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Does anyone want my copy?ajservo4/10
Excellent fun, while it lasts.Akiman9/10
Outlandish fun, Nintendo styleArgyle8/10
I thank Nintendo, a game for the short attention span.BalloonFighta8/10
Incredibly Difficult to Judge, But Great Funburuburu19/10
A fast game, but fun while it lastscripler327/10
This is not a normal review... then again, this is not a normal game.Dark Gaia9/10
THIS is what handheld games should aspire to be instead of watered-down console gamesEverdred10/10
For the people who like fast paced minigamesfastbilly19/10
Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ 0wnz j00!Foxdude3338/10
Extremely fun, but also extremely shortGameCubeGuy497/10
Who was trippin while making this?hardg9/10
Leave your attention span at home...Henaki8/10
Wario? Who's that?horror_spooky8/10
A hilarious gameHyperSonicSpiritSP9/10
The raw fun of this game is astoundingInternet Nomad9/10
A brilliantly conceived throwback to the early days of handheld gamingJiraiya10/10
Simply Amazing!JustinChar9910/10
Great fun, Great replay, Great gameKung Fu Tiger9/10
3 Second AwesomenessOfisil8/10
My sane friend hates this game, but then again, he's sane.ohnoitschris9/10
Heaven, but with hot dogs on wheels, toast-catching, and nose-picking.Phweemaggot10/10
Pure addicting random insanity! I love it!psxboy10110/10
Tons of fun, but more variety is needed.Radical Edward 1169/10
The Single Most Addictive Game Ever Made!Sangokyu10/10
They're not minigames, they're microgames!sir penguin9/10
The most bizarre game ever madeSlip Finger9/10
Great idea, glad it's here, but could have been bettertortoise7/10

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