Question from kmo92

What is the pipe in Woohoo Hooniversity basement for?

What is the pipe for in Woohoo Hooniversity basement with water coming out of it? Also, there is another pipe there standing by itself and I tried shooting water at it but nothing happens.

kmo92 provided additional details:

I'm talking about the 2nd room before the door with the current running to it. The room has a ledge in it, some enemies, a pipe in the wall with water coming out of it on the right, and a pipe on the left side of the room with nothing coming out of it.

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

It's just a piece of scenery, as far as I know. There's no place where the water from the pipe can be used, and the waterless pipe cannot be interacted with whatever you do.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

You're supposed to, I believe, use the water shooting to hit some electric mice into their parts of an electric circuit. Consult an FAQ for further details...
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