Easy Farming Guide by wizard1

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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
Easy Farming Guide

1.) Introduction to this FAQ
2.) The Advantages of Easy Farming
3.) The Tools You Want
4.) Your Little Helpers
5.) The Way You Want to Plant
6.) The Stuff You Want to Plant
7.) How to Spend Your Seasons
8.) Your Animal Friends
9.) Instant Transmission
10.) Frequently Asked Questions
11.) Version History
12.) Contact Me
13.) Credits
14.) Legal Stuff

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|1.) Introduction to this FAQ                                         |

First off, I would like to say hello to all of you who have felt like 
reading this guide on how to make your days of making money easier.  
Some of you may have already read my FAQ on how to get the cursed 
tools, and numerous of you have stated how much easier it made the 
tools to get.  So once again, I am back to help you out as much as 
possible by allowing you to see what exactly you need to do and plant 
in order to make your farm successful.

Pretty much everything in this guide/FAQ whatever you want to call it 
is my idea on how to make your life farming easier.  Of course you can 
always alter these strategies however you want to change your farming 
experience into what you want it to be.

Before we even begin I will assume that you have your rucksack upgraded 
all the way up, just because that is necessary for stuff later on in 
this guide.  I will also assume that you have cleared you field of most 
everything but weeds.

|2.) The Advantages of Easy Farming                                   |

This whole guide is pretty much how you can make your life that much 
easier on the farm.  How is this done?  By making money.  How do you 
make money?  By farming.  Those statements pretty much show that money 
will help in the game because there are quite a few high ticket items 
that you can find around everywhere, and plus being rich is just fun.  
Plus there is the ultimate goal of buying the town house...which is 
made just that much easier by following this guide.

Pretty much the only advantages are that you will be making money in 
the game, and that it will make your life easier while making this 
fictitious money.

|3.) The Tools You Want                                               |

This one right here is pretty much a no brainer...you want to have the 
absolute best tools possible all of the time.  But early in the game 
you are also going to want them as cheap as possible too.

This can be done by just using it repeatedly until it can be upgraded 
to mystrile, which is the best tool that you can have at this point.  
Below is a chart of how important I think that each tool is.

     Watering Can          (Most Important)
     Hoe                   (Really Helpful)
     Sickle                (Okay)
     Axe                   (Somewhat Helpful)
     Hammer                (Only if you want to get to a (single) new
     Fishing Rod           (Least Important)

Here is what you want to do.  Using the chart above you want to upgrade 
the tools up to mystrile.  So if you donít have the money and materials 
(bronze, silver, gold, and mystrile ore) to upgrade all of the tools 
then you are going to want to upgrade the Watering Can first as it is 
the most important.  Do this all of the way down to the fishing rod.

To get the money to upgrade the tools you can do some small scale 
farming or you can do the oldest trick of foraging for stuff to sell.

As soon as you have all six tools upgraded to mystrile, then you can 
get the cursed, blessed, and mythic tools which will make your life 
even more helpful.  But before you do that you will want to follow the 
coming sections to get yourself about 100,000-200,000 gold.  At which 
point you can read my cursed tools guide in order to get the cursed, 
blessed, and mythic tools.

|4.) Your Little Helpers                                              |

Okay, these guys are what will allow you to farm on a very large scale, 
and by very large I mean your whole field.  These little guys are the 
Harvest Sprites.  They live in a little shanty to the side of the 

While you still have the mystrile tools you only need to be friends (in 
order for them to be friends they need three hearts, which will be 
detailed later on in this section) with three-four of the Harvest 
Sprites.  You also only want them to do one job and that is the task 
of...harvesting.  This task is pretty much the only thing that they can 
do better than you.  You canít walk on your crops, but they can.  This 
allows you to grow a lot more.

However there is a catch, you need to friends with them.  This means 
that you need to give them stuff.  The easiest thing to give them is 
flour.  You want to just stock up on it and keep their heart levels 
around 7-8 hearts.  You will also want to play with them to make them 
better at what they do.

|5.) The Way You Want to Plant                                        |

The best way to plant is in a way that you can water in one day, and 
your sprites can harvest in one day (early on in the game if you have 
all seven sprites working for you then them harvesting wonít be a 
problem, but later on it could be).

Below here is my recommendation for planting your crops for the 
different kind of watering can that you have. A * will represent where 
plants will be and spaces will represent where nothing will be.

Starting Watering Can: *** *** You can plant as many of these as you 
                       *** *** can manage, just donít plant anymore
                       * * * * than that as that would be a waste of 
                               money.  When in doubt, plant even less.
                       *** ***
                       *** ***
                       * * * *

Copper Watering Can: Same thing as the starting watering can, except 
                     this time around it doesnít take as long to water 
                     the whole thing.

Silver Watering Can: *** *** Once again plant as many of these as you
                     *** *** can manage but no more than that.  These
                     *** *** can extend as rows all of the way down
                     *** *** your field and are easy to water.
                     *** ***

Gold Watering Can: ****** ****** Once again you can plant these all of
                   ****** ****** the way down your field.  Now it gets 
                   ****** ****** hard to manage, and you need to make 
                   ****** ****** sure that the harvest sprites will
                   ****** ****** also be able to handle this much.
                   ****** ******

Mystrile Watering Can: This is the same exact thing as the gold
                       watering can except now it is easier for you
                       to water your however much you plant.

Cursed Watering Can: I donít recommend using this can as it is so easy
                     to upgrade and plus it wastes your energy so fast.

Blessed Watering Can: ************ ************ If you got to this
                      ************ ************ point really fast
                      ************ ************ then your sprites may
                      ************ ************ have a hard time of
                      ************ ************ keeping up.  Plant this
                      ************ ************ all down your field.

Mythic Watering Can: Plant your whole field, except for a column
                     on your right, and a row on the bottom of the
                     field.  An * will represent plants and a Ė will
                     represents open space. The diagram is nowhere near
                     accurate and is only used to give you an idea of
                     what your field will look like fully planted.


Those are pretty much the most cost effective ways of planting your 
crops.  Of course you can always come up with your own way, these are 
the designs that I recommend.

|6.) The Stuff You Want to Plant                                      |

When it comes to the stuff that you want to plant, there are two 
different kinds of plants.  You have your renewable plants that will 
grow for the whole season and your non-renewable plants that will die 
as soon as they are harvested.

Now of course you are always going to want to buy the plant that will 
produce the highest amount of money for you.  For most seasons this is 
going to be renewable crops.  However sometimes it is better to plant a 
plant that will give experience to your sprites for the biggest 
harvesting season, autumn.

---In spring you are going to want to ship 100 turnips, 100 potatoes, 
   and 100 cucumbers so that you will have access to the strawberry.  
   While strawberries make less money than turnips for each 3*3 square, 
   they are in fact a renewable plant.  So for the first few springs 
   you are going to want to try to get the strawberry, and then use 
   that to get the harvest sprites experience up for autumn.

   Now you may be saying, ĎBut the harvest sprites do not work in 
   spring.  Well what you want to do is to go to their tea party, and 
   then all after that they will in fact work for you.

---In summer you are going to want to plant corn.  Corn makes plenty of 
   money for you and plus it is renewable so your little friends the 
   harvest sprites will also get plenty of experience from them.  
   Summer is in my opinion just a season for you to get ready for 

---Autumn not only is one of my favorite words, but it is also my 
   favorite season in this game.  Autumn is the season in which you can 
   make a ton of money.  What will get you all of this money are sweet 
   potatoes!  These wonderful little plants are the best crop in the 
   game and give a ton of experience while making you a ton of money.

   However there is one huge catch to the wonderfulness, if you plant 
   too many of these your sprites are also going to be incredibly 
   swamped if they donít have enough experience to handle it.  Pretty 
   much in spring and summer you are going to want to figure out just 
   how much your harvest sprites can actually harvest in one day before 
   you plop a whole entire field right in front of them.

---In winter there is nothing to plant...so just relax and give flour 
   to the sprites so that they will like you more then next year 

|7.) How to Spend Your Seasons                                        |

Although this is touched on in the last section, this is going to be 
more of an in-depth look at what exactly you are going to want to do 
each season.

---Spring: In spring you have two options:
           1.) You can give stuff to your harvest sprites, play games 
               with them, or go to their tea party.  You are going to 
               want to do this only if you already have them all well 
               set down their job paths (in other words they can 
               already harvest your whole field in one day).
           2.) Be a mean little farmer and force them to harvest for 
               you so that you will eventually be able to do option 1.

           Pretty much spring is a period to largely relax from 
           watering and planting stuff to go and have some fun with 
           your little helpers.

---Summer: In summer your one goal is to get the sprites as much 
           experience as possible before the giant harvest season 
           coming up next.  You are going to want to force the sprites 
           to harvest for you the whole time and make sure that the day 
           that their term of duty doesnít end on a day that they 
           should be harvesting on.

---Autumn: Sweet potato harvesting is all that you are going to be 
           doing this season.  Once again you are going to have to make 
           sure that the day that the harvest sprites duties end is 
           going to be a day that you are not going to be harvesting.  
           This season is particularly tricky because the sweet 
           potatoes grow back every other day and so you have to be 
           careful of when you let them go.  The easiest way to get it 
           all on track is to let them go on a day that you have just 
           harvested the whole field.  Then hire them back the next day 
           and you will be able to follow this all of the way through 
           the season repeating this when they only have a few days of 
           service left.

---Winter: This is the season of letting your sprites stay home, unless 
           you have animals for them to take care of.  Pretty much you 
           just want to give them flour until they have 8-10 hearts and 
           then they will be able to work for you for a whole year 
           without you having to give them too much stuff after this.  
           This season is going to be really boring except for maybe 
           going into the Lake Mine to get the cursed tools.  Other 
           than that and the sprites there isnít too much to do in this 
           season of boredom.

|8.) Your Animal Friends                                              |

Your standard crops are going to be your biggest money makers on your 
farm, although there are times at which you will be too lazy to water 
everything or you are in winter when you cannot farm any crops.

There is a solution to this problem and this is livestock.  However 
there is one big problem to livestock, it costs a lot of money to set 
up a profitable system and it takes a lot of dedication to remember 
that they exist.

There are three different profitable livestock.  You have your chickens 
which are your least profitable, you have your sheep which are your 
medium animal money maker, and you have the cattle which you will make 
most of your money if you decide to go the livestock way, to boost the 
profits on your farm.

First we will discuss the chicken.

   The chicken is the least profitable animal but it is also the 
   cheapest to start out with, plus if one dies then it isnít hard to 
   hatch your own, while it is a lot harder to do that with sheep and 
   cattle.  When you first get your farm you can only have four 
   chickens, but after you have Gotz expand your chicken coop then you 
   will be able to have eight chickens.  Chickens produce eggs that can 
   be turned into mayonnaise after you buy the maker for it.  You will 
   make more money from mayonnaise than you would from normal eggs 
   however you would have to do it yourself as the harvest sprites 
   donít use any of the makers.  Below is a chart of profit for chicken 

  |Product        |Number of Hearts Required|Gold Acquired From It|
  |Small Egg      |Zero to Three Hearts     |50G                  |
  |Medium Egg     |Four to Seven Hearts     |60G                  |
  |Large Egg      |Eight to Ten Hearts      |80G                  |
  |Gold Egg       |Win the Chicken Sumo     |100G                 |
  |               |and Eight to Ten Hearts  |                     |
  |P Egg          |Everything for Gold Egg  |180G                 |
  |               |and 600+ Hours Outside   |                     |
  |X Egg          |Random if the Chicken    |350G                 |
  |               |can produce P Eggs       |                     |
  |Spa-Boiled Egg |Throw any egg into the   |80G                  |
  |               |hot springs              |                     |
  |Small Mayo     |Put a small egg in maker |100G                 |
  |Medium Mayo    |Put a medium egg in maker|150G                 |
  |Large Mayo     |Put a large egg in maker |200G                 |
  |Gold Mayo      |Put a gold egg in maker  |300G                 |
  |P Mayo         |Put a P egg in maker     |450G                 |
  |X Mayo         |Put a X egg in maker     |800G                 |

   As you can see if you handle the chickens yourself then you will 
   make a lot more money if you use the maker because like I have said 
   the harvest sprites donít use the makers.

   Chickens are also the hardest to raise heart levels.  The only way 
   to raise their heart levels is to pick them up and that can only be 
   done once a day and by leaving them outside while it is sunny.  
   Chickens donít need to be fed while they are outside, but they 
   should be kept in a pen so that the wild dogs donít get to them and 
   make them mad.

   In the coop there are little incubators that you can use to make 
   more little chickens.  It takes three days for the eggs to hatch and 
   then one week until the chick grows up and starts laying eggs.  It 
   is a lot cheaper than going out and buying all of your chickens.

Secondly we have the sheep:

   Sheep are the medium livestock.  While individually they make more 
   profit than cows do you cannot get their wool everyday.  Originally 
   your barn can only hold eight sheep (or eight cows) but after you 
   have Gotz upgrade the barn then it will be able to hold sixteen 
   sheep (or cows).  The maker for sheep creates yarn from the wool, 
   which like with chicken and cows it will sell for more money but the 
   harvest sprites donít use it.

   It costs 4,000G to buy a single sheep and then you can start 
   grabbing the wool off of its back that day.  However you can buy a 
   little potion thing from Barley that will impregnate your sheep.  It 
   costs 3,000G and so is 1,000G cheaper than buying a full grown sheep 
   from him.  However in order to impregnate your sheep it needs to 
   have wool on its back.  If you birth your own sheep it will take the 
   parent 20 days to give birth and then take the new sheep 14 days 
   before you are able to get wool from it.  However there is an 
   advantage.  A newborn sheep can already have 0-4 hearts when it is 
   born and you will also be able to have that extra time to raise its 
   heart level even more.

   Below is a chart of profits on wool and wool products:

  |Product        |Number of Hearts Required |Gold Acquired From It|
  |Small Wool     |Zero to Three Hearts      |100G                 |
  |Medium Wool    |Four to Seven Hearts      |400G                 |
  |Large Wool     |Eight to Ten Hearts       |500G                 |
  |Gold Wool      |Win the Sheep Contest     |600G                 |
  |               |and Eight to Ten Hearts   |                     |
  |P Wool         |Everything for Gold Wool  |1000G                |
  |               |and 600+ Hours Outside    |                     |
  |X Wool         |Random if the Sheep       |1000G                |
  |               |can produce P Wool        |                     |
  |Small Yarn     |Put a small Wool in maker |300G                 |
  |Medium Yarn    |Put a medium Wool in maker|700G                 |
  |Large Yarn     |Put a large Wool in maker |800G                 |
  |Gold Yarn      |Put a gold Wool in maker  |1000G                |
  |P Yarn         |Put a P Wool in maker     |1500G                |
  |X Yarn         |Put a X Wool in maker     |4000G                |

   As you can see sheep are really profitable, however you cannot 
   attain their wool everyday.

   It is rather easy to get a sheepís heart level higher.  You can talk 
   to it each day, brush it each day, and harvest its wool every few 
   days.  Plus you can get some extra points by letting it be outside 
   while it is sunny.  However you will have to have grass planted in 
   your field otherwise they will get mad at you.

Lastly we have the cattle:

   Cattle are the most profitable animals out there.  Your barn will 
   start out only able to hold eight cows (or eight sheep) and after 
   Gotz upgrades it, the barn will be able to hold sixteen cows (or 
   sixteen sheep).  The maker for cows changes the milk that cows 
   produce into cheese.  However like with every other animal, the 
   harvest sprites donít know how to use it.

   You can buy a cow from Barley for 5,000G it will then take seven 
   days until you will be able to get milk from your nice new cow.  
   However you can also buy a little potion thing to impregnate your 
   cow for 3,000G, which will save you 2,000G.  Once your cow is 
   pregnant it takes 20 days until the new calf is born.  After that it 
   takes 21 days until your new cow is able to give milk.  Once again 
   the advantage is that it will be born with 0-4 hearts and you will 
   have that extra time to raise its heart level even more.

   Below is a chart of the profits of milk and milk products:

  |Product        |Number of Hearts Required |Gold Acquired From It|
  |Small Milk     |Zero to Three Hearts      |100G                 |
  |Medium Milk    |Four to Seven Hearts      |150G                 |
  |Large Milk     |Eight to Ten Hearts       |200G                 |
  |Gold Milk      |Win the Cow Contest       |300G                 |
  |               |and Eight to Ten Hearts   |                     |
  |P Milk         |Everything for Gold Milk  |500G                 |
  |               |and 600+ Hours Outside    |                     |
  |X Milk         |Random if the Cow         |800G                 |
  |               |can produce P Milk        |                     |
  |Small Cheese   |Put a small milk in maker |300G                 |
  |Medium Cheese  |Put a medium milk in maker|400G                 |
  |Large Cheese   |Put a large milk in maker |500G                 |
  |Gold Cheese    |Put a gold milk in maker  |600G                 |
  |P Cheese       |Put a P milk in maker     |750G                 |
  |X Cheese       |Put a X milk in maker     |1500G                |

   Cows are the most profitable as they are capable of being harvest 
   every single day unlike sheep.

   Like sheep it is easy to raise a cowís heart level fast.  You can 
   talk to it once a day, milk it once a day, and brush it once a day.  
   You can also leave them outside while it is sunny just so long as 
   you have grass planted in your field.

|9.) Instant Transmission                                             |

   This whole section is about the teleport stone.  This stone makes 
your whole life so much easier because it allows you to teleport to 
anywhere on the whole map.  Now rather than walking to the store 
everyday and to the harvest sprite shack you can teleport there in an 

   However there is a huge catch.  The teleport stone is buried on the 
last floor of the Spring Mine.  That means that you have to dig down 
255 floors in order to get it, but that is worth not having to walk the 
rest of your life.

Elli Leaves are something that are pretty much vital to getting the 
teleport stone.  What they do is restore your stamina and fatigue all 
the way up to 100 percent, which is vital for getting down to the last 

The Elli Leaves are a very complicated food to make here is the recipe:
   First you go to the hospital and buy four Bodgizers and four 
Turbojolts from Elli.
   Next you need to make them into Bodigizer XLs and TurboJolt XLs.  
You do this by adding blue grass to the Bodigizer and using the Mixer 
on them and by adding green grass to the Turbojolt and using the Mixer.
   Now is the hard part.  You need to go to your chicken coop or your 
barn and grab six pieces of feed.  On one you need to use the Knife.  
On the second you need to use the Frying Pan.  On the third you need to 
use the Pot.  On the fourth you need to use the Mixer.  On the fifth 
you need to use the Whisk and the Oven.  On the sixth and final you 
need to use the Rolling Pin.
   Now you need to use the six burnt foods that you just made along 
with the Bodigizer XL and the Turbojolt XL using the Knife, Frying Pan, 
Oven, Pot, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Miso.
   Congratulations, you now have one Elli Leave!  Now repeat the 
process above so that you have four of them total.

Now we have the problem of getting that far down in the mine.  First 
you are going to want to bring eight Elli Leaves with you to make your 
odds of getting the teleport stone just that much easier.  Next you 
follow these steps:

   2.) Save your data on File 1 soon as you enter the mine.  Make sure 
you save it before you have used any of your tools that day, it will 
help a lot.
   3.) Smash rocks and dig around until you find the stairway down to 
the next level of the mine.
   4.) Take note of exactly where the stairway is.
   5.) Load your data from File 1.
   6.) Go to where the stairway was and dig there.
   7.) Before going down the stairs save your data on File 2 (this is 
so that if the next level is a dead end or you just donít like the way 
the next level looks you can get a different level next).
   8.) Save your data on File 1 before you do anything on that level.
   9.) Repeat all of the steps until you are on the bottom floor.

***The stairways are never next to the walls, this will make your 
search easier in larger levels of the mine.

|10.) Frequently Asked Questions                                      |

Q: Is it okay to just have the grass for my cows planted but not fully 
A: The grass has to be fully matured if you want to leave your animals 
out overnight.  That means that you cannot leave then outside during 

Q: I just married my significant other in the game and am wondering how 
long it will be until the child is born?
A: The child being conceived is essentially another heart event, just 
keep talking to your wife every day and she will eventually start 
hinting at the fact that she is pregnant.

Q: How many kids can you have in this game?
A: You can only have one child.

Q: Do you ever get an upstairs?
A: No, you can only expand your bottom floor.

Q: I canít find the teleport stone after all that work!
A: In order to get the teleport stone you need to bash the rocks and 
not dig in the ground.  Also make sure you are in your third year on 
the farm.

Q: How many houses are there?
A: There are four houses, your own, the mountain cottage, the 
townhouse, and the beach house.

|11.) Version History                                                 |

1.00: The original version of this guide that was submitted.

1.10: The second version.  The sections ĎYour Animal Friendsí and 
      ĎInstant Transmissioní were added.

1.20: Answered a question.  A few minor changes.

1.30: Fixed some typos and added more questions to the FAQs.

|12.) Contact Me                                                      |

You can send me questions and/or comments to me at 

You can also contact me if you would like me to write another guide for 
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

|13.) Credits                                                         |

My Parents: For getting me this game and for getting me the computer 
that I used to type this all up.

CjayC: For making GameFAQs what it is today.

People who have sent in stuff:

|14.) Legal Stuff                                                     |

This Guide is Copyright 2005 Michael Millerick; this guide may only be 
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