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How do I solve these seabed puzzles?

I need help getting through the room with the flames that appear in a certain order, getting through the OTHER yellow reef to the island with the Maonty Mole. Also the room after the pipe to gwarhar lagoon, i cant get up onto the ledge.


Chaosmaster00 answered:

You must use Mario's Firehand to light the torches in a specific pattern in order to progress there. The pattern you're supposed to light them is the order the fireball's appear in their area, just so you know, so keep track of which one is lit when...

The island with the Monty Mole, I think, should be currently inaccessible... This is just me assuming I know where you are, but when you are able to go about the waters, if you aren't already, then it shouldn't be of much concern (besides, it's just a stupid 1-Up Super he gives you).

If I understand you correctly, that ledge you should be able to get up to if you use Spin Jump to spin into the bubbly vortex and it should shoot you up onto the ledge.

If this doesn't help, please, specify for me what SPECIFIC help you may need currently.
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137ben answered:

From left to right, light the 1st, 4th, 3rd, 5th, and 2nd torch in that order.
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azvin314 answered:

Simple hit the button and follow the pattern. i think 1-4-3-5-2
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