Question from Big_daddy523

How do I beat Dr. Eggman in Emerl's story?

He continously shoots missiles at me and i can't even get close without dying.


RuLaTroNZxX answered:

insert this passwords in the sonic team building, they're 1 hit ko abilities

alogK Obtain "Amy Combo" Card
EkiTa Obtain "Chaos Combo" Card
ZAhan Obtain "Cream Combo" Card
tSueT Obtain "E-102" Combo Card
yU3Da Obtain "Knuckles Combo" Card
AhnVo Obtain "Rouge Combo" Card
ArmIa Obtain "Shadow Combo" Card

if u dont want to use this i reccomend having shadows running ability,sonics shot ability,ans sonics pow ability
75619 Obtain "Sonic Combo" Card
OTrOI Obtain "Tails Combo" card.
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Weaves614 answered:

Get a combo skill card try to avoid all missles and bombs then use the combo card on eggman if your lucky and the full combo is complete he will die, i beat it by using sonic's combo card so what ever card suits you
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ike730 answered:

Just block the missiles until he stops to drop a bomb. Then, nail him with a combo. Also, make sure you have a good Strength Support and guard. Also, if you have E-102's explosion ability, you can nail him since he just sits there on top of you lobbin' shells.
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cappy4fun answered:

i have a suggestion and here's How i beat him easily :

he stays up just like rouge does. once eggman lands, hurry and attack him with your combo ability ( i'd use shadow's ability combo ''ArmIa" as a password in sonic team. NOTE: the "l'' is an "i" for those who dont kno it.) also at the start, hurry and rush to eggman before he shoots missles. oh and if u die, he shoots billions of missles and he follows your landing point. so make sure u land as far away as possible then if u have gamma's guard ability, u shud have the power to defend at least several missiles. after that, attackwhen he drops a bomb. u shud be able to defend the explosion. then once he lands, do the same thing.

hope this worked! :D
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NumberManEX answered:

My suggested cards for taking this fat### down is all ultaminte cards
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naruto_lover26 answered:

Or u culd keep using the L and R button moves repeatedly to beat him,but remember that he becomes imune to some of them each time he loses a life
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UltimateDigimon answered:

You must have an emerald special card just as sonic air special attack.
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yoshi5276 answered:

Use long range attacks and dodge those missiles. Or you could use hit-and-run tactics.
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KiddLunisk answered:

There are 2 ways you can do this:

1: Have really good supports (if you have them) and equip your strongest attacks. Have a good running card, and equip that, and get an opportunity to use a special against him.
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KiddLunisk answered:

or 2: Use combo cards.
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