Virtual Training Guide by Angnix

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 # =##+  #x ...-x#    ###
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 .#x-=x=X  ,;#--+#     ##-x##     #
   ##++=#   -#+;=#     # #- #   -#x#
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 #      ####  ######x.  ,-. #####,x,,=##
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               -###                  .###,  # ,. -#x--;+#-
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                   #- .,,  , +    ,xX#+ ####-  =,  ..;-- ,+=         =# =#x
                   #;  ..,   ;.X#====  # +   # ;#####=  ;xxXx##X        #
                   =x+ ..,  --=X#x++#+ --;,+# .######### -             #    X
                    ##  ..,. - ;X######  ---###.        #                +-
                      #  ... =,=####=;#######   ##+ =X##              -#x
                      x#     -.    ==        #;-## =#+              ;xx.
                        #=..=+#####          #-X= +#  ####=       #
                         +####                 .x#-;### =;##
                                          ;####=+# #  .;, X#
                                        ;   #Xx#####  ######
                                        #         #  x;  #-
                                        ########### .x=x#,

Sonic Battle: Virtual Training Guide
Version 1.06: 8/18/04
By Angnix (Angela Petersen)

Version History:

Version 1.0: 3/13/04

Version 1.01: 3/15/04

Added more info under many sections

Added info about character's shot techniques

Version 1.02: 3/16/04

Corrected mistake in explanation of Virtual Training

Added a little more info under Basic Technique section

Version 1.03: 3/18/04

Added a little more info under Run Skill and Ground Trap

Added info about Ultimate Upper Attack

Version 1.04: 3/19/04

Changed recommendation about Guard Skill, Added more info in some sections
pertaining to this

Version 1.05: 4/16/04

Now know all cards, added more info about certain cards not contained before.

Version 1.06: 8/18/04

New sections on my Action Replay gamesave on and the link between
Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3.

A little extra note on Shadow's Chaos Magic.

Added info about possible affects of Fight Poses.

General updates in other areas.

Updated Notes:

Yeah, I have an AR now, I really didn't need it for this game of course, I wrote
this guide long before I got the AR, but hopefully the Gamesave I have created
on GameFAQs will help. It is set up with two Emerls based upon this guide and
starts in Emerl's story at Tail's Lab, more info on this gamesave is found in
section 6 of this guide, near the bottom. As before, this guide assumes basic
familiarity with the game Sonic Battle and only one technique, many people have
many other techniques to get though Virtual Training, this is just one of them,
I just tried to make it easier for the average person.

Also at the end of this guide is another new section on the links between this
game and Sonic Advance 3. Sonic Advance 3 may look superficially like Sonic
Advance 1 and 2, but the truth is not only does Sonic Advance 3's music have
more in common with this game than the other two Sonic Advance games, but also
in story line if follows up on Sonic Battle in story... Read the bottom section
only if you are familiar with this game's ending and you have either completely
beaten Sonic Advance 3 also, or you will never get the game and you want to know
the information contained in Sonic Advance 3 I feel that everyone that has
played Sonic Battle to the end should know... and obviously I have fulfilled my
earlier promise for a Sonic Advance 3 guide... that was one of the 5 winners of
the June Contributor contest *brags*, hopefully I can live up to another promise
on completing the guide when Sonic DS comes out in the future for Nintendo's
upcoming DS system.

Legal Notes:

This guide cannot be placed on any site without my permission. Sonic
and all related characters copyright Sonic Team/Sega.

Sites with permission to post my FAQS:

Table of Contents:

1. What is Virtual Training?
1.a. General Layout of Virtual Training in List Form

2. Combo Cards are Your Best Friend

3. My Virtual Training Emerl
3.a. My VT Emerl's Skills
3.b. Detailed Description of Skills and Replacement Skills

4. My Basic Technique
4.a. Individual Character Strategies
5. Arenas "Maps"

6. More about my Gamesave on

7. About the connection between Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3

8. Questions?

1. What is Virtual Training?:

In Emerl's story, when you go to Tails' Lab in Emerald Town, instead of Tails
just wanting to do a 10 KO fight with you, he will ask you if you want to enter
Virtual Training. Basically this is what happens in Virtual Training, on one of
the battle maps you will face three characters. You will either see three of
the regular characters in the game who are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow,
Rouge, Amy, Cream, "Chaos" Gamma, or Chaos or one or two of the characters will
be replaced by an Emerl. If you see one Emerl, it will have the same moves and
style (eye color might be different than if you were to use the character's
style card on your Emerl) as one of the other two characters and if you see one
character and two Emerls then both Emerls will have the same moves as that
character. Now here is the catch to Virtual Training, not only are there three
characters you have to worry about, but the CPU is set to hard, so that means
they will readily attack you and they will block most of your attacks! Not only
that but it just keeps getting worse. At first, you only have to KO them once,
then you progress to the second battle. But in the second battle you have to KO
them twice! It just keeps going like that, and on top of that, if the three
characters KO you even once, you are thrown out of Virtual Training! So why
bother with Virtual Training at all? Ultimate Skills Cards and later on a lot
of regular cards! The first time you make it to 5 KOs, Virtual Training will
end, and you will be rewarded with an Ultimate Skills Card! But then to get
rewarded another Ultimate Skills Card, you then have to make it to 10 KOs, but
starting with the 6 th battle you will also be rewarded regular cards! You will
get three cards depending on what characters you just fought, if you fight one
or two Emerls you will get a skill card as if you fought the character it was
imitating. You will even be rewarded three cards if you are killed in the
battle, but of course you are still booted out of VT. Occasionally just like in
a regular battle you might be randomly rewarded a Rare card too. This pattern
pretty much continues, except for the fact that when you reach 15 afterwards
the KO count stays at 15 and Virtual Training never goes higher than 20, but
you still get Ultimate Skills after you reach 20 again. Remember, ignore the
fact there is a number by Emerl's face, if you die even once it is all over and
you have to start all over again at 1! The next section is a list representation
of Virtual Training.

1.a. The General Layout of Virtual Training in List Form:

First Time:
1-5 KO Battles, then VT ends, rewarded Ultimate Skill Card

After Beating 5:
1-5 KO Battles, rewarded regular skills cards for battles 6-10, then VT ends,
rewarded Ultimate Skill Card

After Beating 10:
1-5 KO Battles, rewarded regular skills card for battles 6-15, then VT ends,
rewarded Ultimate Skill Card

After Beating 15:
1-5 KO Battles, rewarded regular skills card for battles 6-20 but after 15 KO
count stays at 15, then VT ends, rewarded Ultimate Skill Card

2. Combo Cards are Your Best Friend:

The next logical question you should be asking is "Okay, so what is your
technique in getting through Virtual Training?" The short answer, I use Combo
Cards. If that is all I had to say on the subject, then this wouldn't be a very
good FAQs, now would it? The next two logical questions you should have are
"What are Combo Cards?" and "How do I get them?". If you go into Emerl's menu
and stroll down the Ground Power Section, then you will see there are a lot of
empty spaces down there, those are for the Combo Cards, and if you want to use
them you have to select one of them, there is one for each character and then
set Ground to Power before the Battle. Each character's Combo Card is based on
the character's moves, and often has a Special Attack component to them. Combo
Cards have two very special properties, they kill in one hit if the character
is hit with the full force, and at least the first part of it can never be
blocked even if the characters you use it against are blocking against Power
special attacks. The catch is that if there is a Special Attack component to
the Combo move at the end it can be blocked if your opponent is blocking the
particular special attack it resembles. For example, the first part of Sonic's
Combo is a series of kicks that can never be blocked and if an opponent is hit
with all these kicks they will be KOed, but a the end there are two Special
Attack components, Emerl will spin up and back which counts as a power move
while at the same time will send out a Sonic Wave which is a shot, even though
Sonic Combo is under the Ground Power section a character that is blocking
against shots can block the shot coming from the Combo move. But, in Ichikoro
terms, the Combos are a Ground Power move. The down side to Combo Cards
includes the fact you are standing in one place for a good period of time and
might be more open to attack and they are all 6 card skills requiring 30 skill
points. Confusing, isn't it?
So after blabbing on and on about these Combo Cards, now to tell you how to get
them! In Emerl's story, you first have to go to the Sonic Team building in
Central City, it is near Central Highway where you fight Shadow. It will then
say ". . .Accessing the Gizoid's forbidden data. Please input the "Password"".
Honestly, it is unknown whether or not there is a way to get these passwords in
the game itself, no one has figured this out, but the passwords have been
discovered and if you input the right one you will be rewarded a Combo Card,
here is the list of passwords and cards, the game will only give you one card:

alogK: Amy
EkiTa: Chaos
ZAhan: Cream
tSueT: E-102
yU3Da: Knuckles
AhnVo: Rouge
ArmIa: Shadow
75619: Sonic
OTrOl: Tails

People have tried to make sense of these codes, for example Shadow's is Maria
scrambled up and Chaos' almost says Tikal, but no one has completely figured it
out yet.

3. My Virtual Training Emerl:

New! Automatically download my Emerl... yep I got an Action Replay Gamesave on that has both a 500 pt. skill Emerl based on this guide and one
that is the minimum 290 pt. Emerl that uses no rare cards. All the cards have
been acquired for this gamesave, and of course you will have to go up to 20 to
finish Virtual Training. If you look at my Battle Record... yeah I play alone
only the story mode...I provided this gamesave as practice for people who have
Action Replay, it is good in my opinion to apply these skills to your own game.

Before I describe the technique I use in more detail, I will first flat out
list all the moves that I have set up for my Virtual Training Emerl, I will not
discuss Fight Pose and Colors, I earlier stated that Fight Pose made no
difference, but I received an e-mail from Zaping Dragon that they in fact do, I
will discuss this more in the Fight Pose section. If you happen to have the
Ultimate Skill for most moves swap it with what I suggest, but in some cases the
Ultimate Skill is WORSE than one of the other non-rare skills, I will add a note
DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL! Then in the next section after the list I will in
detail describe why I choose that particular skill card for each area and what
other cards and good and what other cards are bad in that area for Virtual
Training. I will also tell you that when using my technique, always set Ground
to Power and Ariel to Trap, so I will not list what I have selected in the other
Special Attack fields either. Also for various reasons I will get into later,
there are certain things that are good in almost any other circumstance besides
Virtual Training, for example you usually want to use E-102 fight pose because
then you explode if you are KOed, but in Virtual Training if you are KOed it is
all over with anyway so it really doesn't matter. Also Attack, Strength and
other Support are rare cards, so just set them to as high as you can get. I will
also list what character's move it is if the character's name is not in the name
of the card.

3.a. My VT Emerl's Skills:

Run Skill: Shadow Run
Dash Skill: Drive Mode/E-102 (DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Jump Skill: Cream Jump
Air Action: Cream Ballet
Grd Skill: Rouge Guard(DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Heal Skill: Recovery Mode/E-102

1st Attack: Girl Jab/Amy
2nd Attack: Girl Straight/Amy
3rd Attack: Girl Upper/Amy
Heav Attack: C. Nightmare/Shadow
Upper Attack: Sonic Up Draft
Dash Attack: Secret Spear/Rouge
Air Attack: Typhoon/Tails
Aim Attack: Shadow Eagle
Grnd Power: Sonic Combo (DON'T USE ULTIMATE SKILL!)
Air Trap: C. Air Cracker/Cream (C. Air Cracker better than Ultimate Skill)

Attack Support: As high as you can get but not necessary(mine is Attack Support
Strength Support: As high as you can get but not necessary(mine is Strength
Support 8/Sonic)
Other Support: Preferably Low Gravity Lv. 1 or 2, stay away from High Gravity
Lv. 1 and 2, but no necessary.

This particular skill set up without Attack, Strength or Other Support only
takes 300 skills points! Attack, Strength, Other and any Ultimate Skills you
may have helps! Don't have some of the non-rare skills though? Look below in my
more detailed description for suitable replacements, a good VT Emerl could
probably be put together for even less skills points!

3.b. Detailed Description of Skills and Replacement Skills:

Run Skill:
One of the major keys to my technique is to be fast! So Shadow's Run or better
yet Ultimate Run is the way to go! Of course if you do not have Shadow's Run,
then go for the fastest run you do have, Sonic of course is a good second
choice, and I have been told that you can stop a lot easier if you have Sonic's
run, which is true, but then you couldn't outrun Shadow unless you went into
Drive Mode, and that is pretty darn important occasionally. Ultimate Run is
ideal of course.

Dash Skill:
Drive Mode is better than anything, including Ultimate Dash Skill, which I
happen to have! Drive Mode lasts quite a while and you can go faster than even
Shadow's normal run with it, it can help you get away if you are being pursued
and can be very useful. Plus it adds a sideways motion to any Dash Attack
making it more useful, even Ultimate Dash Skill doesn't do that, but don't use
Dash Attack very much at all, I will explain this later. Rouge Grind is pretty
good to, but stay away from Chaos Dive, I have no clue why that thing gets 6
stars. Truthfully, Dash isn't the most important thing.

Jump Skill:
Very important, but in some instances it is better not to jump... anyway,
Ultimate is probably better but I don't have it so I can't say for sure,
otherwise Cream's jump is the highest, with Shadow coming in for a close
second. Especially avoid Rouge, Amy, Tails and Knuckles Jump Skills. Rouge
Flight may seem cool at first, but is way too slow and is really not that good.
Ultimate Jump is very good.

Air Action:
The best air action is Ultimate Air Action hands down, it is a little like Sonic
Ballet, but you can use it an infinite number of times, you could fly forever if
you wanted to. But of course most people don't have this so go with Cream Ballet
because sometimes flight can come in really handy and you can use it to get to
Rouge while she is still in the air. Tails Fly is my second choice and he does
fly faster, but he doesn't stay in the air as long, ironically the opposite case
from the game Sonic Advance 2! light Mode/E-102 will keep you in the air for
quite a while, but it is really more of a long glide, you can't gain height
which I consider useful. Grinder Attack/Knuckles is actually a damage inflicting
attack, but the other characters will guard against it, don't use in VT. Don't
even bother with Amy Dble Jump, Chaos Flight or Rouge Catch.

Grd Skill:
You may wonder why I recommend the worst guard skill of them all, Rouge Guard.
Well, the thing is the only reason why you would use Grd Skill is to block
attacks, and in VT the CPU is smart enough not to attack if you are guarding and
it is not that helpful to guard unless it is a last ditch thing, or if you have
good timing as a way to block E-102's explosions or Tail's Chu Chu Bombs. Also
the different character's guard skills Power ratings indicate how long the guard
lasts, and the longer the guard lasts, the longer it takes to start healing when
you press down the L button, and it is important to be able to heal fast, so a
better guard skill slows healing down which is not good. But on the other hand
if you have it set to Emerl's default, you totally lose the ability to guard at
all so it is best to keep to a low guard skill like Rouge's or like I used to
recommend none at all.

Heal Skill:
If you look at the Heal Cards, they vary in both Power and Speed, in this case,
the Power stat indicates how fast the Ichikoro Bar fills, Speed how fast the HP
bar fills while healing. I will tell you this right now, Ichikoro doesn't do
you much good in VT, so look for the Speed stat when setting Heal Skill for VT,
you want to recover from any damage as fast as possible. Ultimate is of course
the best for both Speed and Power and sadly I do not own this card, but
Recovery Mode/E-102 is the fastest of the non-rares. Chaos Heal comes in a
close second, Cream and Amy are pretty good too, and Cream happens to be the
best when it comes to Ichikoro, use her skill outside of VT. Rouge, Sonic and
Shadow are the worst healers. If you have Ultimate Heal defiantly use it.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Attack:
I will cover this in one section since I pretty much have the same thing to
say, I do not recommend using these skills much if at all in VT, but I do
recommend they be set to Amy's. When it comes to Ultimate, I actually do have
all three, and I would like to discuss the interesting effect of Ult. 2nd
Attack. It looks the same as Rouge's Ground Power, Silent Size, and the
characters will block it as if it was a Power attack. That can be rather
unfortunate, but the weirdness comes in when you have your Ichikoro Bar full,
it will kill them as if you used a Power Ichikoro attack on them, but the
Ichikoro Bar will stay full! Of course of the other character happens to be
blocking Power attacks they will block this too. This sounds wonderful, but
kind of hard to pull of in reality and I don't use this weirdness in VT.

Heav Attack:
Chaos Nightmare/Shadow is very powerful and ultimate is okay too, but truthfully
I don't use this much in Virtual Training, but I would stay away from the slower

Uppr Attack:
Pretty much the same case as Heav Attack, don't use it much, I like Sonic Up
Draft. Ultimate Uppr Attack is quite interesting because it is a Sonic Up Draft
with an Amy Tornado coming out of it, another Ult. Skill with a Special Attack
element, I finally got this skill as you can see.

Dash Attack:
Secret Spear is considered by some even better than Ultimate Dash Attack, but I
actually like Ultimate Dash Attack so I ignore them. Only use Dash Attack if
the characters have their backs turned to you or they will block it, I do use
this sometimes but not very often. Stay away from the slower ones like Chaos
Dolphin and Buster Drill/E-102.

Air Attack:
Typhoon/Tails is very nice, you can use Cream's Ballet or Tails Fly to reach
Rouge before she hits the ground and attack, or you can sometimes attack
characters beneath you, the characters cannot block while jumping or in the
air, so this can come in very handy, plus you go up in the air a little after
you attack so you can attack several times in a row while in the air. Agent
Eagle/Rouge is good too, especially if you want a more downward directed attack
and you can stay in the air a very long time, but not as powerful as Typhoon.
Chao Circle/Cream is more powerful and works too but hard to aim, but all other
Air Attacks you can only use once then you fall right to the ground making them
not very useful at all. Ultimate is nice because you can use it more than once
before hitting the ground and you can knock Rouge out of the air with it.

Aim Attack:
I don't use this in VT at all, but I like Shadow Eagle.

Grnd Power:
The Combo attack is the heart and soul to easily getting through VT, I like
Sonic's Combo because the backwards motion at the end helps you to get away
from E-102 when he explodes when KOed, and the Shot has the potential of
harming characters that are running toward you. Some people like Knuckle's
Combo, and I understand why because that combo doesn't have a Special Attack
component at all and can't be blocked, and going up in the air at the end does
put you in danger of Rouge's Bat Crackers... but personally I have had better
luck with Sonic's. Don't use other Ground Power moves including Ultimate.

Air Trap:
C. Air Cracker/Cream is awesome. Two of these is enough to kill anyone! Air
Gift/Amy would be my second choice, and S. Air Cracker/Sonic and Air Mole
Bomb/Knuckles third. You might think Air Chu2 Bomb is good because it follows
characters around, but it is really weak. Air Trap is very important in this
technique, make sure to totally stay away from Air R. Chaos/Shadow, Air B.
Cracker/Rouge, Air Blinker/E-102, and Air C. Splash/Chaos which happens to be
just too slow. Ultimate might have more range than C. Air Cracker, but does not
do as much damage so defiantly use C. Air Cracker if you have it.

Attack Spt:
Attack Support increases the power of your attacks. The higher the level, the
levels go from the base level of 0 up to 9, the better. But be warned, the
higher the attacks support, the quicker E-102 dies and you might be in more
danger of being hit by his explosion. In fact some people suggest just the
opposite, little or no attack support at all, different people, different
styles. These are rare cards though so you might not even have them at all.

Strength Spt:
Similar to Attack Support but increases your defense instead, which means you
get less damage from attacks. Very useful, can help you survive such things as
E-102's explosions, but unfortunately they are rare cards.
Other Support:
Low Gravity Level 1 and 2 can be very helpful because it helps you get more air
time, but stay away from High Gravity because honestly that's just plain dumb.
Acceleration and Speed up is good to, Trounce support does not help you at all
since you are not using Ichikoro.

Fight Pose?:

Thanks to ZappingDragon for pointing this out. Some say that Fight Pose has
added effects, E-102's is obvious, the explosion, but it is suggested that the
extra effects may do various things like raise defense and Ultimate might make
the character more powerful, but these effects seem small to me.

4. My Basic Technique:

Okay, after going through the skills, now down to the technique details. First,
I will outline the basic technique and philosophy behind it, then I will
describe differences in what to do based upon what characters you are fighting,
describe what to do in certain situations, and I will finish off this guide
with a description of the battle arenas "maps" and how fighting in each one can
be quite different. I will present these things in different sub-sections.

Main Strategy:
The main strategy boils down to this, keep moving, then use the Combo Card when
the characters run toward you. If you stay in one area and try to fight them
using regular attacks, they will most likely block your attacks, the only way
to use regular attacks without them blocking you is if they happen to be up in
the air or jumping or if you attack them from behind, which can be difficult
with three characters on the screen at the same time. Then the three characters
will give you a good pounding using their own attacks. But if you run around a
lot, instead of attacking, they will most likely chase you and not attack. Keep
running around, preferably right to left, you can use Drive Mode, until all
three characters start to chase you and they are running after you stop until
they have almost run right into you, if the characters are a little slow you
might even want to run toward them a little, then hit the R button and drill
them with the Combo. Also it can work if you just stand there and let the
characters run at you sometimes. Make sure that none of the characters are
behind you whenever you do the Combo, because instead of running into you, they
will come in behind you and attack you while doing the combo, which is bad, but
they cannot attack you while doing the combo if they run into you from the
front, which is why you need them to chase you. When you do kill all three
character sat once, you have time to just chill for a second or you can use that
time to heal any damage quickly with your good healing set up. Sounds too easy,
doesn't it? In fact the first KO is always easy because the three characters
will start right off the bat going toward you and all you have to do is hit them
with a Combo right them. Well, there are things that complicate this. . .

Character Not Running into the Combo:
Sometimes when you stop and use the Combo on one or two characters, one or two
characters will not run into you as you had planned, instead they will stop and
attack, then they might run into you half-way through the combo or part of the
way through. More than one thing will happen. If they run up to you half way
though the combo and partially get hit by it, they will not receive enough
damage to die. Then more than likely they will get hit by the Shot attack at
the end, this will either finish them off for you, which is good and why I like
Sonic Combo, or they will block it and keep running toward you. This is where
the traps comes in. Basically you just killed the other characters and you
don't have to worry about them for a second, so what you do is just stand after
they block the shot, then because they are blocking shots you know they are
vulnerable to traps, so you jump over their head, drop your trap, then run the
other direction. They will run into the trap and if it is something powerful
like the C. Air Cracker, they will die from it. Why do this? You want the three
characters to die as close to each other as possible if it is possible so they

come back on the screen at about the same time and you have them chasing you as
little as possible before you hit them with the Combo. You want to finish the
other characters off that is partially damaged with something faster than a
Combo, because if you combo it, then the other two characters will come back on
screen and start attacking you before your Combo is finished. Someone did bring
up that if Gamma is not killed all the way and he is blocking traps, then it
might be hard to kill him. In that situation if he is damaged enough, see the
"glitch below" and he will just stand there, or you can try to use a combo some
distance away so a second shot will hit him, or try to hit him with something
like Typhoon. See, the greater amount of time they are on screen, the more
likely they will try to attack or even worse if their Ichikoro Gauge is full
they will try to Ichikoro you. I will tell you this, that particular setting
means you block shot attacks, so you do not have to worry about this, in fact if
you get hit by an Ichikoro attack you are blocking your gauge automatically is
filled and you can Ichikoro them if you want, try to get hit by shot attack they
throw at you. I will warn you, don't use Combo for Ichikoro because the Combo
attack takes so long and you will end up killing them right away so you will be
still using it after they come back. Also if you use Ichikoro and they are
blocking it, you might just give them Ichikoro early, this is why I don't like
using Ichikoro in VT. Anyway, anytime you don't kill all three characters
evenly, then the best thing you can do is run around back and forth a lot until
the third character comes back. There is increased risk the other two characters
will attack you when you do this, but I found that this is a lot better in most
cases than starting to kill the characters unevenly which more than likely will
lead to your demise. I will talk about exceptions to this later. And mostly you
want to avoid having a character far away from you while doing a combo because
they will run up to you and start attacking.

The Three Characters Don't Run at the Same Speed:
This topic probably should come later in the guide when I talk about individual
characters, but is a major problem and does belong here. When all three
characters are about the same speed, this can be easy to do, but if some
characters are much slower than others, or in the case of Rouge slow to get on
the battlefield but then fast, it might be hard to get all three chasing you to
the point where you can easily Combo them. The best thing to do here,
especially if is a slow character like Rouge who I consider slow because of her
gliding decent, E-102 Gamma or Chaos paired up with really fast characters
likeSonic and Shadow, you can get the fast characters to chase you so far away
the slow characters you can Combo them to death before the slow characters can
even catch up. You can even outrun the slow characters a lot and just KO them
later, but watch out, they might Ichikoro. This usually isn't a big problem if
it is fast characters paired with mid-level runners or if all three characters
are slow, Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Tails are pretty fast, Knuckles and Cream
sort of fall in the middle but Knuckles is a little closer to the fast group
and Cream to the slow, Chaos and E-102 Gamma are slow, Rouge is the oddball and
is slow because of her decent but in the fast group when she is on the ground.
I will talk about specific characters more later. If they are too much of a
problem, then just use the "glitch" I describe a couple of paragraphs below.

Character Purposely Avoiding Running into Your Combo:
Later on in VT, it gets bad after 10 and after 15 especially, the AI of the
characters gets smarter, if you start a Combo and they are running toward you,
then instead of running into you they will purposely avoid you, then they might
even go behind you and start attacking you. You can avoid this by making sure
they are really close to you before you hit them with the Combo, or if later in
VT they are like a swarm of locusts or in certain situations with some
characters, then you can exploit a trick that I will describe next.

Characters Just Standing There "Glitch":
Some say it is a "glitch" but it can come in really handy if three characters
are too much for you to handle in certain circumstances, especially later on in
VT, or in some instances with certain characters. Basically this is what
happens, if you get a character that is severely damaged out of your immediate
view, they will often not even start to heal, they will just stand there and do
nothing unless you get pretty close to them again. The best way to do this is
sometimes especially if you are dealing with a slow character, you will kill
off the others first with the Combo, then they might get hit with the Shot at
the end. If they are almost dead but not quite they just stand there. Another
good way, especially if the character is slow, is to just throw one trap at
them hoping they are not blocking it and run to the other side of the arena. Or
if they almost got killed with the Combo then instead of throwing a trap just
run the other way, don't jump up, you actually are more likely to be attacked
when you jump, the only reason you jump normally is so you can use the trap
which is an aerial attack. Anyway if you stay away from the character, you can
get pretty close to them but I recommend leaving them at the other side of the
arena, and fight the other two, you will find it much easier and after they are
dead you can go in and finish off the character you just left standing there.
And if they do start to Heal, especially if they have a crappy Heal skill, just
let them heal and stay away from them, it might give you a needed break from
fighting that character, but still watch them because they will come after you
again after they are finished healing. This technique does work best on slow
characters, but can work on any character.

The Problem of Ichikoro:
In VT, if you are KOed, you are finished, which means if one of the characters
successfully Ichikoros you, you are through, a major problem starting from
about 5 KOs. You can tell if another character can Ichikoro you if they are
flashing, if they are not, don't worry about it and if you get hit by a special
attack you are rarely damaged very severely. First of all, in the setup I
describe above you will automatically block all Shot attacks, and as I
mentioned earlier if you are hit by an Ichikoro attack that you are blocking
your own gauge goes to full. The only hitch is that just the act of getting hit
by it will slow you down for a moment and the characters might use the
opportunity to attack you, but pretty much all you have to worry about are Power
and Trap attacks. The good thing is, most Power attacks are pretty easy to
avoid, I will go into this in greater detail when I describe the individual
characters more fully. Traps on the other hand vary greatly. They range from
very easy to avoid to almost impossible to avoid and I will also explain more
later in individual character descriptions. Usually, if you keep the characters
chasing you up until the point you use Combo, they will not use Ichikoro. Also,
I noticed that often if you are killed by Ichikoro, you are rewarded a rare card
afterwards, I do not know if this is only a coincidence, or it is a true

If You Are Attacked:
If somehow the characters get you in a corner or something and all three start
wailing on you, don't panic just yet. Your best bet is to try to run out of it,
if you jump, you are just attacked more and are less likely to get out of it,
but sometimes you can fly away. Don't start healing yet though, it is not safe,
run around and have them chase you again and then Combo them. Heal as much as
you can in the precious few seconds you have before the characters come back.
Always heal during this break, unless you are just up against slow characters,
but heal any damage you have as soon as you do get a break. Also you can try to
use your guard skill to prevent characters from hitting you, but the problem is
the CPU in VT is good at hitting you when you are not guarding, which is why I
recommend not using guard skill much, but you can try if you want to. But sadly
often if you let the characters beat on you that is the end of you, in fact I
got up to 20 not long ago and the characters got a hold of me and did me in...
it was really sad to get that far and not get a rare card at all.

4.a. Individual Character Strategies:

Each of the characters in Sonic Battle are quite different in attack and
abilities, in this section I will describe each character and what special
things you might have to look out for or do when you encounter each one,
especially Rouge and E-102 who can both be extra annoying in VT. I decided to
add on the Shot info despite the fact that using my strategy you don't have to
avoid them.

Runs fast, heals bad, semi-powerful normal attacks, easy to use Combo on him,
he almost never tries avoiding running into you later in VT, he doesn't give me
too many problems.  His trap attacks, Sonic Cracker and A. Sonic Cracker are
easy to avoid because they are stationary and visible. His Aerial Power, Sonic
Meteor, is easy to avoid if you are moving around a lot. Sonic Drive on the
other hand is a special case. It is a unique two step attack, he throws the
Ring out, and then spin-dashes toward it, how high he spin-dashes depending on
how soon he attacks after throwing the Ring. Never get either between Sonic and
the Ring or let the Ring get between you and Sonic, the Ring disappears after a
few seconds, then it is safe again. Sonic's Ground Shot, Sonic Wave, and Sonic's
Air Shot, Sonic Storm have a very long range and are powerful, if you are not
blocking against them try to outrun them instead of jumping.

Runs pretty fast, moderate heal skill, pretty powerful normal attacks, and can
fly, he is pretty much a mid-range character, not hard to use a Combo on him,
but will try to duck Combos later in VT, try to use Combos on him when he is
close to you. You do want to stay away from him while flying because he might
try to use his Air Attack, Typhoon on you. His Power attacks, Flick and Air
Flick, are pretty easy to outrun. But there is a severe problem when it comes
to his Traps, Chu2 and Air Chu2 Bombs. Just for a little random info, these are
based upon an old Sega game about "Chu Chus" which I don't know much about, but
if you look closely the bombs look like mice, chu is Japanese for mouse, just
think of Pikachu, on second thought, since this is not a Pokemon game I will
get back on track. Anyway they are not very powerful traps, but they follow you
around and are fast and hard to shake, and since Combos require you to stand in
one place for quite a while, they can get you pretty easily. The only advice is
this, hope Tails doesn't use this attack, if he does, try to block it if at all
possible, if the arena has platforms like Metal Depot, change your strategy to
flying between platforms to attack, if the arena is a long one with a lot of
platforms that can hamper its movement, especially Metal Depot, you might be
able to outrun it, if the arena is Holy Summit, lure the bomb into one of the
holes, or you can try to stay in the air as long as possible and Typhoon
everyone. The little Chus usually get me though. As you can see, the arena can
make a big difference, I will talk about this later when I talk about each
arena. Tail's Shots, Energy Ball and Air E. Ball, are pretty slow and don't have
that much power, not a big problem if you are not guarding against them.

Kind of slow runner, good healer, powerful normal attacks and can glide,
Knuckles actually doesn't give me too many problems unless he somehow starts
pounding on me, try to avoid this. When he glides, try to stay away from his
fists, but they do little damage and it is okay if they hit you. His gliding is
most annoying if later in VT he uses it to avoid your Combo. His Ground Power,
Deep Impact, is powerful but very slow and very easy to run away from. His Air
Power, Major Eruption however can be a little annoying because he digs into the
ground and tries to come up again right underneath you. You can outrun this, or
a safer way is to start flying and avoid him all together. His Traps, Mole and
Air Mole Bomb are kind of bad, they dig into the ground and you can't see them!
So you have to watch Knuckles, if you see him plant one of these mines, then of
course stay away from the immediate area where he planted it. If he goes off
screen and comes back not flashing, he might have planted a Mole Bomb so stay
away from that area. Knuckles Ground Shot, Rock Free Fall, and his Air Shot,
Meteor Crush, are horribly powerful if you are hit by them and not guarding
against them, but they are very slow attacks and easy to outrun just because
they are slow, run away a good distance though because they are pretty long
range, but never try to jump to get away from them.

The fastest runner, bad healer, powerful normal attacks, Shadow is usually no
problem, but you can only really outrun him in Drive Mode. The plus side, early
in VT you can start using Combos when he is still kind of far from you and he
will run right into you, but later on he starts avoiding them, but his speed
means it is easy to get him near you. And his Heavy Attack C. Nightmare is
pretty wicked, try to avoid it. His Ground Power, Chaos Burst is quite
interesting, he can disappear and move to one side or another and then attack,
just run or fly when you see this. Air Chaos Burst is just directed downward
and is easier to avoid. His traps are quite interesting too, Roaming Chaos and
Air Roaming Chaos actually float in the air a little and move, but they follow
Shadow around not you, and they move slow, so all you have to do to avoid them
is to get Shadow to chase you away so that Roaming Chaos doesn't have time to
catch up to Shadow before he is KOed, when Shadow is completely eliminated,
Roaming Chaos will just stop moving and from then on easy to avoid. Shadow's
Shots, Chaos Magic and A. Chaos Magic, are powerful but have the shortest range
of any shot attack, they don't move at all so are easy to avoid if you are not
guarding against them. By the way Zaping Dragon pointed out Chaos Magic can be
"aimed" by holding down the R button for longer periods of time, but the CPU
never seems to aim Chaos Magic, it always appears right next to Shadow and this
does not apply here.

A very special case, I think she is in fact even more dangerous than E-102
sometimes. Her jump is in fact sort of a fly move, she very slowly descends
from the ground every time she jumps and when she appears again in the
arenaafter she is KOed, but when she does get on the ground, she runs pretty
Also she likes to jump up and avoid Air C. Crackers and when you use one on her
it sends her back into the air, but if on the ground she will not usually try
to avoid Combos. If you are fighting one or two Rouges against other
characters, then it is best to Combo the other characters while she is still in
the air, she is slow enough at getting to the ground that this will work, or
you can just harm her and let her stand there until you are ready to deal with
her alone. If she is running on the ground, then treat her as if she was a
normal character. If you are fighting just Rouge alone, then it is safe to use
your fly skill and fly up to her and then Typhoon her to death before she even
has a chance to hit the ground. This is great because she can't block or use
any attacks in the air except for Agent Eagle, which you can easily avoid by
not being directly underneath her. If you are fighting Rouge with Rouge Emerls,
it is then best to let them all land then attack with a Combo. Her Ground
Power, Silent Size, and her Air Power, Spiral Dive are pretty easy to avoid,
but have gotten me before too. But her ground and air Trap, Bat Cracker and Air
Bat Cracker are a different story. They hover above you in the air. This is
very bad because after performing Sonic's Combo you go up in the air and almost
always hit them, plus it makes jumping and flying nearly impossible. Your best
bet is to attack her before she has the chance to use this attack or if she
did, then you have to resort to trying to use normal attacks, remember if using
normal attacks do it when their backs are facing you and also this is a good
time to use Drive Mode then either the Secret Spear or Ultimate Dash Attack,
actually pretty easy to pull off if you cleverly turn around very quickly in
Drive Mode and do the attack while most of their backs are still turned. This
is your only hope. Her Shots, Beauty Shot and A. Beauty Shot have about mid
power, speed and range, pretty easy to avoid if she does not use it right next
to you.

Runs pretty fast, heals moderately well, pretty powerful and fast normal
attacks, she doesn't give me problems, but don't let her start hitting you. Her
Power attacks, G. Tornado and Air G. Tornado, are powerful if you get caught in
them but easy to outrun. Her Traps, Gift and Air Gift don't move anywhere and
are easy to avoid. Her Shots, Pink Typhoon and Air Pink Typhoon are wickedly
powerful and fast if you are not guarding against them, but they do not move
thankfully, but they are "tall" so do not try to jump out of them.

Runs pretty slow, heals very well and has the best heal Ichikoro-wise, the best
jumper, and moderately powerful normal attacks, usually not a problem. Her
Ground Power, Chao Rush and Air Power C. Revolution are both very powerful, but
usually can be avoided by running and not letting her catch up to you. Her
Traps, C. Cracker and Air C. Cracker are Omochaos and the second most damaging
of all the mines, but are visible and don't move and usually pretty easy to
avoid, but there is one problem, usually Emerl's traps are colored differently
but in this case they are not and I also highly recommend using these Crackers,
so if you are not paying attention to where you put your Omochao, you might
think one that Cream put down was one of your own and run right into it! But
when Cream uses the ground trap, she pounds the Omochao into the ground but the
air ones float a little above the ground, since you are always using the aerial
ones, if you see one sticking out of the ground it is not yours but Cream's! Her
Shots, Chao Cannon and Air Chao Cannon, are not that powerful and sort of mid-
range, but Air Chao Cannon is actually a lot easer to avoid than Chao Cannon
because Air Chao Cannon doesn't even go toward the ground.

Another very special case and the main reason why I use Sonic Combo. He is a
very slow runner, heals the best HP wise, and has pretty powerful but slow
normal attacks, but how he gets you is when you KO him, he explodes with a
force so powerful that you usually die if you do not have very high Strength
Support. This is a problem with using most Combos because especially if you
have high Attack Support he might explode before you have a chance to get away.
But this is where Sonic Combo comes in. If you hit him with full force Sonic
Combo, then at the end of the combo you naturally jump backwards a safe
distance away from him. If you partially hit him, the shot will either push him
away and he will die far away, or if he blocks the shot jump up, throw a
cracker and run. In fact if you know he is blocking either power or shots, then
try to kill him with crackers. Do not kill him if you are backed up to a wall,
you might not be able to get away in time. It is best to fight him alone, other
characters complicate things, so try to just injure him so he stands alone and
take care of the other characters first, or injure the other characters so you
can take care of him first. If you are facing him and one or two E-102 Emerls,
you can be in huge danger because if they die at the same time and you are
caught in both explosions you will certainly die, so be extra careful. Also if
you have high strength support and just battling him alone, the explosions will
not kill you and because he is slow you will have time to heal before you kill
him again. Another strategy if you have good timing is to guard at just the
right moment to shield you from the blast. His Ground and Air Power, Meltdown
and Air Meltdown are kamikaze! Very deadly but he kills himself in the process,
I don't think I ever seen him do this, not a problem. And his Traps, Blinker and
Air Blinker are even more powerful than Cream's, but they only go a short
distance and disappear, very easy to avoid. His Shots, Devastator and Air
Devastator, are quite unique, they can be charged up, the longer it charges, the
more powerful and further the shot, but it is slow so you can get to a safe
distance before it fires for safety if you are not blocking it.

Chaos is special, it does not appear in VT often at all, but when it does it
gets its own special music. Slowest of them all, Very good healer, Horribly
powerful and kind of far-reaching normal attacks. Because Chaos is so slow, you
usually have to run to it to attack it and if it is far away it is safe to
attack other characters with Combos and ignore it. Do not let Chaos hit you
with any attacks, if Chaos pulls of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd attack combo on you you
are dead. Its Ground and Air Power, Chaos Crush and A. Chaos Crush are horribly
powerful attacks but very slow and very easy to avoid, but do not run under
Chaos if he is jumping in the air. His Traps, Chaos Splash and A. Chaos Splash,
are powerful, but visible and easy to avoid, basically watch out for puddles.
He also sets these traps horribly slow, even the air one which is why I said to
avoid using them earlier. Its Shots, Chaos Shot and Air Chaos Shot, are powerful
and have an arching motion and a pretty good range, but the slowness of Chaos
will help you avoid it if you are not blocking them and the arching does too,
run away, it is kind of a slow shot.

5. Arenas "Maps":

There are 10 different fighting arenas that randomly appear in VT. Depending on
which one you end up in your fighting strategy can be kind of different. They
are Emerald Beach, Tails' Lab, Chao Ruins, Battle Highway, Club Rouge, Amy's
Room, Library, Metal Depot, and Holy Summit and Colosseum. Each one is sort of
themed after each character, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Cream,
E-102, Chaos and Emerl respectively, but that has nothing to do with what
characters might appear in them during VT. Also don't ask me why Cream is
associated with a library. Anyway, they vary in size and how many platforms and
walls they have, and the overall visibility, sometimes platforms and walls just
plain block your view in certain areas with can be bad. I will describe them
below and comment on how they could affect VT.

Emerald Beach:
A nice beach scene. A large area, with some random platforms toward the middle,
nice if you want to either run or exploit the platforms, since it is large is a
good area for injuring characters and making them stand still.

Tails' Lab:
Very laby and scientific. A small battle area with platforms at the upper left
and lower right corners, kind of hard to avoid traps here because of the small
space, but you have very good visibility.

Chao Ruins:
Basically Chao Ruins. A largish area, has several platforms that can make
running through it a little more difficult and hard to see the other side of
the platforms, I recommend staying toward the bottom of the screen.

Battle Highway:
Highway with platforms. A large area, but the walls and platforms make it hard
to see in some areas, try to stay in the open areas; I consider this one of the
most annoying areas actually.

Club Rouge:
Pinball themed. A mid-sized area with four walls and a platform in the middle,
stay from behind the walls where you can't see things like traps.

Amy's Room:
Surprisingly more pictures of Amy than Sonic. A pretty large area, but all the
platforms hamper running and can reduce visibility, best to stay near the
bottom of the screen.

Looks more like a Museum than a Library to me with the giant dino skeleton
floor design. Anyway, small area with platforms in the corners, basically
Tail's Lab with two extra platforms, good visibility.

Metal Depot:
Very metallic. Very long horizontally but not very wide, spaces staggered by
platforms going up and down. There are only a few spots where it is easy to
run, but the hugeness makes it easy to avoid traps, injuring characters so they
just stand there, and all the platforms actually do a good job of slowing down
characters and even traps, so many high places makes it pretty easy to avoid
Chu2 bombs.

Holy Summit:
Burr, cold! This largest area is unique because instead of platforms it has two
holes, one larger than the other. A good place to run, but try not to go in the
holes very much because if characters are attacking you it is hard to jump out.
But these holes have a unique advantage, they are hard from some characters to
jump out and that sometimes can be taken advantage of, and you can even lead
one of those annoying Chu2 Bombs into the hole by having it chase you then
flying over the hole, then it can't get out, but remember to stay out of the
hole once you put it in there!

Just red and green lines basically. A small area, but the platforms are
see-through and outlined in red lines, so that means you have perfect
visibility, which is a really good thing.

6. My Gamesave on

I recently go a hold of an Action Replay and using it I have created and
submitted a Sonic Battle Gamesave that can be downloaded off in the
Game Saves section of the Sonic Battle area of course. I have provided it
already set up to use the techniques in this guide and it is saved at Emerl's
story and at Tail's Lab. Of course I have beaten Virtual Training up to 20 more
than once, but well all the cards are on that save so it really isn't critical
you get up to 20 again. Okay so I did use one code so the skills list is 100%,
before that it was at 84% and I had all non-rares and a good portion of the

There are three Emerls already in the three memory spaces. The first one is
maxed out at 500 pts and uses what I consider the best cards for my strategy.
The second one is the minimal Emerl that uses no rare cards at all. The third
one has nothing to do with my FAQs, it is the "Angnix" Emerl and is just for
fun, not really a good fighter. Anyway hope this Gamesave is useful.

7. About the Connection between Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3:

Spoilers for both Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3

Poor Emerl... he had to self-destruct in order to save the world. But did he
really? Sonic said he just disappeared... Sonic Advance 3 highly suggests that
Emerl survived...

Sonic Advance 3's manual gives little indication of the fundamental link these
two games share... a brief mention of Eggman perfecting the "Ultimate Fighting
Robot" Play the game and soon you will encounter the mysterious fighting robot.
Usually called G-mel, he looks like Emerl but is black and has a yellow horn
with two side prongs and a jet booster on his back. His moves in my opinion
remind me of Mecha Sonic in the game Sonic and Knuckles, with maybe a little bit
of Silver Knuckles from Sonic Advance thrown in. Anyway just playing the games
main story you don't really find out anything about him. But if you have not
notice the music similarities I will list later already, then the Extra Zone and
Extra Ending will defiantly remind you of this game, and make you wonder... Also
listen to the music, the Final Zone and Extra Zone music is very fitting and
remixed from Sonic Battle of course especially with Emerl's story! The Final
Zone is a remix of Holy Summit, over with the Death Egg appears, and the Extra
Zone is a remix of the tune that plays just before the battle with Ultimate
Emerl... here it is:

In Sonic Advance 3, Eggman has a device that uses the power of the Chaos
Emeralds and Chaos Control to split the world into 7 pieces to reign chaos
throughout the world. But there is a way to fix this if Sonic and friends can
make it to the Master Emerald and reverse what happened. But Eggman assisted by
his robot G-mel tries to stop them. Anyway Sonic makes it to the Master Emerald,
and defeats G-mel and Eggman, but G-mel senses that Sonic has the Chaos
Emeralds. He goes nuts and takes the Chaos Emerald from Sonic and transforms
into this giant cube thing. The "Super G-mel Cube" Then uses its hooks and
throws Eggman down, then takes off into the sky. Sonic looks up wondering what
to do, but then the Chaos Emeralds come back and he uses them to transform into
Super Sonic. Eggman follows him. In a team effort, Super Sonic and Eggman defeat
G-mel and he crashes to earth in his original form, of course the Master Emerald
by now was used to restore the earth to what it once was. Anyway this is where
the ending really is Sonic Battle-like, the battered G-mel is discovered on a
beach by Cream and her mother Vanilla. They take him to Tails who repairs him in
his workshop. The end of the game is a couple of shots of Cream playing with G-

So what does this mean? Either Tails decided to repair a robot that looked like
Emerl to make him like Emerl, or G-mel was Emerl, found and rebuild/reprogrammed
by Eggman into something evil... you decide on what is true...

Anyway here is the list of the most obvious music remixes from the game Sonic
Battle that are in Sonic Advance 3, first listed is the music selection found in
the BGM section of the Sonic Battle Sound Test and underneath all the remixed
versions of that tune found in Sonic Advance 3 Sound Test, there is even one in
the Sound Test not found in the main game. Also note that many other tunes in
Sonic Advance 3 have Sonic Battle-like musical elements, in fact most of the
music in this game is at least Sonic Battle-like except the stuff that is
clearly from Sonic Advance 1 and 2, I just can't pin them down to a particular
tune in Sonic Battle. Both games also contain remixes of Sonic 1's Green Hill

BGM 9 (Emerald Coast):
9 (Zone 1 Map)
18 (Zone 1 Act 1)
19 (Zone 1 Act 2)
20 (Zone 1 Act 3)

BGM 20 (Phi Battle, Collosium Map)
8 (Start Demo)
49 (Ex-Demo 1)

BGM 25 (Emerl Related Story Music)
Note: This tune is a mixture of BGM 20, Collosium Map and BGM 30 Emerl Skills
with an extra tune added also. The Extra Zone of Sonic Advance 3 is very much
based upon it and has pretty much the same exact tune. This tune plays sometimes
during the story, one example is in Sonic's story after Emerl learns his first
moves from Sonic.)
45 (Ex-Boss)
46 (Ex-Boss-Pinch)

BGM 30 (Emerl Skills)
6 (Options)

BGM 35 (Holy Summit)
16 (Final Zone Map)
43 (Final-Boss)
44 (Final-Boss-Pinch)
47 (Intact Music 2)

8. Questions?:

Got Questions? E-mail me at I will answer them if they are not
stupid. And as I noted before, I will only answer questions relating to the
FAQS, do not e-mail me and try to start a personal relationship or something, I
will not respond to such e-mails.

                 ###                   +-X+X#,
               ##.  ###              ######-  ###
             =#,=#######;          .###+, ;###+ .#
            ##.##.   .x###=       X##=       ### +#
           x# ##          #      =##  ;       ##x X-
           # ##.      ######    .#  ######     ##; #
          #- #.      ##   x#+  ## ##     +##   -##x#
         ## ##   ##XX   , =##=####;      .  .x##  ,##
       =######  ## -   . =#   #    =       =   +#   ##
      ##     ##  # #+                ;=, X###+ ,# .  #
      #  ;,.  =###;x  ..               ###  ,  ##    #-
     ##          #-                     X#  #  ###-  #
     #  .###+   =#                   X  -#  # ,# ,#X =#
    ## ##-  ###x#           -####;  #+  ;#  + ##. +## #
   .# ,#.,,-# -## +###     #X.xX###.  . ,#  X ## ;# # #
   =# ##   -#   #.#####,   ###x#x##x#X  ,# .# ## =# ###
   -# #-#  =#  .## , #.   .#  #   #     +# .#  #  # +#
   x##+ #  .#=   # - =#=  #;##+  ;#.;  x#;  #  # ##  #.
    ##  #   #,   ##= -  #==     ##. =###-.  #  #=#   #
    ##  ##  ##   # +#  +#+  +Xx     +##     =  +##   #
     #  +#   #.  #  #++         #-,#+#X.    #- .##  ##   -#x
     #x  #+  =#  #   -######+=#####  + ##  -#   ##  ## =x+ -
     ##  x##+ =#  # .#+ +x+x####  ####=  ,#   =##   ##=x
##x  =#  X  +#X##x#+## ;xx=+=;###  #=-X##   #####  ## ######
   ##+## ,#-      #  #+++===-+#=## x= #=X##-#+ .#  #. #
#####, #   ###    # ;#x=++=xX# + xXx  =.       ##  #   ###
##   # ## ##    xx##+#==++xX###=#      #    +###  =#
  xxx   #  #+X##x#-  x=+++==-+x###;=x##   =##,#  +#

        ,#                                        xx
     +###                   .. +X               #.
    #x  #    .#  ####     ###X##    #  X###    #;     ##  #
 , ## .,#     # #x  #    #    ##  .## ##  #    #;   .#-# #
 ;#x.-= #     ##-   #  =#X  #X####; ##=   #  ,##   ##  ##
 ##     ##   ##     #x##-###  #+   ;#     #### #x###  # ####
 x;      #   .x     =x     ## #     #     ,x    #,   #x
                        ##    #

(c) Angnix (Angela Petersen) 2004