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How to Marry the Harvest Goddess

How to Marry the Harvest Goddess

Before you can marry the Harvest Goddess, you need to do everything imaginable.

  1. Export at least 1 of everything.
  2. Catch one of everything in fishing.
  3. Throw a flower or something at her everyday to get her "invisible" heart counter up.
  4. Dig every possible type of item from both mines.
  5. To marry, confess and be forgiven.
  6. Need to be in the 5th year or later.


  • Walk 100,000, a million, ten million, ect on pedometer.
  • Dig to the bottom of both mines.
  • Win her show in the first 5 days of the year.
  • Export one item in the increments of 10 like the pedometer.
  • Complete all 3 gems.

No you do not need to have any of the jewels, but i'm pretty positive that it's extra stuff that helps the heart levels.

Basically, the Harvest Goddess is not worth going for since you have already beaten the game to death by getting essentially every possible item.

Game Shark codes for Harvest Goddess

Master Code [North America]


Affection Modification [North America]

Stage 1:

820045a6 FFFF: Instant Marriage To The Harvest Goddess!
820045A4 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

Stage 2:

82006DDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!
82006DD8 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess