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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the MAX Character Lvl?

I ave both Mario and Luigi at level 41 and I KNOW it goes higher, but I am wondering, how high?
My friend told me 99 and I didn't believe him; is he telling the truth?

Accepted Answer

From: _Lagoona_ 6 years ago

.Here's from Devhatesyou's FAQ:

Max Level = 99.

Mario reaches level 99 at 946405 EXP.
Luigi reaches level 99 at 946498 EXP.

Max Stats;

Max HP = 999.
Max BP = 999.
Max POW = 999.
Max DEF = 999.
Max Speed = 999.
Max Stache = 999.
Max Coins = 9999.
Max EXP = 999999.

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