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Where can I find the green things in Bb?


HyperPeanut asked for clarification:

I have absolutely no idea what your talking about. You will have to be far more specific, there are lots of different "green things" in this game.

pokemonlover1 provided additional details:

No i mean on bean bean castle a guy ask you to find 5 green thigs

InkSpell432 asked for clarification:

Just so you don't know, if you get the Beanlets, you'll get a Golden Mushroom that maximizes both HP and BP! There are 3 Golden Mushrooms in the whole game.

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InkSpell432 answered:

Beanlets, right? All 5 are in the city. The places where you can find them are:

On the rooptops. Just use your High Jump. There are 3 of them hiding on the rooftops.

On the western part of the city, go to the house on the top-left corner of the city and go behind it.

On the eastern part, go to the top-right corner of the city. That Beanlet is not hiding at all.

See Ya!

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ike730 answered:

You need to look around. Mostly, they're on the rooftops. Check the FAQs if you need exact locations.
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OkayDude answered:

Mostly behind bushes and on top of houses, it's not really worth it if you ask me.
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pokegum answered:

InkSpell432,There are 999 in exstince,otherwise how would anyone complete the master run?
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