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"Who thought farming could be so fun?"

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is probably one of my favorite games of all time. I guess you could say I am a big fan of hand held gaming but I never thought this game could be so good! It was well over what I had expected from it.

Graphics - 10/10
The graphics in this game are really good for a hand held! The food has nice little details in there so that you can see just what you've cooked. From your curry rice to your chocolate cake. Your farm looks good (once you start growing your crops). I like how all of the crops look different, just like the food. Your house at first is a bit plain, but after you start upgrading it, it will look fantastic! And just about everything else look great with all the detail. The character expressions on their faces look very good and when your strolling around out in the forest you can't help but admire the great work! My personal favorite place is the mountains, it just looks good (especially at night).

Sound - 9/10
The music in this game fits perfectly for the type of game it is. What I really like is that during the different seasons the game has, there is different music! So cool! I know I am not a really big fan of music but I couldn't help but notice the nice tunes while playing the game. The music is just so nice and clear! Sometimes while I am walking down the road going home (without my GameBoy Advance) I notice myself sort of humming the tunes of Harvest Moon. Music has either got to be really good or really bad to get stuck in my head, and for this game it's really good.

Gameplay - 10/10
The controls are simple and easy to use. I really liked how easy it was to start off the game because the controls are very simple. There are some shortcuts you can use in the controls to get an easier access to your farming tools, which is just really great. Natsume put a good effort in the gameplay (and just about everything else in the game!). I really like the simple controls to the game because it makes it a lot more convenient whenever out on the farm. If the controls were hard I wouldn't like the game as much because it would take so much time to farm and do all the other little chores in the game.

Story - 8/10
There is not much story to this game, which for me is 'usually' a bad thing. The reason I am saying it is usually a bad thing is because I am a big fan of RPG's and most of the time what I look for in a game is how good the story is. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, has a very basic story to it - You are given a farm by an old man, and that's about it. The reason I gave this games story an 8 out of 10 instead of something like 4 or 5 is because the game is really, really good even if it doesn't have a deep storyline. Even though there is not much story in this game it is still VERY addictive! Gotta love addictive games!

Replay - 10/10
This game has great replayability, though I usually don't play games more than 2 or 3 times. The reason for having such replayability is because of the different people you can get married to, it's just great! I like all of the characters in this game so it's good to experiment a bit with each of them. I believe that most people like to play games more than once so they can get all of the fun out of it, so I think having good replay value is good for anyone. This game will eat up a lot of your time so if your planning on getting it, keep that in mind.

Here I'll say the same thing as above but try to make it shorter.

The graphics in this game are outstanding for a GameBoy Advance game, love the detail of the food, the facial expressions and the beautiful mountain.

If you like a game with good sound quality, this is the game for you! Great music that gets stuck in your head for hours (exaggeration... maybe) is so great, and you just get so absorbed into the game sometimes you don't even notice yourself humming the music.

Such simple controls are great for such a great game, I mean who in the world would want difficult controls anyway? I love the shortcuts to your tools and how you can manage your farm without any difficulty.

The story is nice and simple - old guy passes away, gives you the farm ya-da ya-da ya-da... Good for people that don't want to think so hard about a games story.

For all those people who love to play the same game over and over and over again, this is the game for you! You can dedicate so many hours into this game and have great fun!

Great. Just like I've said many times in this review, this game is GREAT! I highly recommend this game to anyone that is even thinking about getting a simulation game. Don't miss out on this game! Get it now!

Final score = 10/10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 09/09/05

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