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Prof. Gerald's Journal Guide
final version
Copyright  2004-2009 by numbuh 128bit

                         -Table of Contents-
/ Sec. 1: Version History                                                   \
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 2: Intro                                                             |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 3: Journal Entries                                                   |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 4: FAQs                                                              |
|                                                                           |
| Sec. 5: Closing                                                           |

-Sec 1: Version History

-version 1.00; 11:14 PM 2/16/04:          -finished FAQ
                                          -fully complete

-final version;  5:00 AM 4/5/04:          -sent the FAQ in to NeoSeeker
                                          -fixed 1 typo
                                          -hosted FAQ of Crazy Pocky's
                                           Shadow site
                                          -1 typo fixed

-final version; 11:02 AM 9/18/07:         -fixed 2 more(9/18/07)
-final version; 2:40 PM 5/29/2009         -Changed my E-mail address

-Sec 2: Intro

        Sonic Battle came out on January 5th, the day before Heroes did. This
is the second Sonic fighting game after Sonic the Fighters, now available on
GEMS Collection. I never got to play that one, though. I was ticked to find
out that this wasn't out at Christmas and couldn't get it until  January 10th.
And boy was it worth the wait! Like all other Sonic games, this one is not
easy and may take some time to get used to. Once you do, you'll find this game
to be a real blast!
        Once you beat the game with everyone, you can beat each character's
story again to read one of eight entries in Prof. Gerald's Journal. This guide
is designed to list those entries if you're feeling too lazy to beat the sto-
ries again. This is the final version of the FAQ unless I allow someone else
to use this FAQ or if I have plans. So this is the last version.

-Sec 3: Journal Entries

-Entry #1
        note: To get this one, beat Sonic's story again.
        "I have uncovered a most interesting secimen from the warehouse. I be-
lieve it is some sort of puppet or robot made by ancient people. At first, I
didn't think anything of it, but when I was experimanting on a 'Chaos Emerald'/
it began to move. This suggests the possibility that even the anciemt civiliza-
tions could harness the power of the 'Chaos Emeralds'.
        When I was researching various papera related to the power of the
'Chaos Emeralds' and this robot, I discovered that there was a possibility
that this robot was something incredible. I don't want to get ahead of myself,
but this robot may be the cause of the Fourth Great Civilization. I'm not sure
I belive it just yet, though."

-Entry #2
        note: To get this one, beat Tails' story again.
        "I am no longer able to ingore the possibility that this robot did in
fact destroy the Fourth Great Civilization. I have discovered a stone tablet
that explains as much. According to the tablet, 'When the figure falls from the
heavens, and the Stone of the Gods is joined, all that exists will become one
again.' Though it is difficult to believe, this robot has been watching my
movements, and mimicking all that I do.
        I was amazed by my scans of this being. Suprisongly, reams and reams of
data scrolled and causes my most powerful computer to crash. More intriguing
was that the data was all about melee combat and weapons of that age. Event-
ually, if this being is ever restored to it's former state, it will put all
that data to use, and recreate all the weaponry and combat abilities that it
once had... And that's not all. If my guesses are correct, it will also have
the ability to absorb modern weaponry as well. What have I done? I have un-
covered a horrible weapon."

-Entry #3
        note: to get this one, beat Rouge's story again.
        "I now understand why this being was named 'Gizoid'. In the ancient
tongue, it meant 'everything'. According to the stone tablet, if the Gizoid
establishes a 'link' with someone, the Gizoid will swear loyalty to that per-
son. Perhaps it still lacks 'Chaos Emerald' energy, but it has still been say-
ing the word 'Link' to me in broken tones. It went on to explain, 'Show me your
true strength and I shall obey. I am all things, and all shall belong to me.'
So as it suggested, I brought before it my collection of model guns, and freed
them all. Then, suddenly, it said, 'I shall follow your every command, and ne-
ver leave your side.' And since then, it refuses to listen to anyone but me.
While it still remains under my control, at least it won't be used for evil.
However, if someone with evil intentions ever forms a 'Link' with the Gizoid...
I don't even want to think about what will happen. I must research how one can
can re-establish a 'Link' with the Gizoid."

-Entry #4
        note: to get this one, beat Knuckles' story again.
        "The upper echeion is going crazy. Perhaps they aim to freeze Project
'Shadow'. Soon the ultimate life form, 'Shadow' will becompleted... The appli-
cation to my grandaughter is also innocent. I cannot justlet them stop my study
at this point. Because I am the only on who can save my granddaughter's life."

-Entry #5
        note: to get this one, beat Amy's story again.
        "The higher ups are threatening to shut down this research facility. I
had no choice but to hand them the Gizoid to buy more time for my research. I
tried to be careful and commanded it to never absorb any dangerous technolo-
gies. However, I have heard that other researchers have been makng the Gizoid
absorb weapons. Apparently, the way to cause the Gizoid to form a new 'Link' is
to show it power that surpasses any of it's former master. While this poses
immense danger, I cannot risk losing Maria."

-Entry #6
        note: to get this one, beat Cream's story again.
        "My worst fears have come true. The Gizoid has absorbed enough weaponry
and technology that it has started to go out of control. The resulting rampage
resulted in the destruction of most of the 'Ark.'
        ...I have deciphered the rest of the stone tablet. It says, 'When the
Gizoid had all that could, it became a god of wrath, and all was destroyed.'
The researchers somehow managed  to subdue the Gizoid and sealed it away. Luck-
-ily, it only had one 'Chaos Emerald' installed. If it were to have all 7 Em-
eralds installed, it might destroy the whole planet. The Gizoid is too much of
a liability. I tried destroying it's core, but nothing I did worked. I under-
stand too little of the technology that built him. My best hope is to try and
reprogram it's AI into a free-willed, emotions-based AI..."

-Entry #7
        note: to get this one, beat Shadow's story again.
        "I have heard there was an accident at the research facility... ... ...
Everything...Everything is gone. My own Maria's name was among the list of
casualties. My beloved granddaughter...They tell me her parting words were
'Bring hope to humanity.'
        I have decided that the keyword to activate the Gizoid's free-willed
emotions-based AI program will be those very words. 'Bring hope to all human-
ity.' My poor, poor Maria..."

-Entry #8
        note: to get this one, beat Emerl's story again.
        "A heritage of the past I dug out, 'Gizoid'...And the ultimate life
form I created with my oen hands, Shadow... I have equipped both with a
        If all powers are not what is to be obtained for oneself, but what is
to be born from hearts that yearn for someone, I believe all conflicts should
cease to exist.
        Please...If there is anyone listening to my prayers... bring hope to

-Sec. 4: Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: Do you get anything special for unlocking the journal entries?
        A: Nope. Sorry.

        Q: How do you complete Emerl's story?
        A: Go to Holy Summit(Knux's place) and enter the Death Egg at the top-
           left of the screen. It should be known since most Sonic games end in

-Sec. 5: Closing

        Sonic Battle took me 7 days to complete and 6 days to get all 8 Journal
Entries. When I got Knuckles's entry, there was no warning that it even WAS an
entry and that fored me into a tedious bizz because I had to reset the game 2
times after being tricked into thinking there was no entry. And to think Knux
was the most gullible one.-_-; Anyway, I had to rush through the whole stories
in order to do this because I have a schedule. I did still take the time to
write down each and every journal entry. Plus I have bad handwriting.
        This FAQ is  2004-2009 by me, Numbuh 128bit. It is to appear
only on GameFAQs, and <<shadow>>(Crazy Pocky's site) and no other
ones. You are free to save this FAQ to a disk and print it out but are NOT
under and circumstances allowed to use it on your site without my permission
or copy it for yourself. This is the last version of the FAQ.
        As with all FAQs, this one wouldn't be complete without a thanks to:

-SEGA and Sonic Team for creating Sonic, however, due to the Anti-Christianity
of Shadow the Hedgehog, I'm now repelled from the game series.

-THQ for developing this game

-CJayC for posting this FAQ

-Leo Chan for having this FAQ at NeoSeeker

-Crazy Pocky for posting this on her Shadow site

-Kenneth Vandecar for pointing out 2 typos

-God, for giving me life!

-end of document-