you try to speak to it, you will get on it's back.
*You can ride it as often or as little as you want.
*The horse can also be used as a large basket for shipping items.


*Chickens cost 1,500g each.
*You should pick them up and put them down each day.
*Then you feed them and pick up it's egg.
*The chicken will lay better eggs as it grows.


*Cows cost 5,000g each.
*You should speak to them and brush them every day.
*Then you feed them and milk it.
*The cow will give better milk as it grows.


*Sheep cost 4,000g each.
*You should speak to them and brush them every day.
*Then you feed them and then shear them once a week.
*The sheep will give better wool as it grows.

12.3) Animal Item Levels

egg/milk/wool             How?
Small                     0-3 hearts.
Medium                    4-6 hearts.
Large                     7+ hearts.
Gold                      7+ hearts + Win that animal's contest.
P                         7+ hearts + Win that animal's contest,
                          + 600 hours of grazing time.
X                         1 in 255 chance from P animal.

If an animal becomes sad, it's due to poor keep of them. If it becomes 
sick, then a) your not very good at looking after animals, b) You should
give it some animal medicine right away.

13)         Cooking

13.01) Outline

In order to cook you need a fridge and a kitchen, and for most recipes, 
you will need to buy utensils as well.

Can I mention that the following are the basic recipes and therefore,
improvise with care. 

This section shows a list of possible recipes (and failures...).

13.02) Failure Page (doesn't really exist.)

Failure one - anything made poorly with the knife.
Failure two - anything made poorly with the pot.
Failure three - anything made poorly with the mixer.
Failure four - anything made poorly with the rolling pin.
Failure five - anything made poorly with the frying pan.
Failure six - anything made poorly with the whisk.

13.03) Recipe Book Page One

Mayonnaise (s)     = regular egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
Mayonnaise (m)     = good egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
Mayonnaise (l)     = high egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
Mayonnaise (g)     = gold egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
Mayonnaise (p)     = p egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
Mayonnaise (x)     = x egg + oil + whisk + vinegar
                   = mayonnaise (s) + (m) + (l) + (g) + (p)
X Egg              = egg regular + good + high + gold + P
Milk (x)           = milk (s) + (m) + (l) + (g) + (p)

13.04) Recipe Book Page Two

Cheese (x)         = Cheese (s) + (m) + (l) + (g) + (p)
Wild grape juice   = wild grape + wine + purple grass + pot
Pickles            = cucumber + salt
Salad              = vegetable + knife
Curry rice         = curry powder + rice ball + pot
Stew               = flour + milk + pot + salt
Miso soup          = miso + pot + salt + one edible item
Stir fry           = cabbage + oil + knife + frying pan + soy sauce

13.05) Recipe Book Page Three

Fried rice         = rice ball + oil + egg + frying pan
Savory pancake    = cabbage + oil + flour + egg + frying pan + knife
Sandwich           = boiled egg + knife + bread
Fruit juice        = fruit + mixer
Fruit latte        = fruit juice + milk + mixer
Veggie juice       = vegetable + mixer
Veggie latte       = veggie juice + milk + mixer
Mixed juice        = veggie juice + fruit juice

13.06) Recipe Book Page Four

Mixed latte        = veggie latte + fruit latte
Pickled turnip     = turnip + knife + vinegar
French fries       = potato + oil + knife + frying pan
Strawberry jam     = strawberry + pot + sugar
Strawberry milk    = strawberry + milk + mixer
Tomato juice       = tomato + mixer
Ketchup            = tomato + onion + mixer + sugar + salt + vinegar
Popcorn            = corn + frying pan

13.07) Recipe Book Page Five

Corn flakes        = corn + rolling pin + oven
Baked corn         = corn + oven
Pineapple juice    = pineapple + mixer
Pumpkin pudding    = egg + milk + pumpkin + pot + oven + sugar
Pumpkin stew       = pumpkin + pot + sugar + soy sauce
Happy eggplant     = eggplant + frying pan + sugar + soy sauce + miso
Sweet potatoes     = butter + egg + sweet potato + sugar + pot + oven
Baked sweet potato = sweet potato + oven

13.08) Recipe Book Page Six

Greens             = spinach + pot + soy sauce
Scrambled eggs     = egg + oil + frying pan
Omelet             = egg + oil + milk + frying pan
Omelet rice        = egg + oil + milk + frying pan + rice ball
Boiled egg         = egg + pot
Pudding            = egg + milk + oven + pot + sugar
Hot milk           = milk + pot
Butter             = milk + mixer

13.09) Recipe Book Page Seven

Cheesecake         = cheese + egg + milk + pot + whisk + oven + sugar
Cheese fondue      = cheese + bread + pot
Apple pie          = apple + egg + butter + flour + knife + pot + rolling pin
                     + oven + sugar
Apple jam          = apple + pot + sugar
Apple souffle,      = apple + frying pan
Bamboo rice        = bamboo shoot + rice ball
Grape jam          = wild grape + pot + sugar
Grape juice        = wild grape + mixer

13.10) Recipe Book Page Eight

Mushroom rice      = mushroom + rice ball
Truffle rice       = truffle + rice ball
Sushi              = sashimi + rice ball + vinegar
Jam bun            = any jam + bread
Dinner roll        = bread + butter
Raisin bread       = bread + wild grape
Curry bread        = bread + oil + curry powder + frying pan
Toast              = bread + oven

13.11) Recipe Book Page Nine

French toast       = bread + egg + oil + frying pan
Sashimi            = medium fish + knife
Grilled fish       = medium fish + frying pan
Chirashi sushi     = scrambled eggs + sashimi + rice ball + knife + vinegar
Pizza              = cheese + flour + ketchup + rolling pin + oven
Noodles            = flour + pot + rolling pin + knife
Curry noodles      = noodles + curry powder + pot
Tempura noodles    = Tempura + noodles + pot

13.12) Recipe Book Page Ten

Fried noodles      = noodles + oil + egg + frying pan
Buckwheat noodles  = Buckwheat flour + knife + rolling pin + pot
Noodles w/tempura  = Tempura + buckwheat noodles + pot
Fried noodles 2    = Buckwheat noodles + egg + oil + frying pan + salt + soy
                     sauce + vinegar
Buckwheat chips    = buckwheat flour + pot
Tempura            = flour + egg + oil + frying pan
Mountain stew      = carrot + mushroom + bamboo shoot + knife + pot + sugar +
                     soy sauce
Moon dumplings     = muffin mix + sugar

13.13) Recipe Book Page Eleven

Roasted rice cake  = rice cake + oven
Toasted rice balls = rice ball + oven
Rice gruel         = rice ball + pot + salt
Tempura rice       = rice ball + tempura + salt
Egg over rice      = egg + rice ball + pot
Candied potato     = sweet potato + honey + pot
Potato pancakes    = potato + onion + egg + oil + flour + knife + frying pan
                     + salt
Fish sticks        = medium fish + mixer + salt

13.14) Recipe Book Page Twelve

Cookies            = flour + egg + butter + rolling pin + oven + sugar
Chocolate cookies  = cookies + chocolate
Ice cream          = milk + egg + whisk + pot + sugar
Cake               = butter + flour + egg + sugar + whisk + oven
Chocolate cake     = chocolate + butter + flour + egg + sugar + whisk + oven
Pancakes           = flour + oil + butter + egg + milk + honey + sugar + whisk
                     + frying pan
Relaxation tea     = Relax tea leaves + pot
SUGDW apple        = apple + HMSGB apple + AEPFE apple

13.15) Recipe Book Page Thirteen

HMSGB apple        = apple + AEPFE apple + SUGDW apple
AEPFE apple        = apple + SUGDW apple + HMSGB apple
Bodigizer          = honey + orange grass + black grass + red magic grass + 
Bodigizer XL       = bodigizer + blue grass + mixer
Turojolt           = honey + orange grass + white grass + red magic grass +
Turbojolt XL       = turbojolt + green grass + mixer
Relax tea leaves   = red grass + orange grass + yellow grass + green grass +
                     purple grass + blue grass + indigo grass + knife + 
                     frying pan
Elli leaves        = 6 different burnt foods + turbojolt XL + bodigizer XL +
                     knife + frying pan + oven + pot + sugar + salt + vinegar
                     + soy sauce + miso

13.16) Recipe Book Page Fourteen

Spring sun         = blue magic grass + red magic grass + moon drop flower +
                     pink cat flower + toy flower
Summer sun         = small fish + medium fish + large fish + fish fossil +
                     pirate treasure
Autumn sun         = cheese (x) + mayonnaise (x) + X egg + milk (x) + wool (x)
                     + yarn (x)
Winter sun         = alexandrite + diamond + pink diamond + emerald + 
                     moonstone + mythic stone + sand rose

14)        Harvest Sprites

The harvest sprites are naive little buggers that will work for you and play
with you once they are at three hearts. Flour is an excellent way to get them
on your side, but littering gets them very mad with you. The sprites can do
three jobs for you, watering, harvesting and looking after your animals. They
also play games with you that are listed in the mini games section. Once you
get all seven of them to four or more hearts, as a new years card, you get a 
mention of the tea party, this means that at some point in that spring, you'll
get an invite to their tea party!!!! Harvest sprites will work when you can't,
so you should put them to work on your wedding, baby's birth, etc. They're 
stats grow as you use and play with them, so play often.

15)        Full Calendar

15.1) Spring

1 New Year Festival
4 Bold's Birthday
8 Harvest Goddess' Birthday
9 Harvest Goddess' Secondary Birthday
11 Saibara's Birthday
14 Spring Thanksgiving
15 Staid's Birthday
16 Elli's Birthday
17 Barley's Birthday
18 Horse Races
19 Lillia's Birthday
20 Elli's Secondary Birthday
22 Cooking Festival
26 Aqua's Birthday
30 Sasha's Birthday

15.2) Summer

1 Beach Day
3 Popuri's Birthday
4 Harris' Birthday
6 Cliff's Birthday
7 Chicken Festival
10 Popuri's Secondary Birthday
11 Basil's Birthday
16 Timid's Birthday
17 Anne's Birthday
20 Cow Festival
22 Kai's Birthday, Anne's Secondary Birthday
24 Fireworks Festival
25 Thomas' Birthday
29 Zack's Birthday

15.3) Fall

2 Gotz' Birthday
3 Music Festival
5 Stu's Birthday
9 Harvest Festival
10 Hoggy's Birthday, Every Five Years Shooting Star Festival
11 Manna's Birthday
13 Full Moon
14 Chef's Birthday
15 Karen's Birthday, First Year Work At Winery
17 Doctor's Birthday
18 Horse Races
20 Carter's Birthday
21 Sheep Festival
23 Anna's Birthday, Karen's Secondary Birthday
27 Rick's Birthday
30 Pumpkin Festival

15.4) Winter

2 Tom's Request
6 Gray's Birthday
11 Doug's Birthday
13 Ellen's Birthday
14 Valentine's Day
15 Duke's Birthday
19 Won's Birthday
20 Mary's Birthday
22 Nappy's Birthday
24 Starry Night Festival
25 Stocking Festival (Christmas?), Mary's Secondary Birthday
26 May's Birthday
29 Jeff's Birthday
30 Year End Festival

If a birthday says: secondary, in the name, it is because your birthday is on
that person's normal birthday.

16)      Confessional
16.1) Outline

The confessional is held between 1pm and 4pm when it is either Monday, 
Wednesday, raining, or snowing. In the confessional, you can get a cursed tool 
removed for 1,000g, just say 'hi', or confess your sins...

You can confess the following:

-I want to marry the Harvest Goddess.
-I overwork the Harvest Sprites.
-I slept in late.
-The townspeople don't like me.
-I littered in the road.
-I worked until I collapsed.
-I was cruel to my animals.

16.2) Effects

There are good and bad effects to confessing...

I want to marry the Harvest Goddess.
good- The Harvest Goddess will like you more, Goddess requirement.
bad- The Harvest Goddess will like you less.

I overwork the Harvest Sprites.
good- The Harvest Sprites will recover hearts lost by overwork.
bad- The Harvest Sprites will lose more hearts when overworked.

I slept in late.
good- Your stamina and fatigue are recovered slightly.
bad- You will oversleep more often.

The townspeople don't like me.
good- The townspeople will like you more.
bad- The townspeople will like you less.

I littered in the road.
good- Hearts lost by littering are recovered.
bad- Littering heart loss is increased.

I worked until I collapsed.
good- Your stamina and fatigue are recovered slightly.
bad- Your stamina and fatigue are damaged slightly.

I was cruel to my animals.
good- Animal hearts are recovered if they have been mistreated.
bad- Animal hearts are lowered greatly.

17)       Fishing

17.1) Areas

Fishing can be done in the following areas...
-Farm lake
-Harvest goddess pond
-Kappa lake
-Upstream from kappa lake

17.2) Fish Type Locations

<<This section was cut from the final guide.>>

17.3) King Fish

-1) Have sushi, sashimi, and grilled fish recipes, then fish at the farm.
-2) Fish at the sea between 10pm and 8am in spring or winter.
-3) In the hot spring.
-4) Kappa lake after shipping 200 fish in spring, summer, or autumn.
-5) Throw a small fish into the sea and fish there.
-6) After catching the other 5, find on the 9th floor of the winter mine.

*Where you have to throw the fish into the water, it is considered littering.
*King fish are only possible to catch with cursed rod or higher.

17.4) Other Items

These are also thing that you can catch...

-Power berry at seaside in winter. (mystrile)
-Recipe at seaside in spring. (mystrile)
-Pirate treasure at seaside in summer. (cursed/blessed/mythic)
-Fossil at seaside in autumn. (cursed/blessed/mythic)
-JUNK anywhere. (If you've fished, I can imagine you have found some junk)

18)       Marriage And The Build Up To It

18.01) Possible Wives

You can marry the following people:
-The Harvest Goddess

In order to get married, you must have:

-All house items
-All extensions
-The girl at red heart level
-Seen all heart events
-Lots more for the Harvest Goddess

18.02) Heart Events


-Black heart- 10am till 4pm in the library.

-Purple heart- On a Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday between 10am, and 4pm in the 

-Blue heart- Mother's Hill on a Monday between 12pm and 5pm.

-Yellow heart- Basil's house on a Monday between 10am and 1pm.


-Black heart- Supermarket between 10am and 1pm on a Wednesday or Friday.

-Purple heart- The supermarket between 10am and 1pm. 

-Blue heart- The supermarket between 10am and 1pm. 

-Yellow heart- Go to the supermarket on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday between 
10pm and 1pm.


-Black heart- Clinic, Monday or Wednesday after 9am.

-Purple heart- Clinic, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday between 9am and 7pm.

-Blue heart- Ellen's house between 9am and 1pm on a Wednesday.

-Yellow heart- Mineral beach, Wednesday, between 9am and 6pm.


-Black heart- Doug's Inn between 10:40am and 1pm.

-Purple heart- Inn second floor, Wednesday until Saturday, between 10am and 

-Blue heart- Inn, Monday or Friday between 12pm and 7pm.

-Yellow heart- Inn, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, between 10am and 


-Black heart- Walk to chicken farm between 10am and 6pm on a Wednesday or 

-Purple heart- One morning Popuri will go to your farm.

-Blue heart- Church, 10am till 1pm. Not in Summer.

-Yellow heart- Chicken farm, 10am till 1pm. Not in Summer.

Harvest Goddess

18.03) Rivals

Mary- Gray
Karen- Rick
Elli- Doctor
Anne- Cliff
Popuri- Kai
Harvest Goddess- None

18.04) Favorite Items

Mary- Veggie juice, veggie latte, relaxation tea, wild grapes, mushrooms, 
chocolate, grasses, grape juice, diamonds, perfume, bodigizer, turbojolt, 

Karen- Pizza, French fries, popcorn, cheese, wine, truffles, tempura, sashimi, 
bamboo, pink diamond, diamonds, perfume, dress.

Elli- Moon dumpling, flowers, hot milk, milk, strawberries, Elli leaves, all 
accessories, diamonds, strawberry milk, noodles, dress.

Anne- Truffle rice, cake, fondue, pancakes, eggs, stew, curry rice, strawberry 
milk, sandwich, sweets, rice cakes, diamonds, perfume, dress.

Popuri- Eggs, strawberries, chocolate, apples, cakes, sandwiches, accessories, 
dress, ice cream, diamonds.

Harvest Goddess- Relax tea leaves, eggs, milk, flowers, crops, dress.

18.05) The Harvest Goddess

You cannot see the Goddess' heart level.

Fish every fish and the 6 kings.
Ship one of every item.
Have the gem of the goddess.
Dig up every item in both mines.
Be in at least the fifth year.
Ask caters permission.

Reach levels 100, 200, and 255 of the spring mine.
Get 10,000  100,000  1,000,000  1,000,000,000  steps on pedometer.
Ship 10,000  100,000  1,000,000  1,000,000,000 of an item.

18.06) Heart Boosting Festivals

-Full moon
-Starry festival

*please note that the Harvest Goddess will be absent from all three of these 

18.07) A Little Heart Boost

Mary- Go to library 2nd floor.
Karen- Buy things from the store.
Elli- Have the doctor do a check up.
Anne- Buy food at the Inn.
Popuri- Have 8 chickens.
Harvest Goddess- In 18.6.

18.08) The Wedding Day

The blue feather comes into stock at the super market when you get a girl to 
the orange heart level, use it to propose after the requirements are met, and 
you will be married one week later! After the wedding, you get to choose a 
name for your wife to call you, the Harvest Goddess says she'll call you by 
your real name anyway!!! Elli, Mary, and the Goddess go to work (or sit 
underwater in a pool all day.), but Karen, Popuri, and Anne ask if they can.

18.09) PREGNANT?!?!?!?!

Soon your wife will need to go to the doctor's, this happens a season and a 
half after your marriage, and it turns out that she is pregnant (how did the 
Goddess get pregnant, when she sleeps underwater... and alone...)!!!

18.10) Awwww.... It's A Boy

Two and a half seasons after your wife is deemed pregnant, the baby is born. 
You name it, and if the wife works, (or sleeps in a pool all day...) then you 
are left with it in the house.

18.11) Oh My GOD! Is He OK????

Soon after it's birth, the baby falls out of bed, and is taken to hospital. 
After this event the baby can walk.
*If it is the Harvest Goddess' baby, then she turns up and heals it on the 

18.12) Growing Up

The real annoyance is the fact that the baby never grows up. EVER.

18.13) Rival Events

These are the events that will get the girl stolen from you. The rival events 
occur to show you how chummy the couples are becoming. After orange events, 
the couples will marry a week later. This was cut from the final guide, and
so there are no complete walkthroughs for these events such as the ones for
the marriage events above.

19)     Unlockables

The following things can be unlocked in the game...

Strawberry seeds
Ship 100 of all crops from seeds out of the supermarket in spring.

Pumpkin seeds
Ship 100 of all crops from seeds out of the supermarket in summer.

Spinach seeds
Ship 100 of all crops from seeds out of the supermarket in autumn.

Upstairs in houses
Make friends with all of the people in a household to access the upstairs.

Recipes from townsfolk
Make good friends with many of the townspeople, and they give you advanced 
recipes, with the best improvisations.

Connect with Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

Connect with Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

Seaside cottage
Get all of the connectivity stars with Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

Mountain cottage
Be married for 50 years.

New library books
After connecting with Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, you gain access to a book 
with descriptions of the people from that game.
After getting a kitchen, recipe book 1 appears in the library.
After Mary and Gray get married, recipe book 2 appears in the library.

20)      Shippable Items

This is a full list of shippable items and how much you get for them.

*With seeds to work out profit, times the amount of gold you get for the crop 
by how many of that crop you ship, and then take away the cost.

*Normally to work out the profit, simply take away the cost from the selling 

Name              Cost              From Seeds          Sell
Turnip            120g              yes                  60g
Potato            150g              yes                  80g
Cucumber          200g              yes                  60g
Cabbage           500g              yes                 250g
Strawberries      150g              yes                  30g
Tomato            200g              yes                  60g
Corn              300g              yes                 100g
Onion             150g              yes                  80g
Pineapple       1,000g              yes                 500g
Pumpkins          500g              yes                 250g
Eggplant          120g              yes                  80g
Carrot            300g              yes                 120g
Sweet potato      300g              yes                 120g
Green pepper      150g              yes                  40g
Spinach           200g              yes                  80g
Regular egg       ---               no                   50g
Good egg          ---               no                   60g
High egg          ---               no                   80g
Gold egg          ---               no                  100g
P egg             ---               no                  180g
X egg             ---               no                  350g
Spa boiled egg    ---               no                   80g
Mayonnaise (s)    ---               no                  100g
Mayonnaise (m)    ---               no                  150g
Mayonnaise (l)    ---               no                  200g
Mayonnaise (g)    ---               no                  300g
Mayonnaise (p)    ---               no                  450g
Mayonnaise (x)    ---               no                  800g
Milk (s)          ---               no                  100g
Milk (m)          ---               no                  150g
Milk (l)          ---               no                  200g
Milk (g)          ---               no                  300g
Milk (p)          ---               no                  500g
Milk (x)          ---               no                  800g
Cheese (s)        ---               no                  300g
Cheese (m)        ---               no                  400g
Cheese (l)        ---               no                  500g
Cheese (g)        ---               no                  600g
Cheese (p)        ---               no                  750g
Cheese (x)        ---               no                1,500g
Apple             ---               no                   50g
SUDGW apple       500g              no                  100g
HMSGB apple       500g              no                  100g
AEPFE apple       500g              no                  100g
Honey             ---               no                   50g
Bamboo            ---               no                   50g
Wild grapes       ---               no                   50g
Mushroom          ---               no                   70g
Poison mushroom   ---               no                  100g
Truffle           ---               no                  500g
Blue grass        ---               no                  100g
Green grass       ---               no                  100g
Red grass         ---               no                  110g
Yellow grass      ---               no                  120g
Orange grass      ---               no                  100g
Purple grass      ---               no                  120g
Indigo grass      ---               no                  100g
Black grass       ---               no                   10g
White grass       ---               no                  150g
Chocolate         100g              no                  100g
Relax tea leaves  ---               no                1,000g
Small fish        ---               no                   50g
Medium fish       ---               no                  120g
Large fish        ---               no                  200g
Pirate treasure   ---               no               10,000g
Fossil            ---               no                5,000g
Red magic grass   ---               no                  200g
Wool (s)          ---               no                  100g
Wool (m)          ---               no                  400g
Wool (l)          ---               no                  500g
Wool (g)          ---               no                  600g
Wool (p)          ---               no                1,000g
Wool (x)          ---               no                2,000g 
Yarn (s)          ---               no                  300g
Yarn (m)          ---               no                  700g
Yarn (l)          ---               no                  800g
Yarn (g)          ---               no                1,000g  
Yarn (p)          ---               no                1,500g  
Yarn (x)          ---               no                4,000g  
Bracelet        1,000g              no                2,000g
Necklace        1,000g              no                2,000g
Earrings        1,000g              no                2,000g
Broach          1,000g              no                2,000g
Junk ore          ---               no                    1g
Copper            ---               no                   15g
Silver            ---               no                   20g
Gold              ---               no                   25g
Mystrile          ---               no                   40g
Orichialc         ---               no                   50g
Adamantite        ---               no                   50g
Mythic stone      ---               no               20,000g
Pink diamond      ---               no               10,000g
Alexandrite       ---               no               10,000g
Moon stone        ---               no                   55g
Sand rose         ---               no                   60g
Diamond           ---               no                  100g
Emerald           ---               no                   80g
Ruby              ---               no                   75g
Topaz             ---               no                   70g
Peridot           ---               no                   68g
Fluorite          ---               no                   65g
Agate             ---               no                   62g
Amethyst          ---               no                   60g

21)        Translation Errors

The following are a few minor to major errors that those lazy translators made 
in this game, this part of the guide is almost totally from fogu.com so that 
is where the credit goes.

The description for fishing rod is:
 g Rod "hing RodCopper Fishin
For Fishing

Lou will come and tell you that he will be at the Inn every Monday, but he is 
actually there on Sunday.

The sign on the winery says closed on Sundays, but it's closed on saturday.

Van says: Sure you don't need anythign else?

Anna: Have you ready Basil's books?

If you fish up the recipe on mineral beach, it reads:
ttle.ished a Message in a Bo

Everyday, if you give Anna a gift, she says:
This is a wonderful surprise birthday present!

Elli once says to you:
Hi <playname>!

Dinner roll is spelt Dinner role!

Apple souffle is spelt Apple Souffl?

Flour is spelt Flower.

Barley seems to think that animal fodder goes in the chicken feed bin!!!

Carter speaks in German!!!

Zack speaks in Japanese!!!

Manna says: It's awful hard with just Manna and me 
(Manna runs the winery.)

Sofa is spelt Sopha!!!

P wool is mentioned twice on the memo screen, the second replacing X wool.

Barley thinks that he's judging cows, but they're sheep!

The newsman makes the same mistake!

The Topaz description is:
Topaz in mines, and
relatively valuable.

Manna calls Lillia, Lillian.

The stone by kappa's lake is spelt sone.

Angler Jake is spelt Anger Jake!!!

In a letter from Tom and Harris, your wife is called <F>!!!

Van's name says Lou, and he then says: My name is Van?!?!

Anne calls Barley, Barely at the horse races.

Lillia at Popuri's wedding says to you:
Everybody I love is here to celebrate my marriage to Kai.

When you land a pirate treasure, you get the message:
.ou fished a pirate treasure.

On the hospital sign, if just looked at, and not read, you can see Hospitel 
instead of hospital.

In winter, Harris will mention rain when it is snowing.

When you fish bones or boots it says A when it should say AN.

If your anniversary is on the nineteenth of fall, it says: 19st.

The library says: second floor, it means second extention.

Even if you have a level one hammer, the stone by the Kappa lake says: Your 
hammer is level 5...

The curry powder is labeled up at 100g, it actually costs 50g.

22)     Glitches

This section describe a few of the glitches that I have found:

If you watch your TV at 4:44am/pm, you game freezes.

If you only ship things from your basket, Zack will say that you have nothing 
to ship today, but you will still get the money.

With a mythic hoe, you can get infinite power berries from your field.

23)       Easy Money

Whenever you see that the bar at the bottom of the screen disappears, it means 
that, as well as time not passing, you have infinite stamina and fatigue. Use 
this to fish forever!!!

Every 5 years on the 10th of Autumn, you can choose double the cost of what 
you ship the next day!

On a beach festival, fish with your cursed, blessed, or mythic rod and you, 
with your basket, can land 38 pirate treasures, which sell for 380,000!

For 120,000g, you can fill you field with pineapples. That's a profit of 
420,000g and if you harvest twice, that's 840,000g!

At the horse races, you can get 38 broaches, which sell for 74,000g.

Along with the first tip, if you buy your fridge full of chocolates (that 
costs 633,600g) you can double whatever you put in, since chocolates normally 
both buy and sell for 100g, when money is doubled...

24)       Mini-Games

This section will list the little games on the side that are not imperative to 
the storyline of the game, but will help in the long run.

24.1) Harvest Sprite Games

For these games ask the sprites to play after they have three or more hearts.

In this you must go from coop to coop and feed the chickens with A before they 
run off and get angry. 

This is a simple memory game. All you have to do is remember where the sprite 
waters and copy the pattern. You move with the D-pad, and then press A to 

Button bashing. Press A to make the sprite pull up the turnip as fast as you 
can, if the sprites face turns red, slow down or stop for a moment.

24.2) Goddess Games

These are played on TVs on the first 5 days of Spring

Higher or Lower
The name says it all. The Goddess shows you a number, and you guess whether 
the next number will be higher or lower. This game is on the farm house TV.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
You play a game of rock, paper, scissors with the Goddess. This game is on the 
vacation house TV.

24.3) Festival Games

Go to the stated festival to play.

Chicken Festival
You play a sumo game with chickens. Press A at the start when the enemy 
chicken clucks, and again every time it turns around.

Horse Races
You cannot compete until the second year. Press A to make your horse run 
faster, but press it too quickly, and it will tire out.

Frisbee Tournament
You cannot compete until the second year. Press A to make the marker stop at 
the highest possible point within the green area. To low in the green area and 
you will lose. In the red area and your dog won't be able to reach it.

Cooking Festival
You simply cook the best thing possible within the category given. The 
possible categories are: Juice, Dessert, Bread, Noodles, and Rice. The first 
five years will follow that order, however from then on, the category will be 

24.4) Misc. Games

Whack A Mole!!!
When tilling your field, you may see a mole jump out. If this happens, swap to 
your hammer (not from the tool screen, with L+B) and hit it. A tally will then 
appear in your memo screen.

25)       Questions

These are questions taken directly from my topics on the message boards and 
E-mails, also the questioner will be credited.

     From: Cryptic Rain

     I have to say, I love your walkthrough.  It has everything.  Except for 
this one thing I can't seem to figure out that is driving me NUTS!!  I can't 
figure out how to smash the big rock in the mountains that leads to the paths 
where the truffles can be found.  my hammer is mystril, and I still can't 
smash it.  It's making me CRAZY!  Any info you may have on this would be most 
appreciated. Thanks.

Answer: I forgot to mention that. When you get a cursed, blessed or mythic 
hammer, you can smash this rock to get to the truffles you seek.

     From: Josh Possy (Gamefaqs name ASAP) 

     Nothin wrong i just wanted to say that your walkthrough was great you 
just forgot to mention that barley sells you the bell.

Answer: You are a lifesaver!!! I put it under blacksmith!

     From: DaffyDuck99 (Is this his Gamefaqs name? Will check.)

     um... i want to know if when you have harvest sprites looking after your 
animals, when they milk the cows, does the milk immediately turn into cheese 
from the cheese maker?

Answer: No it goes right away to the shipment box.

    From: Unseen

    I can't catch the king fish in the hot spring!

Answer: I think it's a matter of luck, I think, but try in winter for better 

26)       Codes

26.1) Codebreaker Codes

0000E882 000A
100D1BF8 0007


32004238 00xy: Slot 1

3200423A 00xy: Slot 2

3200423C 00xy: Slot 3

3200423E 00xy: Slot 4

32004240 00xy: Slot 5

32004242 00xy: Slot 6

32004244 00xy: Slot 7

32004246 00xy: Slot 8


00: Sickle

01: Copper Sickle

02: Silver Sickle

03: Gold Sickle

04: Mystrile Sickle

05: Cursed Sickle

06: Blessed Sickle

07: Mythic Sickle

08: Hoe

09: Copper Hoe

0A: Silver Hoe

0B: Gold Hoe

0C: Mystrile Hoe

0D: Cursed Hoe

0E: Blessed Hoe

0F: Mythic Hoe

10 : Axe

11: Copper Axe

12: Silver Axe

13: Gold Axe

14: Mystrile Axe

15: Cursed Axe

16: Blessed Axe

17: Mythic Axe

18: Hammer

19: Copper Hammer

1A: Silver Hammer

1B: Gold Hammer

1C: Mystrile Hammer

1D: Cursed Hammer

1E: Blessed Hammer

1F: Mythic Hammer

20: Watering Can

21: Copper Watering Can

22: Silver Watering Can

23: Gold Watering Can

24: Mystrile Watering Can

25: Cursed Watering Can

26: Blessed Watering Can

27: Mythic Watering Can

28: Fishing Rod

29: Copper Fishing Rod

2A: Silver Fishing Rod

2B: Gold Fishing Rod

2C: Mystrile Fishing Rod

2D: Cursed Fishing Rod

2E: Blessed Fishing Rod

2F: Mythic Fishing Rod

30: Cow Miracle Potion

31: Sheep Miracle Potion

32: Turnip Seeds

33: Potato Seeds

34: Cucumber Seeds

35: Strawberry Seeds

36: Cabbage Seeds

37: Tomato Seeds

38: Corn Seeds

39: Onion Seeds

3A: Pumpkin Seeds

3B: Pineapple Seeds

3C: Eggplant Seeds

3D: Carrot Seeds

3E: Sweet Potato Seeds

3F: Spinach Seeds

40: Green Pepper Seeds

41: Grass Seeds

42: Moon Drop Seeds

43: Pink Cat Seeds

44: Magic Seeds

45: Toy Flower Seeds

46: Brush

47: Milker

48: Shears

49: Bell

4A: Animal Medicine

4B: Blue Feather

4C: Pedometer

4D: Teleport Stone

4E: Gem of the Goddess

4F: Gem of the Kappa

50: Gem of the Truth


32004214 yyyy: Slot 1

32004218 yyyy: Slot 2

3200421C yyyy: Slot 3

32004220 yyyy: Slot 4

32004224 yyyy: Slot 5

32004228 yyyy: Slot 6

3200422C yyyy: Slot 7

32004230 yyyy: Slot 8


0000: Turnip

0100: Potato

0200: Cucumber

0300: Strawberry

0400: Cabbage

0500: Tomato

0600: Corn

0700: Onion

0800: Pumpkin

0900: Pineapple

0A00: Eggplant

0B00: Carrot

0C00: Sweet Potato

0D00: Spinach

0E00: Green Pepper

0F00: Regular Quality Egg

1000: Good Quality Egg

1100: High Quality Egg

1200: Golden Egg

1300: P Egg

1400: X Egg

1500: Spa-Boiled Egg

1600: Mayonnaise (S)

1700: Mayonnaise (M)

1800: Mayonnaise (L)

1900: Mayonnaise (G)

1A00: Mayonnaise (P)

1B00: Mayonnaise (X)

1C00: Milk (S)

1D00: Milk (M)

1E00: Milk (L)

1F00: Milk (G)

2000: Milk (P)

2100: Milk (X)

2200: Cheese (S)

2300: Cheese (M)

2400: Cheese (L)

2500: Cheese (G)

2600: Cheese (P)

2700: Cheese (X)

2800: Apple

2900: Honey

2A00: Bamboo Shoot

2B00: Wild Grapes

2C00: Mushroom

2D00: Poisonous Mushroom

2E00: Truffle

2F00: Blue Grass

3000: Green Grass

3100: Red Grass

3200: Yellow Grass

3300: Orange Grass

3400: Purple Grass

3500: Indigo Grass

3600 :Black Grass

3700: White Grass

3800: Queen of the Night

3900: Bodigizer

3A00: Bodigizer XL

3B00: Turbojolt

3C00: Turbojolt XL

3D00: Wine

3E00: Grape Juice

3F00: Rice Ball

4000: Bread

4100: Oil

4200: Flower

4300: Curry Powder

4400: Muffin Mix

4500: Chocolate

4600: Relaxation Tea Leaves

4700: SUGDW Apple

4800: HMSGB Apple

4900: AEPFE Apple

4A00: Buckwheat Flour

4B00: Wild Grape Wine

4C00: Salad

4D00: Curry Rice

4E00: Stew

4F00: Miso Soup

5000: Stir Fry

5100: Fried Rice

5200: Savory Pancake

5300: Sandwich

5400: Fruit Juice

5500: Vegetable

5600: Mixed Juice

5700: Fruit Latte

5800: Vegetable Latte

5900: Mixed Latte

5A00: Strawberry Smoothie

5B00: Strawberry Jam

5C00: Tomato Juice

5D00: Pickled Turnip

5E00: French Fries

5F00: Pickles

6000: Ketchup

6100: Popcorn

6200: Corn Flakes

6300: Baked Corn

6400: Pineapple Juice

6500: Pumpkin Pudding

6600: Pumpkin Stew

6700: Happy Eggplant

6800: Sweet Potatoes

6900: Baked Sweet Potato

6A00: Greens

6B00: Scrambled Eggs

6C00: Omelet

6D00: Omelet Rice

6E00: Boiled Egg

6F00: Hot Milk

7000: Butter

7100: Cheese Cake

7200: Cheese Fondue

7300: Apple Pie

7400: Apple Jam

7500: Apple Souffle

7600: Mushroom Rice

7700: Bamboo Rice

7800: Truffle Rice

7900: Sushi

7A00: Jam Bun

7B00: Dinner Roll

7C00: Raisin Bread

7D00: Grape Jam

7E00: Curry Bread

7F00: Sashimi

8000: Grilled Fish

8100: Sahimi Mix

8200: Pizza

8300: Noodles

8400: Curry Noodles

8500: Tempura Noodles

8600: Fried Noodles

8700: Buckwheat Noodles

8800: Tempura Buckwheat Noodles

8900: Fried Noodles

8A00: Buckwheat Chips

8B00: Cookies

8C00: Chocolate Cookies

8D00: Tempura

8E00: Ice Cream

8F00: Cake

9000: Chocolate Cake

9100: Relaxation Tea

9200: Toast

9300: French Toast

9400: Pudding

9500: Mountain Stew

9600: Moon Dumplings

9700: Rice Cake

9800: Roasted Rice Cake

9900 : Elli Leaves

A000: Small Fish

A100: Medium Fish

A200: Large Fish

A300: Toasted Rice Ball

A400: Tempura Rice

A500: Egg Over Rice

A600: Rice Gruel

A700: Pancakes

A800: Fish Sticks

A900: Candied Potato

AA00: Potato Pancakes

0001: Moon Drop Grass

0101: Pink Cat Grass

0201: Blue Magic Grass

0301: Red Magic Grass

0401: Toy Flower

0501: Wool (S)

0601: Wool (M)

0701: Wool (L)

0801: Wool (G)

0901: Wool (P)

0A01: Wool (X)

0B01: Yarn (S)

0C01: Yarn (M)

0D01: Yarn (L)

0E01: Yarn (G)

0F01: Yarn (P)

1001: Yarn (X)

1101: Junk Ore

1201: Copper Ore

1301: Silver Ore

1401: Gold Ore

1501: Mithril Ore

1601: Orichalc Ore

1701: Adamantite Ore

1801: Moon Stone

1901: Sand Rose

1A01: Pink Diamond

1B01: Alexandrite

1C01: Mythic Stone

1D01: Diamond

1E01: Emerald

1F01: Ruby

2001: Topaz

2101: Peridot

2201: Fluorite

2301: Agate

2401: Amethyst

2501: Harvest Goddess Jewel

2601: Kappa Jewel

2701: Jewel of Truth

2C01: Bracelet

2D01: Necklace

2E01: Earrings

2F01 : Broach

3001: Weeds

3101: Stones

3201: Branches

3301: Recipe for French Fries

3401: Recipe for Ketchup

3501: Ball

3601: Pirate Treasure

3701: Fossil of Ancient Fish

3801: Empty Can

3901: Boots

3A01: Fish Bones

3B01: Karen's Wine

3C01: Popuri's Mud Ball

3D01: Ann's Music Box

3E01: Mary's Great Book

3F01: Elli's Pressed Flower

4001: Album 1

4101: Album 2

4201: Album 3

4301: Album 4

4401: Album 5

4501: Album 6

4601: Album 7

4701: Album 8

4801: Album 9

4901: Album 10

4F01: Band-Aid

5001: Book from Harvest Goddess

5101: Perfume

5201: Photo

5301: Plant Encyclopedia

5401: Invitation

5501: Dress

5601: Facial Pack

5701: Skin Lotion

5801: Sunblock

5901: Lumber

5A01: Golden Lumber

5B01: Animal Fodder

5C01: Chicken Feed

5D01: Certificate

5E01: Frisbee

Farm Mods

820025D8 000F: Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin

82002BC8 FF01: Have Improved Barn

820027CC 009A: Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF

820029E8 FFFF: Have Upgraded Chicken House


320044A6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

320044D2 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32004526 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32004416 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

3200435A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

820045a6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

820045F0 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite

82004614 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite

82004638 FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite

8200465C FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite

82004680 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite

820046A4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite

820046C8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

320044A5 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

320044D1 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32004525 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32004415 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32004359 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

820045A4 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess


320025E0 yyyy: Modify Weather


0000: Sunny

0001: Rainy

0002: Snowy

0003: Stormy (Can't leave house)

0004: Blizzard (Can't  leave house)

320025EB 0078: Stop Time

320025E9 00yy: Change Date






































24 SPRING 10

25 SUMMER 10

26 AUTUMN 10

27 WINTER 10

28 SPRING 11

29 SUMMER 11







30 SPRING 13

31 SUMMER 13

32 AUTUMN 13
33 WINTER 13

34 SPRING 14

35 SUMMER 14

36 AUTUMN 14

37 WINTER 14

38 SPRING 15

39 SUMMER 15







40 SPRING 17

41 SUMMER 17

42 AUTUMN 17

43 WINTER 17

44 SPRING 18

45 SUMMER 18

46 AUTUMN 18

47 WINTER 18

48 SPRING 19

49 SUMMER 19







50 SPRING 21

51 SUMMER 21

52 AUTUMN 21

53 WINTER 21

54 SPRING 22

55 SUMMER 22

56 AUTUMN 22

57 WINTER 22

58 SPRING 23

59 SUMMER 23







60 SPRING 25

61 SUMMER 25

62 AUTUMN 25

63 WINTER 25

64 SPRING 26

65 SUMMER 26

66 AUTUMN 26

67 WINTER 26

68 SPRING 27

69 SUMMER 27







70 SPRING 29

71 SUMMER 29

72 AUTUMN 29

73 WINTER 29

74 SPRING 30

75 SUMMER 30

76 AUTUMN 30

77 WINTER 30

26.2) Action Replay/Gameshark Codes

FF4CF267 E1C20E8E
FA5AF166 5494B469

Max Town's People Affection

7E70558E BAC2B2E6
2B15FE2A 40FA51F0
21F0498D 9F36B179
1B325184 123107FA
0973F02D E7ABE50C
1509867F C828FBFC
15359FE0 5D78536B
CA0D1856 389C4F63
EEA6AC12 52DD14E2
730772CD 44587FC6
D53C3D0D C1028208
7A85E014 0FC2A6DD
DD8D3097 BAA2451C
9724E33F 33379687
AFC10569 7D7F304E
1E13221D 81ECE118
F9F20F2B 137966F5
AE9A31B2 03068A42
03731BAE 0A968648

Max People from AWL Affection

9133CE3F 2F05E418
AFAAF757 3BE285E5

Super Harvest Sprites

052797A3 C2549355
785C57B5 E31473C6
FA7F69EC 40A86E7A
85D4EDD7 CD10D187
92897FBC 8D4AA604
3D4E2A86 C222576A
CDA0F817 09959808
752F70EE C3DC1B8A
1067773F 2BDFADDE
ED5B867E 813E18C3
1CEDF869 20617C22
BC0DC2E2 C58011A1
2E2FE490 1A837609
842E038E AA4DD1AD
D0DCF643 9C113CCA
B114A3E7 0D5BD1FD
27931C53 98F86AC8
0CE543E1 A5E9D709
6173DF4B 5D4B0046
08323AC9 A84D5E2B
F1D04D8E 348AA350
A1DE9E46 21FC3A7C

Link Code

E9E7449B 5C8F9CE7
17764E79 EDB58A4F
94E0B35C D69D7E47
F0ED3047 8A4E3B24
9208C63F 58E2A1E9
E416237A F981EC4A
66541B34 B79D45C6
12D47120 FF41A6E1
4876C95C D68998A2
96BD1B8E A769C04A
382DFC17 60E2A9EF
E318C1A3 B6B14F37
C5AE92E9 6754972F
E3755C39 8C7298FF
84681907 698241AA
24F80DFF 4DD229D2
21ADD956 C4FF2EF2
D5131CCE D869EC12
7F519386 DADDA5BC
F0645C96 1A459E91
58F5CD4E 58F585E1
049640AC 1D0B104B
7AA7C14B E3B2464D
71FD70A3 64F8F3D0
1A162B6E 7694C2C4
9A56BE28 262A8645
3728D523 851610D4
19F1A4F8 756970B5
6E4C62B8 702DB7C4
77E8EA59 A9276352
92631805 44179807
BA2C2928 8FA018EC
51408054 939DF28E
9345676A E948D1A6
B8433B03 89E1D53F
36B07685 0E641C69
FB3B9642 949D7292
1FF30B68 9556091A
FCBEEA52 856F5D68
87EB034F C1E73E9C
DA1BE2C7 543B32FF
31CCB6B1 522D2A66
2CC84A93 DF38606B
012591C6 6ADC4A06
46A62D87 1AE9EFC0
130C3FFA 8F340A1C
D4FB917E EE0A68D2
D2352806 8B9DFE66

27)       Rate Your Progress

This section was inspired by: Morag2. 

27.1) Moderate To Hard Challenges

+1 for every hundred thousand gold.
+50 for passing a million gold (once).
+100 for passing a billion gold (once).
+10 if you have 999 pieces wood.
+1 for every in-game year passed.
+1 for each heart event you have seen.
+5 if you are married.
+3 if your wife is pregnant.
+5 if you have a kid.
+3 if it's walking.
+10 if you married to the goddess.
+5 for every couple married excluding yourself (only if you are married also).
+10 if they all are married (only possible if you are married to the goddess 
or unmarried).
+1 if all of your harvest sprite records equal twenty or more.
+2 if all of your harvest sprite records equal forty or more.
+5 if all of your harvest sprite records equal fifty or more.
+10 if your Frisbee record is above fifty meters.
+5 if you have whacked a mole!
+20 if you have whacked more than twenty moles.
+20 if you had a cow or sheep that lived for more than five years.
+20 if you had a chicken that lived for more than four years.
+5 if you have sixteen cows/sheep.
+5 if you have eight chickens.
+20 if all of your animals (regardless of amount) are P level.
+20 if all of your animals (regardless of amount + dog/horse) have 10 hearts.
+10 if both are applicable.
+5 if you have all of the makers.
+10 if you have every extension/addition from Gotz.
+10 if you have everything from the shopping channel.
+10 if you have fished every fish.
+10 if you have fished every king.
+20 if both are applicable.
+10 for every thousand fish of each type you have landed.
+50 for every ten thousand fish of each type you have landed.
+200 for every hundred thousand fish of each type you have landed.
+500 for every million fish of each type you have landed.
+1,000 for every billion fish of each type you have landed.
+100 if you have the vacation house.
+100 if you have the seaside cottage.
+100 if you have the mountain cottage.
+200 if you have all three.
+10 if you have over 100 points on the rock, paper, scissors game.
+10 if you have over 100 points on the higher or lower game.
+10 if you have done both.
+10 for every crown on the earnings screen.
+2 for each completed cooking contest category.
+5 if all five have been completed.
+50 for a full recipe book.
+1 for every hundred of an item shipped.
+10 for every thousand of an item shipped.
+50 for every ten thousand of an item shipped.
+200 for every hundred thousand of an item shipped.
+500 for every million of an item shipped.
+1,000 for every billion of an item shipped.
+50 for shipping one of every item.
+1 for every power berry.
+3 for the special power berry.
+10 for having all eleven.
+1 for linking with AWL.
+1 for every connectivity star.
+2 for getting Van's record player.
+5 for having all of the ten records he sells.
+30 for having all forty-two connectivity stars.
+1 for each copper tool.
+3 for every copper tool.
+2 for each silver tool.
+6 for every silver tool.
+5 for each gold tool.
+15 for every gold tool.
+10 for each mystrile tool.
+30 for every mystrile tool.
+25 for each cursed tool.
+75 for every cursed tool.
+50 for each blessed tool.
+150 for every blessed tool.
+100 for each mythic tool.
+300 for every mythic tool.
+10 for every fifty floors in each mine.
+50 for reaching floor 255.
+100 for the gem of the Kappa.
+100 for the gem of the Goddess.
+100 for the gem of Truth.
+200 for all three.
+50 for the teleport stone.
+10 for each special item you have.
+10 for each piece of golden lumber you have.
+1 for every sprite that has three or more hearts.
+3 for every sprite that has five or more hearts.
+10 for every sprite that has ten hearts.
+20 for all seven having ten hearts.
+10 for unlocking strawberries.
+10 for unlocking pumpkins.
+10 for unlocking spinach.
+20 for unlocking all three.

27.2) Expert Challenges

+10,000 for reaching the gold level limit.
+10,000 for reaching the year limit.
+10,000 for having a cow/sheep live for ten years.
+10,000 for having a chicken live for seven years.
+1,000 for marrying in your first year.
+1,000 go one month without food or sleep.
+10,000 go one year without food or sleep.
+10,000 for managing to get one million gold without animals or crops.
+100,000 for doing the above in the first five years.

27.3) My Score

Just as a rough guideline, my score as of: 21/12/05 is:

...and is unchanged as of 31/01/07.

28)       Contact Info (REMOVED)


29)        Copyright

The following sites have permission to use my walkthrough:


If you E-mail and ask me to use my guide, I will almost always say yes. I only 
want you to ask, A) As a formality. and B) So I can keep a list of who is 
If any of you are reading this walkthrough from anywhere else than the listed 
site(s), please report it to me ASAP.

It would be a violation of copyright for you to duplicate this document  
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30)        Credit Where It's Due
I must now credit those who have made this walkthrough possible:

*Sites that I used:

*The current gamefaqs users that I used walkthroughs or info from were: 
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31)        In Closing...

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my walkthrough, and I hope it helped with 
any problems you may have.

Goodbye All...

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