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Front & Back Sprite Reward?

I heard there was a reward for obtaining all the possible enemies' front and back sprites. None of the FAQs mention any rewards, easter eggs, or bonus content. I'd love to know what I'm missing (and will most likely be too lazy to accomplish).

SkratMan provided additional details:

Ah ha. Yes, I had heard about the silver/gold stars that are associated with the eventual full collection. And yes, I had heard about the introduction of Hard Mode elsewhere on the boards. What I hadn't know was the connection between the two. Very nice. Thanks, btkirb2!

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btkirb answered:

i believe it is something only added by the patch translators, so it's not officially in the game. I've heard that if you do it, it tells you how to unlock hard mode. Supposedly hard mode gives all the enemies double HP. Hard mode also isn't official. It was also added by the patch creators. You do not have to collect all front and back sprites to access hard mode; it simply tells you how to do it.
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