Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by benlyd

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  __  __       _   _                 ____  
 |  \/  |     | | | |               |___ \ 
 | \  / | ___ | |_| |__   ___ _ __    __) |
 | |\/| |/ _ \| __| '_ \ / _ \ '__|  |__ < 
 | |  | | (_) | |_| | | |  __/ |     ___) |
 |_|  |_|\___/ \__|_| |_|\___|_|    |____/ 

   _____             _ _                      ______             
  / ____|           (_) |                    |  ____|            
 | (___  _ __   ___  _| | ___ _ __   ______  | |__ _ __ ___  ___ 
  \___ \| '_ \ / _ \| | |/ _ \ '__| |______| |  __| '__/ _ \/ _ \
  ____) | |_) | (_) | | |  __/ |             | |  | | |  __/  __/
 |_____/| .__/ \___/|_|_|\___|_|             |_|  |_|  \___|\___|
        | |                                                      

 __          __    _ _     _   _                           _     
 \ \        / /   | | |   | | | |                         | |    
  \ \  /\  / /__ _| | | __| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__  
   \ \/  \/ // _` | | |/ /| __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \ 
    \  /\  /| (_| | |   < | |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
     \/  \/  \__,_|_|_|\_\ \__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|
                                                      __/ |      

  _                  _                _           _ 
 | |                | |              | |         | |
 | |__  _   _       | |__   ___ _ __ | |_   _  __| |
 | '_ \| | | |      | '_ \ / _ \ '_ \| | | | |/ _` |
 | |_) | |_| |      | |_) |  __/ | | | | |_| | (_| |
 |_.__/ \__, |      |_.__/ \___|_| |_|_|\__, |\__,_|
         __/ |                           __/ |      
        |___/                           |___/       

     [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
Welcome to my spoiler-free guide for Mother 3! To search for a term in this
guide, press the ctrl and f buttons on your keyboard at the same time and
then enter a search term (see the table of contents below). To contact me
or suggest improvements to my guides, email me at guide.benlyd@gmail.com.
Only email me if: you find a mistake or something I missed in this guide OR
if you want my guide to be hosted on your site. Do NOT email me otherwise,
mkay? (^.^)

     [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
     [2] FAQs ................................................... [ffaaqq]
     [3] Spoiler-Free Walkthrough ............................... [wlkthu]
      [3.1] The Beginning ....................................... [begins]
      [3.2] Chapter One ......................................... [chaone]
      [3.3] Chapter Two ......................................... [chatwo]
      [3.4] Chapter Three ....................................... [chathr]
      [3.5] Chapter Four ........................................ [chafor]
      [3.6] Chapter Five ........................................ [chafiv]
      [3.7] Chapter Six ......................................... [chasix]
      [3.8] Chapter Seven ....................................... [chasev]
       [3.8.1] Part One ......................................... [parton]
       [3.8.2] Part Two ......................................... [partwo]
       [3.8.3] Part Three ....................................... [parthr]
       [3.8.4] Part Four ........................................ [parfor]
       [3.8.5] Part Five ........................................ [partfi]
       [3.8.6] Part Six ......................................... [partsi]
      [3.9] Chapter Eight ....................................... [chaeig]
     [4] Checklist-Style Walkthrough ............................ [checko]
     [5] Version History ........................................ [yeayea]
     [6] Legal Stuff ............................................ [legalz]
     [7] Credits ................................................ [cradit]

     [2] FAQs ................................................... [ffaaqq]
 Q. What is this game?
 A. Mother 3 is the sequel to EarthBound, which was released for the SNES.

 Q. What systems are this game for?
 A. Although it was originally in development for the N64DD, development
    halted when the N64DD was canceled. It released in 2006 for the GBA.
    Keep in mind that the only LEGAL way to play is on the GBA.

 Q. Is it in English?
 A. Mother 3 was never released in English. To play legally, buy the game
    from eBay or something (the GBA is region-free) and use a translation
    guide. It's entirely in Japanese.

 Q. What's this I hear about a translation patch?
 A. A translation patch is currently available at mother3.fobby.net. To
    use it though, you'll need an emulator (which is legal) and a ROM
    copy of the game (which has questionable legality). Use it at your
    own risk.

 Q. I want to play the game in English on my GameBoy, not my computer!
 A. You can, you just need some "special devices" that I won't talk about.

 Q. Was a limited edition of this game released?
 A. Yes. It came in a special box with the game, a custom GameBoy Advance
    Micro, and a Franklin Badge.

 Q. I have more questions?
 A. Email them to me and they might show up in the guide.

     [3] Spoiler-Free Walkthrough ............................... [wlkthu]
Now we're at the main part of the guide: the walkthrough. I noticed none
of the other GameFAQs guides were spoiler-free and this is one game that
you don't want spoiled. So this is going to be a short guide that really
doesn't do anything but get you from point A to point B. I'm not going to
extensively going over presents and sidequests, there's other guides for
that. The only things I will spoil in this guide are player character
names and some area names. So, ready to begin?

      [3.1] The Beginning ....................................... [begins]
On the title screen, select new game. Now you name the characters. You
can name them anything, but the official names are, (in order) Lucas,
Claus, Flint, Hinawa, and Boney. Now you have to input your favorite food
and thing. The official ones are omelets and love. Now you set the text
speed (I use fast) and the window color (mint is my favorite). On the last
screen, choose confirm. Then watch the opening sequence..

Get out of bed and walk down the stairs when you obtain control. Attempt
to walk out the door and someone stops you. Choose yes. Walk back
downstairs and then outside. Head east and talk to the frog. Frogs allow
you to save if you say yes. So do so. There are two save slots, save in
one. Afterwards, continue east to the next area where a scene begins.

Answer yes. You have to dash into the monster. Hold and let go of the B
button and then run straight. Talk to the boy. Then you have a battle.
Just attack a few times, it's a tutorial. Then you have a lot of scenes
and Chapter One begins.

      [3.2] Chapter One ......................................... [chaone]
After the scene, walk towards the door for another scene. Say yes or no,
the outcome is the same. Now your party is made up of Flint and Thomas.
Thomas does a whole lot of nothing in battle, so it is up to Flint to
save his sorry ass. Outside, examine the doghouse for a weapon for Flint.
Equip it. Head north to the next area. You may see some present boxes.
I won't point you to one unless it contains something valuable.

Head north through the square and talk to the man on the bench. He gives
you a map which you can view with the R button. Continue north to a new
area. Talk to the tall man a bit to the left. Head through the west exit
to another new area. A man talks to you. Answer no. Enter the building
and examine the altar thing. The game asks for *your* name, so enter it.
Answer yes when prompted and then exit.

Continue left through the forest until you see a man. Talk to him thrice
for a few Nut Cookies. Continue north until you reach a fork (battles
begin here). Head left. Open the gift box by the house for an Aries
Bracelet, which you should equip on Flint. If you head left to a new
screen, you find a hot spring. Rest here for about five seconds to refill
your HP/PP. There are hot springs you can use all over the world. Head
back east past the house and then north to a new area.

Head north, being careful not to tread on the flames. Talk to the man you
find. Examine the piece of wood for a new weapon for Flint. Equip it. The
other one is of no use anymore, so pitch it. Continue north and you are
attacked by enemies. Use Flint's Swing attack to defeat them. Recover HP
and then dash (B button) through the door to the house. Try to go upstairs
to get attacked. This enemy's a little harder. Attack with Power Smash
and use food items as needed.

Afterwards, continue upstairs and dash through some wood to reach the kid.
Talk to him and head all the way back to the building we went into
previously. Talk to the man on the bench here. You head back to the inn.
You can rest in the rightmost room after the scene. Do this anytime in
the first three chapters if needed. Exit the inn and a man talks to you.
Answer either yes or no, it doesn't matter. Go back to your house and
examine the pigeon.

After some scenes, exit the house and answer yes to get Boney on your
party. Head to the town square and then east. Go to the house on the hill
(not inside). Head around back on the left side and open the present for
a Thunder Bomb. This is an endless goldmine gift box. Exit the area and
head north to the crossroads and then back again. The gift box has been
replenished. Do this as much as wanted, but you only need two right now.
Give them both to Boney. Remember this trick, it works the rest of the

Go to the crossroads and then west again to the forest. Watch the scene.
Remember the house beside the hot spring. Check the box on the table as
many times as you want for Antidotes. This is temporary. Head north
through the forest as you did previously, but this time take a left a
little before the house that burned down. Head north in this area. One
of the presents contains a Mini-Mini Charm. Equip it on either party
member. Continue north to the next area.

Talk to the man here for a scene. Head west and talk to the hatted man.
Head south for a scene with Boney. Talk to the old man that recently
arrived. You get to name a new person; his official name is Duster.
The scene continues. Climb the new ladder and then Duster joins your
party. Examine the cloth here. Save and heal, a boss is coming up.

Head north for a scene and a boss. Use Duster's Wall Staple to
immobilize the enemy. Do it again if it fails. If he breaks free,
staple him again. After this, Duster should use regular attacks.
Boney should use Thunder Bomb(s) and heal with food items as needed.
Flint should use Charge Up on himself and then attack. After the
battle, pick up the book and read it. Move north for a scene. Go
back to where Bronson was. Take Boney and Duster's items, as they'll
be leaving for a bit.

A scene occurs. Follow the path and then approach the boys for a
lengthy scene. Afterwards, examine the desk once and the door twice
for a scene. Examine the fruit and click yes. Examine the door and
choose yes. Talk to Duster outside the building. Head to the village
square and talk to Mapson. Head north twice. Then head northeast to
a new area. Talk to Alec here. Return to town square. Enter the
bazaar beside the inn and take the free items. They restock regularly.

Head to the house left of this and talk to the man for a key item.
Head back to the square and then west to the coast. Talk to the man
for a Manly Bandana, which should be equipped. Using the Thunder Bomb
trick, get two Thunder Bombs. Talk to Mapson in town square again. The
infinite Antidotes are still there and still limited-time only, so you
may want to get some. Head to the forest. When facing groups, use the
Swing attack. Head back to the river and then north.

Harder enemies appear here; fight at your discretion. A bit north lies
an Aquarius Bracelet. Equip it and trash your old bracelet. After the
bridge, head right and north. Enter the house and talk to the old man.
He joins your party as an assist character like Thomas before him. Head
back to the riverbank. Use the lizards to traverse the terrain as you
do so. Examine the frog by the river. He creates a bridge. Cross it to
a new area.

Talking to the cow here gives you Fresh Milk that changes to Rotten
Milk in about a minute. Rotten Milk changes to Yogurt in about ten
minutes. You can get as much milk from him as you want, but only one
at a time. Cross the bridge to the house in the middle of the lake.
Talk to all of the people here except the one on the throne/chair and
the one to the right of "it." Then talk to the one to the right of the
chair. Exit the house and enter the north cave.

Head north, then west. Alec tells you to go west at the next fork; do
so. Go north at the following one. After Alec talks to you again, fall
through the hole. Walk south, then east, then once again south. Then
west. Twice. (giggle) Climb a vine. Then head north, north, west, and
up the vine. Northwest, up another vine, west, yet another vine, and
finally the exit. Head north into another cave (oh NO). Up the ladder
you find a device.

Examine it to refill your HP/PP fully. There are several of these
across the world. Exit to the southeast. Use Power Smash on the
enemies in this area if they prove to be a problem. Head east and cross
the bridge for a present containing a powerful Sprinting Bomb. Save it
for the upcoming boss. Continue north and west for another gift box.
It contains the Fresh Lumber weapon for Flint. Equip it. Continue
north a long time for a scene. Examine the shoe.

Continue north. Heal up before approaching the other shoe. Then a
battle starts. Use the Drago Fang on the first turn. Afterwards, use
all of the bombs that you have. If he isn't dead yet, Charge Up (twice
if Flint's offense was decreased). Then use Power Smash until he dies.
Use powerful healing items if needed. Then the chapter ends. 

      [3.3] Chapter Two ......................................... [chatwo]
The chapter begins with a character heading home. A scene then takes
place. Answer no the first time and yes the second time. Pick up several
tools from the gift boxes in the basement: Hypnotic Pendulum, Scary Mask,
Siren Beetle, Smoke Bomb, and Tickle Feather. Exit the house when you
open them all. Take two or more Thunder Bombs. Start heading out of the
area. On the bridge you see a familiar face. Talk to him. Head to the town
square and then north for a short scene.

North again, but not to the next area. Talk to the guy on the right for a
longer scene. Head north thrice. Examine the drawbridge. Head south for a
tutorial. Avoid the moving gravestone enemies here unless you are severely
overleveled. Enter the basement of the house here. Push the empty book case
from the side to find a secret passage. Head down it. Head through this
straightforward area, but be sure to open a present for a Running Bomb. Save
it for the boss battle a little farther in the chapter. You enter a new area.

Head north and examine the different colored band on the wall to create a
new ladder. Walk west and enter the castle after a short tutorial. Dash into
the nearby statue, but NOT FROM THE RIGHT OR IT'S GAME OVER. Head down the
hole that was created, but don't open the present here. Exit and head down
to the first floor. Examine the front door to unlock it. Enter the west room
for a hot spring. Head north and enter the middle door. You can trade Rotten
Eclairs to the ghost. Make sure you have one, they're obtained from battles
with ghosts. Trade it for the luscious Rope Snake.

Exit and head to the left of the three doors. It has a chest with a Battle
Memory inside. The Battle Memory lets you fight any enemy you've previously
fought over again. The door on the right leads to the basement. It's a dead
end now, but make a mental note of it, as you'll need to use it later in the
game. Enter the far left door and up the stairs to the second floor. The
first door on this floor has a gift box holding a Chick Bandana. Equip it.
You may want to avoid the Ghost Armors in the hallway. Enter the right room.

Friendly ghosts are having a party in here. The ghost on the right side of
the table gives out free Rotten Eclairs. Go back and get the Rope Snake if
you couldn't find any before. Head south to the kitchen and open the gift
box for a map. (Blue present boxes hold maps.) Examine the dish if you wish
(teehee) for a hard but rewarding battle. Make sure you've saved before you
try. Head back to the party room and examine the vertical band on the north
wall to create a ladder. You're now on the third floor.

The ghost here trades Rotten Eclairs for Beef Jerkys. Get a few if you want.
Enter the south door. The right gift box holds an Aquarius Bracelet. Equip
it. Don't open the other present. Head to the hallway and examine the gap
to use your delicious Rope Snake. Head to the far left room and save. Then
go back to the previous room and speak with the ghost. Enter the room and
open the gift box for Durable Shoes, which should be equipped.

Talk to the armor for a battle. Use two Thunder Bombs to win. Head back to
the room where you saved and take the Pendant on the floor. Head up to the
fourth floor. Follow the path until you reach a busy room. Heal up and talk
to the ghost. Answer no for another boss fight. Use Smoke Bomb in the first
round. Make sure it works. If it doesn't, try again. Use Scary Mask thrice.
Use it every time his increases his offense. Use Tickle Feather twice. Then
just attack and heal with items as needed.

Enter the next room and examine the relic. Return to the previous room and
examine the fireplace to fall down it. Go outside of the castle and speak
with the gravedigger for a Key. Use it on the drawbridge. Head back to town
square. Go to the bazaar and take the items there. Equip as needed. Talk to
the women talking by the well for a Nut Cookie. Head back to your house and
talk to Wes. Wes joins as an assist character. Take two (or more) more
Thunder Bombs and head back to town square.

If the bazaar didn't have the Flea Charm previously, check again. Head all
the way back to the castle. In the first room, you get a boss. Use Smoke
Bomb until it works. Use Scary Mask three times and Tickle Feather one time.
Attack normally (don't use Thunder Bombs) and heal with food items until he
dies. Head up to the room where you fought the boss ghost and sleep on the
couch to recover HP/PP. (I don't know why I keep saying PP because you
don't have it yet. -__-) Head to the next room and examine the wall for a

In the next room, head out to the balcony and examine the area below for
another scene. Head to the next room for yet another scene. You have to
enter in the girl's name; the official one is Kumatora. She is an offensive
PSI user. When she levels up, she may fall under a fever. It goes away
after walking a bit and she learns new PSI after it. A few tips: Use Freeze
against Lingering Spirits, use Wall Staples on Osohe Capes, and make sure
Kumatora knows Lifeup and PK Thunder before the next boss.

Follow the path and use the glorious Rope Snake at paths. A gift box on
the path contains a Flea Charm. Equip it on Duster if he didn't get one
from the bazaar. The next one contains a Magic Gelatin. It recovers PP.
Save it for the boss battle; Kumatora may need it. On the eighth floor,
avoid the brooms, but pick up (and save for the boss) the Sprinting
Bomb they are sweeping around. On the ninth floor, pick up a Magic Tart,
another PP recovery item. Save it as well. Before entering the big
double doors, recover your HP/PP.

Enter inside for a scene. Then you get a boss. Use Smoke Bomb until it
works while Kumatora uses PK Freeze. Kumatora should now use PK Thunder
every turn unless you need to heal with Lifeup because you ran out of
food items. When he uses a tsunami attack, heal anyone under 55 HP.
While he's underwater only use Thunder Bombs and PK Thunder. When he's
out of the water use any other bomb until you run out and then attack.
Kumatora should continue with Thunder. There is a long scene. Then
head to the middle of town square. Then the chapter ends.

      [3.4] Chapter Three ....................................... [chathr]
The chapter starts with a scene. It is interrupted for a naming. The
monkey is usually called Salsa by the fan community, but his official
name is Sarusa (meaning salsa monkey in Japanese). I will refer to him as
Sarusa because it's official and I think it's cuter. The cutscene
continues. When prompted, say yes. Next, say either choice. Then, when
prompted, choose left, right, down, and up on the control pad. ..But not
all at once. I didn't mean that.

When you gain control, head south to a new area. Then head west for an
oasis. Examine it to recover your HP/PP. If you give Dung to the beetle
beside the oasis, you get EXP. Level up Sarusa to level 8 or 10, your
choice. I usually do 10 to be on the safe side. To the southwest is a
Running Bomb. Save it for a later battle. Head south to a new area. If
you run into an Antlion, just defend and let Fassad attack. Head to the
area's north end.

To the right you fight an Antlion. You get a Flea Charm that you should
equip after you win. To the left exit you get a Running Bomb. Save it
and continue on this path. To the north in this area is an Aquarius
Bracelet you need to equip. Heal using food items and then talk to the
dog guarding the tent for a boss battle. Use all of your Running Bombs
and then defend. Use food items to heal as needed. Head inside.

Head in a general southern direction for a scene. Answer yes. You can
use the device in here to recover HP/PP. Walk down the ladder. Get on
the vehicle and ride until you reach a fork. South is a Chick Bandana.
Equip it and head west. Be sure to get and save the Running Bomb. At
the end of the path, examine the slime blocking the way for a battle.
Use a Running Bomb the first turn. Use Monkey Mimic afterwards. Use
food items as needed.

You get a Mosquito Charm that should be equipped after you win. Climb
the ladder for a scene. Head to town square and talk with Butch.
Continue south for a scene. Enter the inn and talk to the innkeeper.
Enter the middle room in the hallway. Head out and follow Fassad in
the night. After the scene, head back to your room. Exit the inn in
the morning. You have to dance again. When prompted, choose down,
left, up, right, and then down.

Talk to the four people with raised hands and then to Fassad. More
dancing: up and then down. Return to the hotel room. You get a
scene that makes you think you're on a time limit, but you're really
not. Get three Thunder Bombs from our hiding spot. Head to the grave
you came out of a few minutes ago and talk to Mapson. Use your map
to deliver all of the boxes. Then go talk to Fassad. Then go to the
bazaar. Take any Fresh Milk and Running Bombs (save these) he has in

Head through the graveyard to the castle. You get a scene. Wipee!
Head to the castle's third floor and examine the gap. Head back down
the stairs for a scene. Remember where the basement is? Head down
there. Head down the path to a dead end. Examine the three wall
panels and then the door. Click either left or right to dance. Head
down the ladder in the next room. Take the Pisces Bracelet here and
equip it. Harder enemies appear here, so try to play it safe(r).

Head down the ladder and down a path. Examine a lever and choose
yes. Head to the castle's exit for a scene. Head to the village
square now for a scene. Then at the inn, head to the obscure window
on the right and examine it for a scene. Head all the way to the
forest now. You may want to save and use the hot spring as a boss is
approching. Give any food and bombs to Sarusa. Head all the way
north to a dead end and then a little south for a boss battle.

Kumatora should stick to PK Thunder while Sarusa heals anyone under
50 HP. Other than that, Sarusa should just use bombs until he runs
out. Then he should use Monkey Mimic. When it breaks down, just
use Sarusa's regular attack paired with Kumatora's PK Thunder while
healing as needed. When you win, you get a scene that serves as the
chapter's conclusion.

      [3.5] Chapter Four ........................................ [chafor]
Attempt to exit the house for a scene. Then examine the obscure mirror
(well, I didn't see it. It may be obvious) above the cabinet in the center
of the house. Then head outside and talk to Boney. Head towards town square
for a tutorial about the DP (cash) that is now in use. Now frogs act as a
bank as well. Continue to town square. The gift box in the hotel contains
the Trivia Card 1. Use this against human enemies. DON'T SELL IT OR DISCARD
IT!! There's a Sprinting Bomb in the crossroads now. The man with the cart
here stores items for you (for free!).

Walk onto the train platform for a scene. Head back to the middle of town
square for another scene. Head to where Wes's house used to be. The Thunder
Bombs are still here; these are becoming less neccesary, but still take
two or three. Go to the second floor of the building and into the right
room. Talk to the man here and answer yes for 50 DP. Back in the hallway,
enter the middle door and talk to Wes. You can find a Sprinting Bomb (save
it) and a Pisces Bracelet if you check in the forest. Equip it if you do

Head to Thomas's Shop (previously the bazaar) and buy an Alarm Cicada.
Give it to Boney and save it for a boss. Stock up on armor if you have
enough DP. Go to the crossroads and attempt to enter the train tunnel. A
man (Mr. T) stops you and gives you a map. Head through to the fourth
area. Avoid enemies until then. Climb the ladder here and enter the hot
spring for a scene... You can now use PSI as Lucas..! Now head to the
very east end of the tracks, picking up (and saving) a Sprinting Bomb on
the way. Avoid the horse-like Cattlesnakes here. You reach a factory.

Head inside and talk the blue "Pigmask." Answer yes. More dialogue and
you need to enter *your* name again, like you did in Chapter One. Head
into the next room afterwards. Examine the device here to restore HP/PP.
Head down the ladder. Follow the white lines on the floor to the third
area of the mines. Notice the slower Clayman. Push it all the way to the
beginning of the mines. Push it beside the Pigmask and talk to him. Push
the Clayman into the next room. Head back down into the mines.

You need to repeat the proccess again twice. The second Clayman is in
the first area and the third one is in the second area. Now go talk to
the blue Pigmask again. He gives you 200 DP and a Ticket. You can do
this multiple times for 200 DP each time. Exit the factory and head
north to a new area. Open the gift box here for a map. Talk to the man
here and say yes. You ride up to the Theater.

Check the binoculars and pay 1 DP to look through them. Cross the
bridge and open the present for a scene. Talk to the frog. Save and
withdraw all DP. Try to enter the Club for a scene. Talk to the man in
here and upgrade all of your equipment. Sell the old stuff. Talk to the
woman from the previous scene. Enter the Theater and talk to the people
inside. Talk to the man at the front and head back. Answer yes. A long
scene occurs. Afterward, talk to the waitress near the door for a DCMC

In the lobby, talk to the redhead woman. Follow her into the room and
go down the ladder. Use PK Love against the enemies in this passage.
Head south for a Saltwater Gun (good item) and a Made-You-Look
(worthless item). Give them both to Boney. Head north to a new area for
a scene. Attempt to head down the ladder for the rest of the scene. Say
yes when prompted. Afterwards, enter the bathroom and go into the hot

Head up the ladder to the attic. Go through the first doorway for a
present box with a map. Talk to the mouse and buy/equip the Better
Stick on Lucas. Sell his old weapon. Use the map and go through only
the blue doors to traverse the attic. In the top right corner is a
Sprinting Bomb; save it for the upcoming (hardest one yet) boss
battle. In the southeast corner, open the boxes to restore HP/PP and
talk to the two mice for food items.

Make sure Lucas knows Offense Up. Give any food items and bombs to
Boney. Make sure that Boney has an Alarm Cicada like I said earlier.
At the end of the attic, talk to the bass for a very hard boss battle.
Use PK Love and a Sprinting Bomb in the very first round. Use Lifeup
on Boney and have Boney use another Sprinting Bomb in the second
round. Use Offense Up on Boney and have him finish off the bomb
supply. Lucas then should use PK Love while Boney attacks and uses
food items. If Lucas falls asleep, use Boney's Alarm Cicada. Lucas
should use Lifeup if Boney runs out of food items.

When you defeat him, say yes to jump down the hole. Talk to the
slightly familiar man with the afro. Play rock, paper, scissors
with each band member until you win. You can't lose. Just use trial
and error. Then talk to the band leader and use scissors against
him. Leave this room and go to the lobby for a scene. The chapter
ends on a slightly sad note.

      [3.6] Chapter Five ........................................ [chafiv]
After the scene, enter the cave to the north. The mole in here owns a shop,
so upgrade where you can. We're now going to take a side trip. Head all the
way back to the castle from Chapter Two and Three. Head up to the room
where you fought a boss solo with Duster. There's a new ghost in here. Talk
to him for a boss fight.

Start off by decreasing his offense thrice using Scary Mask and Kumatora's
Offense Down. Then use Smoke Bomb. Boney should use his regular attack and
use food items if needed. Lucas should use Offense Up once each on himself,
Duster, and Boney during that time. Make sure you lower his defense twice
with Tickle Feather and Defense Down. Boney should use up any Thunder Bombs;
but don't waste your Sprinting Bombs. Kumatora should attack with PK Fire.
Lucas should heal with Lifeup after Boney runs out of items and he should
also use Healing if he or Duster are paralyzed or crying. Lucas and Duster
should otherwise attack.

When you defeat him, examine the shoes on the ground. Equip the Mystical
Shoes on Duster. Restore your HP/PP on the couch and then drop down the
fireplace and return all the way to the cave we were in a few minutes ago.
Buy anything you couldn't afford earlier from the mole's shop and then
enter the next room. Continue until you get a scene featuring Boney. In
the next area, there's a lot of holes. Fall through the hole just to the
right of where you start to get a Capricorn Bracelet from a present box.
Equip it on someone (or sell it later) and then exit back out to the area
with all of the holes.

Go back to where you started and head directly south and fall down a hole
a bit south of the tree there. Exit the underground labyrinth and you get
a scene. In the next area, head south to find a factory. A vending machine
sells equipment, but nothing new. Upgrade if you haven't fully upgraded
yet. (The vending machine kind of looks like a pig.) Enter the factory for
a scene. Talking to the Pigmask on the far left nets you a Secret Herb.

In the next room is an Instant Revitalizing Device that restores your
HP/PP. Use it and exit the factory through the back for a scene. Now make
sure that Boney is carrying a DCMC Pamphlet. Continue through a couple of
areas until you get a scene. You get a vehicle. Ride it until a scene
occurs. You get a boss fight.

Boney should use the DCMC Pamphlet in the first round. This makes him
unable to act for three or so rounds. Boney should use it each time he
recovers. Decrease his offense thrice with Scary Mask and Offense Down.
Then use Smoke Bomb until it works. Now have Kumatora attack with PK Fire.
Continue to attack and use the DCMC Pamphlet until he is defeated,
hopefully without even giving him a turn. Afterwards, get back on the
vehicle and ride it up a tunnel. Pick up the map in the gift box on the

Continue on the path until you reach a sort of gas or recharging station
for your vehicle. Carefully read the directions and use it to recharge
the vehicle. Continue riding across a bridge until you reach a city-like
area. Recharge again here. Heal and shop if you wish. Get back on the
vehicle and head east. You eventually reach a dump of sorts. Get off the
vehicle and climb down into the pit for yet another boss fight.

Decrease its offense four times with Scary Mask and Offense Down. Attack
it until its shield goes away and then decrease his defense two or three
times with Tickle Feather and Defense Down. Then use Smoke Bomb until it
works. Kumatora should attack with PK Fire. The others should use normal
attacks, with Boney healing with food items and Lucas healing with
Lifeup if Boney runs out. Lucas can use Offense Up on himself, Duster,
and Boney, but it's almost a waste of time.

After a scene, you're in a new area. Use the device to recover HP/PP and
upgrade with the vending machine. (Skip the Good Stick, though. You're
getting something better in a few minutes.) Pick up a map from the gift
box as well. Head towards the center room of the first floor, picking up
a Cow Hat on the way. Make sure Boney has the DCMC Pamphlet and Kumatora
has learned PK Fire beta. In the center of the room, head up the ladder
and talk to the person here for another boss battle.

Boney should continuously use the DCMC Pamphlet. Use Offense Down and
Scary Mask thrice. Use Defense Down and Tickle Feather thrice as well.
Kumatora should attack with her new PK Fire beta afterwards. Use Lucas's
Offense Up on himself, Boney, and Duster. Keep HP above 80 with Lifeup
from Lucas and food items from Boney. After the battle, open the nearby
gift box for the Trivia Card 2. Save this one as well. Continue up the

You arrive in a playroom. Use the hot spring. Give any Saltwater Guns,
Thunder Bombs, and food items to Boney. If you have extra food, hand it
to Duster. Then examine the big display case for a boss fight. Reduce
her offense thrice with Scary Mask/Offense Down as usual. Use PK Thunder
afterwards. Use Lucas's Shield on everyone. Use Offense Up on Lucas. Use
any Saltwater Guns and Thunder Bombs. Keep HP above 70. When you win,
you the Friend's Yo-Yo for Lucas. Equip it.

Buy Rubber Capes for everyone from the vending machine. You may want to
buy a lot of the rubber equipment, as the next boss is the hardest one
yet. Don't sell old equipment as you'll want to re-equip it after the
next boss. The rest of the tower is linear. Head to the very top and
then attempt to exit south. You get *another* boss battle!

Decrease his offense thrice. Use a Smoke Bomb and Paralyze him. Reaplly
those if they go away. Keep HP above 130. Decrease his defense twice.
Increase Lucas, Duster, and Boney's offense once each. Do not attack
him physically until he shuts down. Before he shuts down, he will use
a ridiculous attack, but it's not that bad if everyone is using their
Rubber Capes. Kumatora should heal every round while the other three
attack or defend according to what phase he is in. Kumatora's PP
should be replenished with items if she runs out. Afterward, you get
a scene. Climb the ladder and the chapter ends.

      [3.7] Chapter Six ......................................... [chasix]
Walk left along the bottom of the area for several scenes. Continue left
and the chapter ends...Short chapter..

      [3.8] Chapter Seven ....................................... [chasev]
Chapter Seven is very long (especially compared to Chapter Six). It's about
as long as the last four chapters put together *or longer!* That's why I'm
dividing it into six sections.

       [3.8.1] Part One ......................................... [parton]
Talk to Alec after the scene. Attempt to leave for more dialogue. Answer
yes. Head outside and towards the bridge. Talk to the tied-up person.
Answer yes when prompted. Get onto the boat and say yes again. Afterwards,
head east (that cow is still here *_*) and enter the house. Talk to the
person on the chair. Talk to Ionia after the scene for another one. Examine
the chair for a Memento.

Head through the passage. When you exit, you get a long scene. Head south
and examine the phone for another one. Choose either choice the first time,
but choose yes the second time. Talk to Ionia afterward. Head down the path
on the right.

       [3.8.2] Part Two ......................................... [partwo]
(Yes, the other five parts will be much longer.) After you head through the
passage and arrive at the graveyard, you get a scene. Head to the special
gravestone and talk to the gravedigger. Head to the crossroad area for a
phone call. Now you can traverse the train tracks or just ride the train.
Do whichever. (The two trains are no different, apart from price.) At the
factory, head to the ropeway. West of here, you find a laboratory.

Talk to the Pigmask outside here. Then enter the lab. Upgrade equipment
at the vending machine. Talk to the Pigmask blocking the door. Head to
the souteast door and ~behind the curtain~ (<3) on stage. Examine the
open locker in this room. Head through the rooms, picking up a map from
the present box on the way. In the hallway, you are told to look for the
monkeys. First off, on the first floor, head to the northwest room and
examine the shelf on the left to read a magazine.

Now give any food and offensive items to Boney. Head to the northwest
room of the second floor. Approach the monkeys and head back a couple
of rooms for a boss fight. Use Shield on Lucas and Boney and Offense
Up on at least Boney. Use Lifeup beta if someone goes below 100 HP. Use
any Saltwater Guns and otherwise, attack and heal as needed. Head to the
it to the elevator.

Talk to the blue Pigmask and head down the elevator. Talk to the
scientist in here. At the end of the basement, you find the monkeys.
Follow them back upstairs. In the first floor hall, examine the trash
can for a scene. Enter the room at the end of the hall for another scene.
Outside, follow the female monkey. Examine the door to the north. As
Sarusa, examine it again and then click left or right. The door opens.

Enter the house in this new area. Talk to the person inside. Talk to
he/she/it again outside. After the dialogue, open the present for Magic
Gloves that Kumatora needs to equip. Go back to the lab and talk to the
"doctor." The correct choice is the third one, but you're missing out
on two funny scenes if you choose it first. Climb into the hole after
that and the examine the thing inside. Say yes. After the scene, you
get a Memento and a Nut.

       [3.8.3] Part Three ....................................... [parthr]
Head south and you have to fight a battle. It's easy, a couple hits and
it's over. Head to the southeast exit for a scene. Enter the newly-made
hole. Continue through the path and talk to the cricket on the mat. Then
talk to the one beside him for a battle. One hit and he's dead. It doesn't
matter if you say yes or no afterwards. Examine the root near here and it
will be eaten. Talk to one of the crickets here for a map.

The southeast one saves your game. Head south after examining another root
and down the vine. This dungeon may not seem like it, but it's
straightforward. At each fork, turn; don't go straight. That's it. When
you exit, you're in a new area. Head to the second area. At the fork, head
down for a present with a Cancer Bracelet inside. Equip it on Kumatora.
Continue until you reach an area without enemies.

The mole cricket here works as a shop like the mole from Chapter Five and
vending machines before him. Upgrade your equipment as much as possible.
Use the hot spring to recover your HP/PP as well. Head forward for a
short scene. Then go into the house and speak with the person inside
that is awake. Head out the back door afterwards for a boss battle.

Use Defense Up omega and Offense Down thrice each. Boney should attack
and heal with food items during this time. After that, use Offense Up
on at least Lucas. Lucas and Boney should attack while Kumatora switches
between Defense Down and Lifeup (only if someone's HP falls below 60).
Don't use PK Thunder, though. That makes him go crazy. Go back inside
the house when you win. You get a Memento after the scene. Speak with
the Pigmask in here and head to the next area. Answer yes when you
are prompted to.

       [3.8.4] Part Four ........................................ [parfor]
Head north and examine the bottle. Inside the grave, you find another
bottle. Read it. Examine the table here to use it as a vehicle. Head
towards the dump where there was a boss earlier and continue south until
you reach a construction site. Get off and head south down the dirt path.
You eventually reach a strange creature. Speak with each one you pass. In
the town, enter the northeast house. You get a battle.

Use Lucas's PK Love beta and Kumatora's PK Freeze beta. Boney should use
offensive items, food items for healing, and normal attacks. When you win,
Duster rejoins the party. Talk to the Saturn on the left for a "map." Talk
to the Saturn in the middle of the room to advance the story. Then talk to
the luscious Rope Snake. In one of the houses is a Good Kid's Shirt. Equip
it on Lucas. To the northwest is a Black Collar, equippable on Boney. In
the southwest house, there is a shop. Upgrade where you can.

Head north and enter the cave. Head up the ladder and open the gift box for
a Cup of Lifenoodles. Head north and examine the wall. Talk to the Saturn
here. Head up the ghetto ladder after the scene. Head north to a new area
and inside the house here. Try to talk to the person here and then examine
the sign. Head out of the house and north. Push the rocks out of the way
and continue north. It's best to use PK Freeze beta against every enemy in
this area. Continue north for a short scene and then a battle.

Use PK Freeze alpha and normal attacks. Afterwards, continue on north. In
this area, it's easy to level up. Level up a few levels, you should be 40
or so before the next boss. Continue up in a general northward direction.
You get a scene followed by a boss battle. Start off with Shield omega and
Offense Up omega while Kumatora attacks with PK Thunder beta. Boney and
Duster should use normal attacks. Keep HP above 120 using Kumatora's
Lifeup beta and Boney's food. Only use Healing PSI if Kumatora or Lucas
are affected.

When you win, you get a scene and a Memento. Return to the town. After a
scene, examine the tunnel, our means of escape. Head into the northeast
house and speak with the Saturn in the middle of the room. Towards the
tunnel, examine a bird to pick it up. Head back to that Mr. Saturn and
talk to him again. Head to the hot spring and talk to the Saturn in here
for some "coffee;" say yes to him. Examine the bird cage and say yes
afterward. The delicious Rope Snake talks to you. Say yes. Enjoy the
scene where you get to see Lucas's tushie as they fly off into the

       [3.8.5] Part Five ........................................ [partfi]
In this area, talk to the man to restore HP/PP. You can do this as many
times as you desire. Examine the arrow here for a bit of dialogue. Dive
underwater for a scene. What you do in this area is quickly head south
before your oxygen runs out and talk to the merman-like oxygen machines.
Rinse and repeat until you reach the bottom. If you want to risk it, you
can find Trivia Card 3 in one of the holes near the end. You are attacked
once you get to the end by a boss.

Start the battle with Shield omega and Offense Up omega. Kumatora
should use PK Thunder beta and the others should just attack. Heal with
food items from Boney or Duster and Lifeup from Lucas. After the scenes,
examine the mushrooms to the right. Answer yes twice. This is a very
strange sequence. Basically, you need to head through the linear path
but if you talk to anyone, they will attack you. Some people will
automatically talk with you. Just continue up the path.

Be sure to examine any mailboxes you see for some wonderful quotes. In
the next area, use the "hot spring" to the left. Come back here later
to see what it really is. Continue east and climb the cliff. Enter the
house and speak with the woman inside. Talk to the octopus to get your
items back. Outside, talk to the mole cricket to shop. Upgrade wherever
possible. Make sure Lucas knows PSI Shield omega. Enter the cave to the

Continue through and out the other side. At the first junction here, go
west for a Vigor Stick for Lucas. North and east of the bridge is a
Swallow Bandana which should be equipped on Duster. At the end of the
path, there is a boss. In the second turn, Boney should use Sniff to
determine its weakness. It changes weakness each pose, so Boney should
Sniff each pose. Be sure to use PSI Shield omega and Offense Up omega.
Decrease its defense three or four times. Afterward, use normal attacks
and PSI with Kumatora (determined by Boney's Sniff). Keep HP above 120.

After the scene, you get a Memento and a Jar of Yummy Pickles. Return
to the ocean shore and speak with the octopus. Say yes.

       [3.8.6] Part Six ......................................... [partsi]
I hate this part of the game because of the state of the town. D`: Head
west and talk to Alec. Up the road a bit, speak to Mapson. Head to the
forest and follow the path. Speaking with lizards points you in the right
direction. You get a scene after a while where you lose the Jar of Yummy
Pickles. (T_T) Examine the sparkles to find it. Enter the hot spring
cave in the next area. Use the mole cricket shop to fully upgrade your
equipment. Head out of the cave.

Head north up the mountain and enter the cave. Use the map to navigate
the cave. Fight Heftyheads for good EXP. Make sure everyone is Level
50 or above for the next (difficult!) boss battle. Outside of the cave,
head east and then north into the house. Talk to the person here.
Speaking with it again restores HP/PP. You can do this until the end of
the chapter. Outside, you recieve a Franklin Badge. Give any offensive
and food items to Duster or Boney. Make sure everyone has a Memento.

Head north to a new area for a scene and a battle. Use PK Freeze gamma
and normal attacks to win. Then you get a boss. Use Offense Up omega in
the first round. Kumatora should attack with PK Thunder gamma each turn.
Use Lucas's Lifeup omega if anyone's HP dips below 120. Use any and all
items you have. After the battle, examine the vines and answer yes when
you are prompted to. Go inside and examine the special object inside
for a lot of dialogue. Examine the special item again and choose yes.
You get a Memento and the chapter ends.

      [3.9] Chapter Eight ....................................... [chaeig]
The chapter starts with some dialogue. Answer yes. Immediately speak with
the driver. Then examine the things in the room and have fun. Then speak
with him again after a few moments have passed for a scene. You get a map.
Take this time to explore this *massive* town. There's really a lot to do.
Afterward, go up the escalator and use the vending machines to buy the
optimal equipment. The movie theater sells some equipment too. Talk to the
lady behind the counter to upgrade.

Go to the next room in the theater and watch the movie. Talk to the man in
the northeast corner. It does not matter what you say. Examine the chair
in the top left corner of the middle group. Boney leaves the party. Now go
to the arcade. Speak with Thomas and then dash into him. Talk to the other
man and answer yes. Follow the path to the second area. In here, you can
talk to the mole cricket to shop, but there's no equipment. Enter the door
by the cricket.

Climb up to the second floor. Speak with Boney. He rejoins the party. Then
enter the far left door here and speak the the person in here for a long
scene. Answer yes each time. Afterward, examine the stink bug. Return to
the area's entrance for a boss. Use Shield omega and then Offense Up omega.
Use Tickle Feather twice or thrice. Kumatora should use the strongest PK
Thunder available. Only use Healing on Lucas and Kumatora. In the next
phase, use PSI Shield omega and recover with Lifeup omega. Otherwise, just
attack relentlessly.

Exit the sewer. In the east part of town, buy a New Year's Eve Bomb and
save. Go up the ladder and examine the statue three times and say yes. You
get a boss fight. This enemy has 99,999,999 HP. Use the New Year's Eve
Bomb with one character in the first round and have the other three attack.
If it works, he will take 99,999,998 damage with the New Year's Eve Bomb
and 1 damage with the attack. You get the Trivia Card 4. (I don't know
where Trivia Card 3 is, sorry guise! If you know, please email me!)

  NOTE: (Skip this to continue with the game.) I found Trivia Card 3,
  finally! If you find anything important that I missed and you think
  should be included, (piece of good equipment in a chest I never
  mentioned, worthwhile sidequest, etc.) please email me!!

Go to the main building of the city. In the right door is a hot spring.
To the left is an elevator. Go up it. Attempt to enter the next room for
a short scene. In the next room, walk north. You get a few scenes. Go
up the elevator. In here, go to the second area via the water. In the
second area is a Super Bomb. In the third area, you get a battle. Use
PK Thunder attacks. Go south and open the present for Ultimate Shoes.
Equip it on Duster.

Head up the elevator. Head through this room towards another elevator.
Go up it. You get to a bathroom floor. Go to the next room. The middle
bathroom hold an Attack Attractor in a gift box. Go through the fifth
door. The next hallway has a Honey Shower in the fifth door. Go through
the fouth door. In the next hallway, go through all the doors for
laughs. The fourth one leads forward. The third door in here leads to
a Red Collar for Boney. The fourth one leads forward once again.

In this hall, the fifth door leads to the next hallway. Knock on the
fifth door three times and quickly enter the fourth door, then back to
the fifth. Inside is an Awesome Ring for Lucas. Head back to the fourth
door to go to the next area. In here, go up the elevator. In the house
here, you can pick up a Memento. Head to the door on the right side.
Talk to the mouse. (He will make you f*cking cry. D`:) Head up the

Head forward until you find some construction workers. Dash into the
one blocking the path forward. Continue until you reach a similar problem,
but with no way across. Head north and up the ladder. Examine the lever
and say yes. Go across the path. Get some Angel Gloves for Kumatora in
a gift box here. Go up the elevator. Head east to the next room. Continue
east at the fork and get the Canine Weapon for Boney from a present box.

Back at the fork, go north. A gift box here holds a Super Bomb. At the
fork, head north and talk to the person here. Go back to that fork and
go east. In the next room, go south and open the present for a Sagittarius
Bracelet. Equip it on Lucas, Kumatora, or Duster, whoever's weakest. Head
east to the next room. Continue through the path. Instead of an elevator,
you are greeted by stairs. At the top, talk to the driver. In the next
room, you get a mini-game.

Hit *exactly* nine moles to move on. In the next game, finish a split-second
after the robot. In the last game, click the A button until it has increased
in size four times. Then stop. In the next area, use to couch to restore
HP/PP and save at the frog. In the next room, you get a boss. Use Shield
omega in the first round. Decrease its defense two times. Use Offense Up
omega afterward. Kumatora should use her strongest PK Thunder attack or PK
Ground. Duster and Boney should use standard attacks. Keep HP above 120 with
Lifeup omega. Use Healing to cure poison or paralysis.

When you win, run through the next hallway and ride the boat. Afterward, use
the Instant Revitalizing Device to restore HP/PP. Open the gift box for a
special item. Use it by the statue. Continue forward for some dialogue. Say
yes or no; it doesn't matter. You get a boss. You have to defeat seven of
these. Use Offense Up omega. Attack with regular attacks and PK Thunder.
Use Lifeup omega to heal. You get a long scene when you when. Talk to the
person here and answer yes.

Head forward. Examine the ..thing here for a short scene. The present at
the bottom can be used multiple times to restore HP/PP. You eventually
find a person. You only have to talk to it once, but if you do so about
seven times, the dialogue changes. The present box here contains a
weapon only equippable by Lucas. Completely heal your HP/PP. Give any
items to Boney or Duster. Give everyone a Memento. Head up for a boss.

Use Offense Up omega and Tickle Feather once each. If your offense
gets reduced, use Offense Up omega again. Kumatora should use PK Ground
or PK Thunder omega if she doesn't have it. Use Healing omega if
multiple persons are affected by status effects. Use food items to
recover HP with. Just attack most of the time. Near the end of the
battle, the boss will use bomb attacks. Revert to using Lifeup omega
and normal attacks only at this point.

When you win, talk to the person and say yes. (giggle) Continue up
until you reach a hot spring. Use it and save if you wish. This is
the last one. Give any remaining Mementos and healing items to Lucas.
Continue up for a scene and a boss battle. Do not revive the other
party members, just survive. Heal with Lifeup gamma or food items if
you HP goes below 120-130. Don't attack, either. Scenes begin. Say
whichever. On the "The End?" screen, use the control pad to move.
You get a lot of dialogue and then the credits.

The End.

     [4] Checklist-Style Walkthrough ............................ [checko]
This walkthrough is a quick, to the point, shopping list style walkthrough
for the game.


 __ Name the characters and set options to start the game.

 __ Exit the house and head to an area to the right.

 __ Run into the monster and fight the tutorial battle.


 __ Exit the house and examine the doghouse, then head into town.

 __ Get your map marked and then continue into the forest.

 __ Pray at the shrine and then continue through the forest.

 __ You eventually get some scenes and a battle.

 __ Dash into the house for another battle.

 __ Talk to the person upstairs and then return to the shrine.

 __ Head to your house, examine the bird, and then speak to the dog.

 __ Go back to the forest and follow the path. Head left when you can.

 __ Talk to the people farther north for some scenes.

 __ Name the new character and then climb the ladder.

 __ Examine the cloth and then continue north for a boss fight.

 __ Afterwards, pick up the book and head north a bit.

 __ Go back to where you talked to one of the people earlier.

 __ The path is now open. Continue through for some scenes.

 __ Examine the desk once, the door twice, and the apple once.

 __ Then examine the door again and head to the crossroads.

 __ Head north and then northeast. Talk to the man here.

 __ Talk to the person in the house left of the bazaar.

 __ Head back to the river in the forest and go north.

 __ You eventually reach a house. Talk to the person inside.

 __ Head back to the river and talk to the frog. Then head across.

 __ Enter the house here and speak to the people.

 __ Head through the cave behind the house.

 __ When you exit, head into the other cave.

 __ This cave is shorter; exit to the southeast after a short scene.

 __ Follow this path and examine the shoe. You eventually get a boss.


 __ Open all of the presents in the basement and then head to the town.

 __ Here, go north until you reach a castle. Backtrack south once.

 __ The house here's basement houses a secret passage. Use it.

 __ Examine the band on the castle wall to create a ladder; head up it.

 __ Dash into the statue inside and go through the hole in the floor.

 __ On the first floor, get the Rope Snake from a ghost.

 __ On the second floor, head into the far right room.

 __ You can create a ladder; do so and head up it.

 __ On the third floor, use the Rope Snake the traverse the gap.

 __ The far left room houses an optional boss.

 __ Take the Pendant as you head to the fourth floor.

 __ On the fourth floor, follow the path to a boss.

 __ Enter the next room and take the item.

 __ Head back to the house you started in and head back to the castle.

 __ You get another boss fight.

 __ Go to the room where you fought the other boss fight for a scene.

 __ Continuing on, you get to name a new character.

 __ Follow the path, using Rope Snake as needed.

 __ You eventually reach a boss fight.

 __ Head to town square after it's all over.


 __ You name a character during the scenes.

 __ Hit left, right, down, and then up as prompted.

 __ Follow the path to eventually reach a boss fight.

 __ You will reach a vehicle. Ride it to town square.

 __ Get a room at the inn and stay in it.

 __ When you are prompted, choose down, left, then up, right, then down.

 __ Talk to the people that have their hands up.

 __ Deliver the happy boxes, which are in the graveyard.

 __ Report to that guy..Then head to the castle's third floor.

 __ Head to the basement where you reach a dead end.

 __ Examine the wall panels and then click right or left to dance.

 __ Follow the path until you reach a lever; hit it. 

 __ Head to town square and then the inn.

 __ Examine the window to the right and then head to the forest for a boss.


 __ Change your clothes, exit the house, and talk to the dog.

 __ Head to the crossroads for a scene and then to the square for another.

 __ Go to the east side of town to the building here.

 __ Talk to the man in the middle room of the upper floor.

 __ Enter the train tunnel and head to the fourth area.

 __ Climb up the ladder for a scene.

 __ Continue east until you reach a factory.

 __ Talk to the "man" in blue here and then do the job.

 __ When you finish, head out of the factory and north.

 __ Ride up to the big building.

 __ Enter the building and watch the show.

 __ Talk to the redhead waitress and follow her to her room.

 __ Head upstairs and follow the path to eventually reach a boss.

 __ When you win, head down and play rock, paper, scissors with everyone.

 __ Exit the building to end the chapter.


 __ Enter the cave towards the north.

 __ Return to the castle and fight and optional boss.

 __ In the area after the cave, fall down the hole to the south.

 __ Follow the path back aboveground for a scene.

 __ You reach a factory. Head through it.

 __ Ride the new vehicle until you get a boss fight.

 __ Continue on the vehicle, refueling whenever you can.

 __ When you reach a junkyard, you get another boss fight.

 __ Head to the center of the floor in the new area.

 __ Go up the ladder in this room for a boss fight.

 __ In the playroom, fight an optional boss.

 __ Head to the top of the tower for another boss battle.

 __ Go outside and climb the ladder.


 __ Walk left along the bottom of the area.



 __ Talk to the old man and then walk to the bridge.

 __ Talk to the tied up person and then get on the boat.

 __ Head to the house in the new area and talk to the person here.

 __ Talk to the person that was tied up and then examine the chair.

 __ Head through the passage and then examine the phone.

 __ Talk to the person again and then head down the passage on the right.


 __ Talk to the gravedigger and head to the crossroads.

 __ Ride the train or walk to the end of the tracks.

 __ Head to the ropeway and then westward to a laboratory.

 __ Inside, head southeast and follow the path past the stage.

 __ Examine the open locker and continue until you get a short scene.

 __ Head to the northwest room on the second floor.

 __ You get a boss fight; afterwards, head to the first floor.

 __ Don't touch the monster here. Instead, walk past it to an elevator.

 __ Head down the elevator and to the end of the basement.

 __ Back on the first floor, examine a trash can for a scene.

 __ Enter the room at the end of the hall and then follow the monkey.

 __ Examine the door here, and, as the monkey, click left or right.

 __ Enter the house and talk to the person inside.

 __ Talk to the person again once you get outside.

 __ Go back to the lab and speak with the doctor.

 __ Choose the third option and then climb into the hole.

 __ Examine the object here.


 __ Head south and fight a scripted battle.

 __ Go through the southeast exit and down the hole.

 __ After another scripted battle, head to the large part of the hole.

 __ Take every turn to make it outside.

 __ Head through this new area and enter the house.

 __ Talk to the person inside and soon enough you get a boss battle.

 __ Go back into the house and then back to the previous area.

 __ Take the lift.

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