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How can i find the three generators to drop Dr.Gero's barrier ?

Destroy the three power generators to drop Dr.Gero's barrier.

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someone4 answered:

After you first fight Dr. Gero you go to the area with the second save point above that area there are three paths were the gate with the three bars is at. Take the right path and there is a generator there continued going right and you encounter Dr. Gero again once you beat him contiue going right until you encounter the dinosaur, once you get to the dinosaur you much go North and get her eggs back down to her, the eggs are located on the second generator. After those two go back to the area above the second with the eggbots there and go left you will encounter Dr. Gero once again after you be him contiue left head up the mountains then go through the cave once you get in the cave there are a series of switches flip the green, blue, and black switches that should turn off the power in Vinnies house which is on the other side of the cave once you get in Vinnies house go to his back room and there is the final generator after that the gate should open.
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UltimateDigimon answered:

The field next to the barrier, by the dinosaur and 1 by the musical house.
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