Boss FAQ by Joon

Version: 1.22 | Updated: 03/19/04 | Printable Version

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Game Boy Advance
Boss FAQ Version 1.22
Created by Joon

This document is copyright 2003, 2004 Joseph Colby.

|                             I. Table of Contents                            |

I.   Table of Contents
II.  Introduction
III. Version History
IV.  General Tips
V.   Bosses
VI.  Thanks
VII. Legal Information

|                              II. Introduction                               |

The bosses in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga can be tricky. Hopefully, you'll
be able to beat them using this guide. The attacks that are used and how to
avoid or even counter them, which attacks inflict the most damage, identifying
the signals a boss gives, and getting past a particular boss's tricks--all the
information you need is here. The experience, items, and gold gained from each
boss are included for the sake of reference. A boss' hit points won't actually
be viewable during the fight, but you can get a sense of what you're up against
by how many hit points they have and how much damage you're doing.

|                             III. Version History                            |

All the bosses are covered. I'll add in any good tips, extra info I missed, or
strategies that are sent to me. I'll be sure to credit whoever sends me the
info in the Thanks section. There are probably some spelling and grammatical
errors that will need to be corrected.

The format has been altered slightly. It's less cluttered and more pleasing to
the eye. Thanks to NXMT for the tips.

A "General Tips" section has been added. Little bits of advice are included to
help when strict pugilism won't do the job.

Some more rare item drops have been added; they are marked with asterisks. A
Table of Contents has been added to make navigation easier.

A few little tips and information have been added. Thanks to Masamune X and
Charlie Tangora for those! I also moved a couple things around a little,
nothing big.

Hit points have been added to some bosses. Big thanks to Jangoman for those!
I'll add the rest when I get them.

The rest of the hit points have been added. Thanks to Trevor Ralph for those! A
new tip has been added to the first fight against Cackletta. Thanks to Matthew
for that!

A great tip for the last battle has been added. Thanks to Veeravicpat! The hit
points for the Pirahna Plants from the fight with Mom Pirahna were also added.
I knew what they were before, I just spaced on adding them... Some more hit
point information has been added to Trunkle. The experience and coins gained
from the Mom Pirahna fight have been corrected. Thanks to Major Gamer for

The hit points for Chuckolator's shield, Hoohooros' pillars, and Dragohoho's
stones have been added. It never even dawned on me to add them in. A few minor
fixes/changes were also put in. Thanks again to Major Gamer!

A couple of tips have been added to Lemmy Koopa's section. Thanks to
Edgemasterlink for those! A correction was made to the Chucklissa/Jojora
section and a tip was also added. Thanks to leirbag for those! A few other
little changes were made here and there, nothing major.

Steven Farghali gave me a tip about another one of Fawful's attacks. Thanks for
that Steven! Some things have been moved around to make them easier to look at.
A couple of spelling errors were also corrected.

Little spelling/grammar errors were fixed.

Some minor format changes were made just to make things easier to read. Major
Gamer came through once again! He has provided the hit points for Hermie III's
claws and corrected the value for Popple. As always, thanks Major Gamer! Thanks
to MegaManEXE759 for bringing a mistake I made to my attention. Hopefully
everything is clearer now.

A few more hints have been put in the guide. Thanks to Strider_Hiryu2003,
Alexander Stawski, and YamiYugiofLife for those!

|                             IV. General Tips                                |

Of course, heal and revive whenever necessary. I won't mention when to do that
because there's no way to know when Mario and Luigi will need it.

If you can't beat one of the bosses, even with the general tips, use some Red
Peppers and Green Peppers. If you'd rather not waste them or don't have any, go
back and level up a little.

Check the shops often for new armor and badges. Having outdated protection will
put you at a severe disadvantage.

Blend lots of drinks at Starbeans. The drinks will permanently increase the
stats of Mario and Luigi.

Don't avoid all the enemies. If you do, you'll be horribly underpowered when
you get to a boss.

Don't be afraid to do a bit of exploring. Any items that you find will help and
the experience you gain from the enemies along the way will be very helpful.

Thunder Bros. can be very helpful against the bosses. It can lower the enemies
defense thus making them all the more easy to kill!

|                               V. The Bosses                                 |

Note: Items with an asterisk next to them are rare. Use the Game Boy Horror SP
or Swing Bros. Advanced to obtain them.

BOWSER                                                        Hit Points: 5,006
Experience: None        Items: Nothing                              Coins: None
This is strictly a tutorial battle. Attack Bowser a few times until Toad steps
in. He'll explain how to inflict extra damage by timing the hits. After another
few turns, Toad will step in again. This time, he'll explain how to dodge
Bowser's attack. To dodge Bowser's attack, have Mario jump just as Bowser is
leaning in. There will be a few more rounds in which to get used to the tactics
Toad revealed. Mario will soon trounce Bowser once again (much earlier than
usual, too). No where near 5000 points of damage will be dealt to Bowser, he'll
tap out long before that.

FAWFUL                                                         Hit Points: 30
Experience: None        Items: Nothing                              Coins: None
Attack Fawful with Mario's and Luigi's jumps. Be sure to time the action
commands so that more damage is inflicted. Fawful will say "Fink-rat!!!" during
his turn. The text will be either green or red. If the text is green, he is
going to attack Luigi. The same applies for red text and Mario. Jump before
his blast reaches the brother and it will harmlessly hit the ground below him.
After Mario and Luigi's next turn, Bowser will scuttle his way over to the
brothers. He'll ask if they would like to dodge Fawful's attacks. All he does
is explain that Fawful signals by the color of his text and that many enemies
use signals.

Keep attacking Fawful until he says "Have you readiness for this?!?". The
"this" will be the colored signal. Fawful will fire a blast at the
corresponding brother and then fire another blast at the other one. Both can be
hopped. Keep attacking and Fawful's headgear will explode shortly. While on the
ground, Fawful will try to ram one of the brothers. He won't give a clue
through text, he'll just stand in front of the brother he is going to attack.
As Fawful starts to laugh, the brother he is attacking should jump. If timed
correctly, the brother will dodge or counter attack. After a few more rounds of
attacks, Fawful will wonder how Fink-rats such as the Mario Bros could beat a
nasty like him. He'll summon his headgear and exclaim, "I HAVE FURY!".

TOLSTAR                                                        Hit Points: 52
Experience: 30          Items: 1-Up Mushrooms                       Coins: Vary
Attack Tolstar with Mario and Luigi's jumps. Tolstar will attack by hurtling a
spike ball at one of the brothers. If he throws with his right arm, the ball
will head for Mario. If he throws with his left arm, the ball will head for
Luigi. Jump the spike ball when it gets close to dodge it. After a couple of
rounds, Tolstar will laugh and give away the secret to his signal. Keep
attacking Tolstar until he laughs again. Now when he throws a spike ball, it
will bounce. Don't do anything and it will bounce right over the brothers. If
Tolstar ever laughs before he throws a ball again, it's going to bounce. After
some more damage is done, Tolstar will be surprised at how well Mario and Luigi
are doing. He'll then throw a spike ball at both of them. There is a delay
between the throws so it isn't any harder to dodge. When he throws a ball at
each brother, Tolstar can use one roller and one bouncer so be careful.
Continue to stomp on Tolstar and he'll be pushing up daisies soon enough. The
amount of coins gained from Tolstar depend on how much he was given before the

HOOHOOROS                                                      Hit Points: 
                                                               Hoohooros - 45
                                                               Pillar - 2
Experience: 30          Items: 1-Up Mushrooms (1)                   Coins: 24
Hoohooros will start by moving under one of the pillars. During Mario and
Luigi's turn, attack the pillar that he is not in. It will break very easily,
it only has two hit points. Hoohooros may attack by shooting a purple laser
from the pillar that he's in. It moves slowly and can easily be hopped over.
Destroy the pillar Hoohooros is in to reveal him. He'll replace the pillar he
was under and move into the space that the other pillar was on. When he
discovers that there isn't a pillar there, Hoohooros will attack you. He will
fire a purple laser and let it rest on the side of the siblings. Wait until it
starts to move to jump out of the way. Attack the lone pillar first and then
hit Hoohooros. This will prevent him from ever being able to hide again. From
here on out, Hoohooros will stick to the same tactics. It won't take long to
best him.

DRAGOHOHO                                                      Hit Points: 
                                                               Dragohoho - 80
                                                               Hoho Stone - 4
Experience: 50          Items: Super Mushrooms (1)                  Coins: 34
Dragohoho will start by spitting a rock at one of the brothers. If he keeps his
head level, he's going to spit it at Luigi. If he tips his head back, he's
going to spit it at Mario. Jump just before the rock hits. After a couple of
hits, Dragohoho's neck will shrink. This means that when he spits, the rocks
will be lower and easier to jump. He will spit a very large rock just in
front of himself. Dragohoho will use it as a platform to stand on to compensate
for his short neck. The rock can be destroyed, but it will just be replaced.
Ignore the rock and focus on attacking Dragohoho. When he spits rocks from his
platform, he will be much closer. There will be less distance for the rock to
travel so the targeted brother must jump sooner. Dragohoho will stick to
spitting rocks from his platform religiously. Just keep attacking him and
Dragohoho will be dead shortly.

QUEEN BEAN                                                     Hit Points: 
                                                               Queen Bean - 120
                                                               Arm - 22
Experience: 154         Items: Woo Beans (1)                        Coins: 16
                               Mushrooms (1)
                               Syrup (1)
                               1-Up Supers (1)
Queen Bean has four attacks. Initially, she'll pound the ground with both of
her arms to create a large, purple shockwave that targets both brothers. Simply
jump over it to dodge. The hammers are of little use in this fight, stick to
the jumps. To do any real damage, Mario and Luigi have to attack her body.
However, if they attack her with the hammer it does little damage and her crown
will hurt them if they jump on it. For now, attack one of the arms with using
jumps. After enough damage is done, the arm will go limp. Each arm has
twenty-two hit points. While she has one good arm, Queen Bean will use a
smaller, yellow shockwave attack. It sill targets both siblings and can still
be easily hopped. She may also try to punch one of the brothers while she has
one dead arm. Just before she hits, smash her with the hammer in order to stop
her. After both arms are dead, her crown will fall off. Now real damage can
inflicted by attacking her head. She will spit beans at Mario and Luigi while
both of her arms are dead. The hand that twitches before she spits is the
signal as to which brother is about to be attacked. Simply jump the beans to
avoid them. Do not land on the beans. If the beans are stomped on, they will
roll back toward Queen Bean and turn into Beanies. Keep jumping on her head for
several turns. Eventually, her arms will regenerate. Repeat the process until
Queen Bean dies.

POPPLE & ROOKIE                                                Hit Points:
                                                               Rookie - 120
                                                               Popple - 100
Experience:             Items:                                      Coins:
Rookie - 110            Rookie - 1-Up Mushrooms (1)                 Rookie - 34
Popple - 50             Popple - Green Peppers (1)                  Popple - 30
Popple will start by stealing a mushroom from a brother. When Popple attacks,
he will move in front of Mario and Luigi. If he gets a wide grin on his face,
he is going to attack Luigi. If his face doesn't change, he is going to attack
Mario. Jump as he moves toward the brother to land on his head. If he does
steal a mushroom, he may use it later on Rookie or himself. Attack Popple first
because he has fewer hit points and can heal. If the brothers attack Popple,
Rookie will get angry and throw hammers at both Mario and Luigi. To stop
Rookie's attack, hit his hammer just as it is about to strike. He may steal
another mushroom from the brothers or attack by ramming them. In either case,
stop him by hitting him with the hammer. Rookie attacks by throwing a hammer at
Mario or Luigi. Continue until Popple is dead. After enough damage has been
done, Rookie will make a comment about how fighting Mario and Luigi makes his
gut flare up. He'll spit a fireball at them, just jump over it. Now, Rookie
will start using combinations of the fireball and hammers to attack. Without
Popple to heal him, the bros should be able to take Rookie down.
ALTERNATE STRATEGY: If the 50 experience points from Popple is of no concern,
don't attack him. Attack Rookie from the start and use the same countering
tactics as above. After enough damage is done, Rookie will complain of
heartburn and die. This will cause Popple to worry. The next time Popple is
hit, he'll run away.

WIGGLER                                                        Hit Points: 34
Experience: 120         Items: Super Mushrooms (1)                  Coins: None
Wiggler starts off with four red body sections and a red head. To hurt Wiggler,
the head has to be hit. If the head is hit while it is red, it won't do any
damage. In order to change the color of its head, attack all of the body
sections. When a section is hit, it will turn yellow. If Wiggler attacks by
charging at one of the brothers, he can jump the attack and land on one of
the body sections. If the brothers accidentally land on a section that has
already turned yellow, it will revert back to red. Don't attack his head before
his entire body is yellow. If Wiggler's red head it hit, the yellow sections
will turn red again. After all the body section are yellow, the head will also
turn yellow. Wiggler can still attack the siblings while his head is yellow,
but the bros can hit him back. When they hit Wiggler's head, he will take
damage. However, he will also turn red again. Wiggler may try to attack by
stomping the ground to create a shockwave. It looks like a wave of light moving
across the ground, simply hop over it. Keep trying to change Wiggler's color to
yellow so that he can be hurt. It shouldn't take very long to kill him.

CHUCKOLATOR                                                    Hit Points:
                                                               Body - 300
                                                               Shield - 30
Experience: 260         Items: 1-Up Mushrooms (1)                   Coins: None
Chuckolator will attack by slashing the ground with his sword to create little
slime monsters that target one of the brothers. He will move in front of
whichever brother he is going to attack. Smash the slime with the hammer to
stop it. Jumping on Chuckolator will do little damage, use the hammers.
Chuckolator will use his shield to block the assault. He may switch the shield
to his left hand and turn his right into a gun. The gun can fire bubbles at
either brother. By looking at if the gun is pointed low or level, which brother
is going to be attacked can be determined. Jump the bubbles to avoid them.
After a few hits, Chuckola's shield will break. Continue to use the hammers on
him. After enough damage is done, Chuckolator will shrink down to a small size.
At this point, Bubbles will come and tell it a joke to heal it. Chuckolator
doesn't get healed much so don't worry about it, but will return to its
previous form. Keep attacking like before. Shortly, Chuckolator will shrink
again but won't get healed immediately. It will now attack by trying to ram one
of the brothers. Swat it with the hammer as it is about to strike. After a few
hits, Bubbles will come back to tell Chuckolator another joke. Again, it
doesn't heal much. It probably won't even be enough to change back to its first
form. Keep attacking with the hammers and counter attacking, Chuckolator will
be done in short order.

CACKLETTA                                                      Hit Points: 200
Experience: 900         Items: 1-Up Supers (1)                      Coins: 300
Cackletta will begin with a purple lightning storm. Don't pay attention to the
lightning, watch the black holes on the ground. Jump the black holes as they
come to Mario and Luigi. If one of the brothers does fall a hole, he could
become heavier. After several volleys, Cackletta will calm down and divide into
three. If the wrong one is attacked, it will divide into a large group of bats.
Jump the bats as they swoop at down. If the correct Cackletta is attacked, the
fakes will disappear. To determine which Cackletta is real, look at the
shadows. The true Cackletta's shadow will be slightly larger than the others.
The hammer and jump seem to work equally well. After the fakes disappear the
real Cackletta may attack with lightning. The screen will darken and she'll
spread her wings. If she spreads both wings, lightning is going to strike both
brothers. Jump just after her arms reach full extension to dodge the lightning.
If she spreads one wing, she will shoot lightning at the corresponding brother.
Right after the lightning strikes the first brother, another bolt will go for
the other one. The second brother has to jump just as the first bolt strikes.
Cackletta may divide into three again or attack with lightning after being
attacked again. The amount of damage dealt to her determines which attack she
will use. If an even amount of damage is inflicted upon Cackletta, she will
divide into three. If an odd amount of damage is inflicted upon Cackletta, she
will attack with lightning. After lots of hits, Cackletta will comment on how
she has no time for the "tenacious little boys". She'll use the black hole
attack again. Just jump the holes like before. When she's done, she won't calm
down. She's going to keep using the same attack during her turns. After several
more hits, she'll die.

POPPLE & ROOKIE                                                Hit Points:
                                                               Rookie - 250
                                                               Popple - 150
Experience:                    Items:                               Coins:
Rookie - 180                   Rookie - 1-Up Mushrooms (1)          Rookie - 33
Popple - 120                   Popple - Red Peppers (1)             Popple - 33
Initially, use the same tactics as before. The only difference is that Rookie
can use his fireball from the start. After a few rounds, Rookie will comment on
how tough Mario and Luigi are and that he and Popple must use "THAT technique".
It turns out that Popple and Rookie have learned a bros. attack. Rookie will
grab Popple by his feet, whip him up into the air, jump up, grab him, and
perform a pile driver. Two yellow shockwaves will be sent out from the impact
point. Just jump over them. Rookie may now light Popple on fire and use him as
a projectile. Hit Popple as he's about to strike to put him out. Now, use the
same strategy as before to beat them. Popple has a few more hit points than
before, but he should go down fairly quickly. Rookie has a lot more hit points
than before but he shouldn't prove to be a problem.

MOM PIRAHNA                                                    Hit Points: 220
Experience: 400         Items: Spiny Badge A (1)                    Coins: 0
The two plants will begin by spitting small fireballs at Mario and Luigi, jump
them. Do NOT use Mario's firebrand! It will only heal the plants. If the mom is
attacked, the two plants will spit a bunch of fireballs at the brothers. Take
out the plants first using Mario's hammer and Luigi's hand attack. Each plant
has 30 hit points so they won't take long to kill. If the Mom uses her large,
purple blast, simply hit it with the hammer as it is about to strike. The blast
will fly back and hit the enemies instead. Once the plants are dead, focus on
the Mom. Don't jump on her, the shell is protecting her. Keep using Mario's
hammer and Luigi's hand. Mom may approach the brothers and stand in front of
them. When her vine is in the air, wait a second before jumping. She will bring
her vine across both brothers. After she strikes the first time, she will bring
her vine back across. Wait a second after the first swipe before jumping a
second time. After a few hits, the plants will be revived. The plants and Mom
will all turn purple. The mom will also heal a little. Now they're all
lightning type, not fire. So, switch to using Mario's hand and Luigi's hammer.
The attacks are the same as before, just using lightning instead of fire. As
with before, take out the plants first. When one of them dies, it may be
replaced by a red plant. Just remember to use Mario's hand on the purple ones
and Luigi's hand on the red ones. Keep using the correct hands and Mom Pirahna
should wither away shortly. Each of the Pirahna Plants will give an additional
6 experience points and 1 coin.

TRUNKLE                                                        Hit Points:
                                                               Body - 110
                                                               Head Tree - 60
Experience: 1000        Items: Super Nuts (1)                       Coins: 188
                               1-Up Mushrooms (1)
                               Lucky Bros. (1)*
Don't bother attacking the top of Trunkle's head; hands don't work, hammers
don't work, and jumps do very little. All of the attacks work equally well on
his body. He can attack by whipping his arm in a circle and letting his hands
roll at the brothers. Don't pay attention to which arm he uses to determine
which brother is going to be attacked, the rocks can curve. Just smash the
rocks with the hammer to stop them. Later, he may whip both of his arms. No big
deal, just two instead of one. When he begins to inhale air, jump whenever a
Gritty Goomba or a green mushroom is about to hit Mario or Luigi. If the good
mushrooms hit the siblings, they'll just heal five hit points. When Trunkle's
done, he'll gain ten hit points back. After enough damage has been done, he'll
split into four parts. One of them has the orange in its mouth, watch it. The
miniature Trunkles will start to hop around in an attempt to conceal the
orange. When they're done, attack the one with the orange. If the wrong one is
attacked, it won't do any damage and that tree will sink into the sand. In
pieces, Trunkle will attack by sinking into the sand, approaching one of the
brothers, popping out of the sand, and pounding with his hands. Hit Trunkle
with the hammer as he pops out of the ground. The mini-Trunkles can also roll
into a ball and try to ram one of the brothers. Jump as they approach to land
on them, they'll even stop underneath the brother momentarily. After they're
done attacking, only the one with the orange will remain standing. Attack it a
few more times to kill it.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY: If Mario and Luigi are high enough level, use Bros.
attacks on the top of Trunkle. If they're strong enough, Trunkle should
die after only a few Bros. attacks.

HERMIE III                                                     Hit Points: 
                                                               Head - 400
                                                               Claw - 80
Experience: 450         Items: Lucky Ribbon (1)*                    Coins: 80
Use Luigi's non-advanced Thunder Bros. on Hermie III in order to lower his
defense. This will make the battle a fair deal easier. If you hit him on the
head, he will be surprised and will counter attack. After he opens his claw and
it starts to shake, jump to avoid his hit and stomp on his claw. He'll strike
after the  third shake. If his claw doesn't shake, he is trying to fake you
out. He won't snap you unless his claw shakes. To avoid the counter attacks,
target his claws for now. After he's hit a few times, he will say how
frustrating you are and that its time to speed things up. He then casts a stat
booster on himself. He may also try to use poisonous bubbles on you. They're
very easy to stop; hit them with your hammer. As the battle wears on, he'll
start to use more and more  bubbles against you. Just keep hitting them with
your hammer. It shouldn't take long for you to break both of his claws. With
that done, his head can be  attacked without fear of a counter.

After both of his claws are broken and you attack him, he will recede into his
shell. Don't use Luigi's thunderhand, it  will heal Hermie. Use Mario's hand
attack on the shell to set it on fire.  Hermie will come back out and yell at
you for messing with his decorations.  Once he comes back out of his shell,
both of his claws are healed. Again, break his claws, then go for his head. As
with before, he'll go into his shell for safety. Just set it on fire again to
force him out. Now, he may start going  into his shell even before both claws
are broken. Attack his head and deal with the counter attacks now that he's
getting more cowardly. The counter attacks will drag the fight out a bit, but
it doesn't take too long for Hermie to bite the dust.

POPPLE                                                         Hit Points: 500
Experience: 600         Items: Nothing                              Coins: 121
Popple will begin by dragging a large, white bag into the fight. He'll pull bad
mushrooms, good mushrooms, bombs, and coins from the bag and throw them at the
brothers. Some of them have to be hopped over, and others will bounce right
over Mario's and Luigi's head. After throwing quite a few items, Popple will
toss the bag aside. All attacks work equally well against him. Now that he's
gone solo, he has a lot more hit points. It doesn't really matter because he's
still very easy to beat. He'll try to attack and steal just like he did before.
Hit him with the hammer whenever he comes close. After a few rounds, Popple
will go get the bag again. He uses it the same way as before. If he walks
backwards towards the siblings, be careful. He is going to whip around, rush
one of the brothers, and steal a hammer. Hit him as he approaches, just as
usual, in order to stop him. If he does take one of the hammers, the brother
he stole it from can't use it for a few rounds. Popple will try to use the
hammer on both brothers. The hammer-less brother can only take the hit. The
other one can hit Popple before he can strike. Even if he does manage to take a
hammer, Popple's still not much of a threat. Keep attacking as usual. It will
take quite a few hits, but Popple will stick to the same, easily avoided
routine until he dies.

PIRAHNA BEAN                                                   Hit Points: 180
Experience: 105         Items: Pirahna Swing (1)                    Coins: 1
                               Pirahna Suit (1)*
Don't jump on it, Luigi will just get hurt. Use the thunderhand, it works very
well. Pirahna Bean will spit a miniature Prince Peasley at Luigi. Jump it like 
you would any other projectile. If there is an orange glow in its mouth just
before it attacks, it's going to spit fireballs at Luigi. They, too, can be 
hopped easily. The number of fireballs can vary. After a few thunderhands,
Pirahna Bean will cease to be.

                                                               Friend - 500
                                                               Jojora - 50
Experience: 800         Items: Ultra Nuts (1)                       Coins: 180
All of the friends are the same, the choice is irrelevant. Jojora will start
the fight by trying to freeze the bros with his wand. Smack him with the
hammer and his wand will go flying away. Jojora will start to cry and will
leave the fight. Chucklissa may attack a couple of ways. If she steps forward
and puts her hands out, she's going to grab one of the brothers. She'll stand
in front of whoever she's going for. Jump just before she gets to the brother
so that he lands on Chucklissa's hands. If she walks backwards and out of
sight, she's going to attack a single brother. She'll come rolling at them in a
giant snowball. Before she attacks, she'll wink. Whichever eye she winks
indicates which brother she intends to attack. Have that brother smash the ball
with his hammers as Chucklissa approaches. Use Mario's firebrand and Luigi's
jump or hammer to attack. Do NOT use Luigi's thunderhand! It will heal

After a few rounds, Jojora will return. Chucklissa will wonder to herself if
one of the brothers likes her and then she will change her hair color to make
sure that he does. Now, the effectiveness of the hand attacks has switched.
When Chucklissa's hair is pink, use the thunderhand and NOT the firebrand! All
the attacks will do one damage to Jojora but attack him this round none-the-
less. If Chucklissa is attacked, Jojora will yell about touching a "lady" and
will counter attack. He'll use his wand to call a blizzard that will cover the
siblings with snow. Keep jumping to stay out of it, it's very easy. The main
problem with the blizzard is that it heals sixty hit points for Chucklissa.
Attack Jojora a couple of times until it's his turn. When Jojora gets to
attack, knock his wand away again to be rid of him. Go back to fighting
Chucklissa without Jojora being a nuisance. Chucklissa will take less damage
with pink hair, but she uses the same attacks as before. After enough damage
has been done, Chucklissa's hair will revert back to being blonde. She'll
immediately make the same comments as before and change her hair to pink again.
Jojora will also come back again. Do just as before and avoid attacking
Chucklissa until Jojora is gone. Keep on Chucklissa and she'll be six feet
under in no time at all. When she dies, Jojora will come back and ask how Mario
and Luigi could do such a thing. He'll tell them that they're uncool again and
will run away.

POPPLE & BIRDO                                                 Hit Points:
                                                               Popple - 500
                                                               Birdo - 450
Experience: 1400        Items: Ultra Syrup (5)                      Coins: 594 
                               Green Peppers (1)
Once again, Popple will start things off and all that's necessary is to whack
him with the hammer. None of the attacks work particularly well against Popple
and Birdo. Focus on Popple first: worry about Birdo later. Popple will use the
same attacks he always uses. Remember to watch his face to see which brother he
is going to attack.

Birdo will attack by trying to inhale one of the brothers. As she gets close,
hit her with the hammer. She may also try to shoot an explosive egg at one of
the brothers. Flashing crosshairs will be on the targeted brother. Jump as the
egg is about to hit the ground. After Popple has been hurt enough, Birdo will
say that she wants to protect him. She'll inhale him and then spit out four
eggs. The eggs will try to roll over Mario and Luigi, hit them back as they get
close. Watch the eggs as they attack. They will all hop before they move. The
one that contains Popple will hop twice. The others will hop once. Attack
Popple's egg to reveal him. He'll smash the empty eggs and the fight will
resume. Keep attacking Popple until Birdo inhales him again. This time, several
of the eggs may bounce twice. There's no definite way to tell which one Popple
is in. Guess one of the eggs and attack it. If the wrong egg is guessed, a pink
bob-omb will come out. They can be hopped over, but their erratic movement
pattern makes it hard to decide when to jump. In any case, keep attacking the
eggs until Popple is found. At this point, Popple and Birdo don't have any more
new moves. Focus on Popple until he dies. It may take quite a few hit, but he
shouldn't give you much trouble.

After Popple dies, Birdo will make a comment and then start flashing red. Now
her egg bomb attack is different. She'll still move in front of the siblings
and use her target. However, now the target will move around from brother to
brother. Pay attention to what order the target moves in, that's the attack
pattern. For each time the target lands on one of the brothers, Birdo will
shoot one egg at him. If the target lingers on one brother, she's going to fire
multiple eggs in a row at him. It's not much harder to avoid the attack;
jumping will still work perfectly. Her inhalation attack works the same way as
before. It should be no problem to send Birdo packing.

IGGY KOOPA                                                     Hit Points: 550
Experience: 800         Items: Max Mushrooms (1)                    Coins: 99
Iggy will start by shooting fireballs at the brothers. He will stand in front
of the brother he is going to attack. Hit the balls back at him to inflict some
damage. Jumping and hands work better than the hammers. Iggy may attack by
spinning like a top. Hit him with the hammer as he passes in front of Mario or
Luigi, there will be plenty of chances. Iggy has a fair amount of hit points,
but his attacks are very easy to counter.

MORTON KOOPA JR.                                               Hit Points: 500
Experience: 800         Items: Max Nuts (1)                         Coins: 99
                               Bowser Fist (1)*
Hands and jumps work best on Morton as well. Morton will use the same fireball
attack that Iggy did except he won't stand in front of the brother he is going
to aim for. Morton will also use a shockwave attack. He will jump into the air,
flip a certain number of times, and slam into the ground. The dust might 
obscure the view a bit, but try to see the shockwave. It has no color, it 
simply looks like the ground is waving. Jump immediately after the first 
shockwave, there will be more. The number of times that Morton flipped is equal
to the number of shockwaves. This attack is pretty strong, but Morton should go
down fairly quickly.

LEMMY KOOPA                                                    Hit Points: 380
Experience: 800         Items: Max Syrup (1)                        Coins: 102
Lemmy will start by dividing into four parts. There's no way to tell which is
the real Lemmy. The fakes turn out to be Goombas if you hit them. There's no
penalty for guessing incorrectly, it just wastes a turn. If the guess is
correct, the fakes will die. However, instead of wasting a turn, try using a
Thunder Bros. attack; it will hit the three fakes and the real deal. If some
clones are killed, Lemmy will probably replace them on his turn. If the real
Lemmy isn't hit by his turn, he could use the fireball attack. This isn't a
problem because it shows which one is real and he'll take damage from his own
attack. It won't take long for Lemmy to join his brothers.

LUDWIG KOOPA                                                   Hit Points: 550
Experience: 800         Items: 1-Up Supers (1)                      Coins: 99
Ludwig will begin with the fireball attack. Hit it back like always. None of
the weapons work especially well on Ludwig, use whatever. Ludwig may also
attack using his shell. He'll get into his shell and start spinning. Then,
he'll try to ram the brothers. Hop over him as he passes. Ludwig can also use
Iggy's spinning attack. Do the same as with Iggy: smack him as the passes in 
front of Mario or Luigi. He's a little trickier than his brothers, but he still
can't take much damage.

ROY KOOPA                                                      Hit Points: 550
Experience: 800         Items: Max Syrup (1)                        Coins: 99
                               Bowser Fang (1)*
This battle starts with a condition. Roy must be beaten before the timer on
the bomb reaches zero. If he isn't, Mario and Luigi will die. Each round, the
number will decrease by one. So that means that there are eight rounds in which
to beat Roy. Attack Roy just like the other Koopalings. He can use a shockwave
attack similar to Morton's. The number of flips he does still signifies how
many waves there are going to be. The difference is that the waves come in very
quick succession. There's no space to land between them, so all of the waves
have to be jumped at once. Because there's no space between the waves, if Mario
or Luigi get caught by one of them, he won't be able to dodge the rest. The
waves do a lot of damage so if one of the siblings gets hit by the first or
second wave, he'll probably die. As bad as it sounds, the waves are fairly easy
to jump. If Roy flips more than three times, the waves will not come in one
group. They will be spaced if there are four or more. Roy is also capable of
using Ludwig's shell attack. He can make many passes, so be careful. If he
disappears behind the brothers, he could attack either one from the back. It's
best to wait a second and then have both brothers jump to be safe. If Roy's
devastating attacks are successfully avoided, there will be plenty of time with
which to kill him.

WENDY O. KOOPA                                                 Hit Points: 350
Experience: 800         Items: Max Nuts (1)                         Coins: 102
This fight is also on a timer. Beat Wendy before the timer reaches zero or the
brothers lose. As with all the Koopalings, no attack works better than another.
After she is attacked the first time, Wendy may split like Lemmy or use a ring
attack. If she divides, fight her the same way as Lemmy. For Wendy's ring
attack, she'll step toward the brothers and fire golden rings to each side.
Jump as they approach and the bros will land in the middle. Wendy will make an
arm motion which will cause the rings to start shaking. After a few shakes,
jump! The rings will shrink down and crush the brothers if they don't jump.
The attack is fairly strong and makes Mario and Luigi heavier. Wendy can also
use the fireball attack with a slight variation. She'll walk very close to one
of the brothers and shoot a fireball at him. The fireball won't go as high as
with the other Koopalings so be ready to strike it a bit sooner than usual.
Wendy has very few hit points. If her attacks are evaded, she'll be dead very

LARRY KOOPA                                                    Hit Points: 550
Experience: 800         Items: Max Mushrooms (1)                    Coins: 99
As with the past two battles, this one has a timer set for eight. Larry can use
Iggy's spin attack. Stop him by hitting him as he passes in front of the
brothers. He can also use a shallow fireball attack like Wendy's. Hit it back
at him to inflict some damage. Larry has very few hit points. He should be no
trouble at all. So much for the mighty Koopalings...

FAWFUL                                                         Hit Points: 400
Experience: 1500        Items: Gold Mushrooms (1)                   Coins: 365
Fawful will open things up by shooting some little blasts at the brothers from
the top of his head. Watch the shadow to see which brother it's going for. Hit
it with the hammer before it strikes to knock it back at Fawful and do a little

When he's in his dome, he can't be hurt. Attack him and he'll mention what a
"wasting" it is. After Mario and Luigi's turn is over, Fawful will say
something else to them. He'll charge his dome and fire a purple laser. Don't
jump immediately. At first, the beam will sit between Mario and Luigi. Just
after it flashes is when they need to jump. The beam will split swipe at both
brothers. It will stop on the sides momentarily and then flash again. Jump when
the beams flash to avoid getting hit.

Keep attacking the dome even though it doesn't do anything. Fawful will attack
by making the dome spin rapidly with energy balls orbiting it. Smash as many of
the energy balls as possible. After several passes, the remaining balls will
move outward slightly and into the path of Mario and Luigi. Jump over the balls
to avoid them. Obviously, the more balls that are initially smashed, the easier
jumping them is going to be. All the spinning will cause the dome to become
heated. Fawful will fly out, complaining about the hotness.

Take this chance to stomp on Fawful. He'll return to the dome after a couple of
rounds. He may use a variation of the beam attack. Just remember to jump when
the beams flash and the brothers will be fine. Fawful will use a dive bomb
attack on one of the brothers. He will open the dome and wave one of his arms.
The arm he waves signifies which brother he is going to attack. As he swoops
in to strike, bring the hammer down on his head to send him back to the dome
and do some damage. Fawful is also able to manifest blocks above Mario's and
Luigi's heads. They have five seconds to break the blocks before Fawful
attacks. Simply jump into the blocks repeatedly to break them. Fawful will fire
a laser from one side to the other, trying to hit the brothers that are trapped
beneath the blocks. If the blocks are broken, the brothers can easily bound the
laser. From this point, Fawful is going to just repeat his attacks. By the time
his dome overheats again, he should be close to death.

BOWLETTA                                                       Hit Points: 500
Experience: None        Items: Nothing                              Coins: None
As the match starts, Bowletta will make the first move. Blocks with fives on
them may appear above the heads of Mario and Luigi. To get the blocks to
disappear, hit them five times. The timer at the top shows how long until
Bowletta's attack. Break the blocks as quickly as possible. Jump just as
Bowletta starts to lean forward. It's difficult to time the jump.When she
gnashes her teeth, she is going to use her fireball attack. She will shoot
several at the brothers, they can be easily hopped. A few others will remain on
the field. If Bowletta uses her fire breath attack, the Flarets will be
destroyed. If they aren't destroyed, the Flarets will heal thirty-five hit
points for Bowletta. It's best to ignore the Flarets and focus on Bowletta. 

During Mario and Luigi's turn, do NOT use the firebrand, it will heal Bowletta.
All of the other attacks do comparable damage to Bowletta. When Bowletta
attacks again the counter on the blocks during the fire breath attack will
increase to seven hits. The brothers just have to jump a little bit faster. If
Bowletta gnashes her teeth and turns black, she's attacking both brothers.
Stars will rain down on them. The green ones are aiming for Luigi and the red
ones are aiming for Mario. The respective brothers need to hit the stars with
their hammers to knock them back at Bowletta. Don't worry about the purple
stars, they won't hit anyone. Bowletta will fade back to color and curse the

A time bobomb will then wander into the fight and blow the brothers up.
Bowletta will laugh and mock them for letting their guard down. She'll then
inhale Mario and Luigi. Being eaten won't kill them though. They'll come
across Cackletta's spirit inside of Bowser's body which leads to...

CACKLETTA                                                     Hit Points: 1,200
Experience: None        Items: Nothing                              Coins: None
The battle starts with Mario and Luigi reduced to one hit point each. Use
whatever items are needed to recover. 

Cackletta has an arsenal of attacks to choose from, learn them well.
Cackletta can call down a lightning bolt which forms into a ball of lightning.
As it heads for one of the brothers, hit it with the hammer to bounce it over
to the other brother. When it gets hit the second time, the ball will
dissipate. Cackletta will then move her hands in front of the brothers. There
is plenty of time to hit her hands with the hammers. Cackletta's not done yet.
She'll form a large energy ball and fire it above one of the brothers. As it
descends, hit it with the hammer. It will turn gray and descend again. Hit the
ball back up into the air and it will turn yellow. As it falls, hit it back up
into the air and it will turn purple. Hit the ball one more time to destroy it.

If her hands weren't destroyed earlier, don't bother with them now. Attack
Cackletta's head and she will counter attack. When her hands move out at Mario
and Luigi, simply smash them with the hammers. Her counter attack is hardly a
threat. When both of her hands are gone, Cackletta will boost her attack. Just
keep attacking the head. Use Luigi's thunderhand on the head to get a critical
hit. After the head is destroyed, the heart will protrude a bit farther and all
of the body parts will regenerate. Cackletta will use primarily the same
attacks. Instead of the lightning ball, she may call on a couple of flames. The
flames will circle around the brothers and occasionally reverse direction. They
should be no problem to dodge. Cackletta may also stretch her arms out and
spin. One arm will be high and the other will be low. Hop the low arm whenever
it passes Mario or Luigi. The high arm will pass over your head. After two
passes of each arm, Cackletta will stop. Now, focus Mario's and Luigi's attacks
on the heart. The hands and head may heal but ignore them for the most part.
After several rounds, the heart will recede back into Cackletta's chest.

Now, attack the hands before the head this time. If the head is attacked before
the hands are dead, the spinning move will be used to counter. Firebrand works
well on the right hand and thunderhand works well on the left. Keep working
until the heart can be attacked again. Cackletta may summon the ghost of
Fawful. Fawful will fire multiple shots at the brother that he is diagonal from
and then switch to the other. It's very easy timing, the second brother should
jump as the first is landing. Fawful will then swoop down in front of Mario or
Luigi, hit him with the hammer to be rid of him again. Continue to focus
Mario's and Luigi's attacks against the heart.

As the fight progresses, Cackletta may alter her attacks slightly. The
lightning ball will take a couple more hits to destroy. When she sends out her
hands, they may move between the brothers instead of directly to one. When she
spins, Cackletta's arms won't follow the same pattern as before and will move
faster. She will switch which arm is high and which is low. The flames will
pass many more times before they go away. Instead of creating one, large energy
ball, Cackletta will make many smaller ones. Don't pay any attention to the
blue ones, look for purple and green ones. If there is a purple one, it is
going to appear in front of Mario and try to hit him. Knock it into Cackletta
with his hammer. The same applies to Luigi and green balls. These changes are
fairly easy to cope with. If Cackletta's eyes flash white, look to see if she
is looking high or low. In just a second, her eyes will twinkle purple. If she
was looking high when her eyes flashed white, don't do anything. If Cackletta
was looking low when her eyes flashed, jump just after her eyes twinkle purple.
She can have one eye looking low and one looking high, so be careful. When the
screen fades, Mario and Luigi will be frozen in place. Cackletta will fire her
eye lasers wherever she was looking when her eyes flashed. Mario and Luigi
should be safely frozen out of harm's way.

The good news is that Cackletta has run out of new moves (finally)! The bad
news is that this is going to take a while yet. With some good timing and a
little luck, Cackletta will be gone for good this time.

|                                  VI. Thanks                                 |
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Lourde Incarnadine for giving me some information on the Bros attacks.

NXMT for giving me some helpful tips about the format.

Masamune X for the tip about Cackletta's shadow.

Charlie Tangora for Cackletta's hit points and how to find the rest of them! 

Jangoman for some of the hit points!

Trevor Ralph for the rest of the hit points!

Matthew for a great tip on the first battle with Cackletta.

Veeravicpat for a tip about the last battle.

Major Gamer for correcting lots of little errors for me! Major Gamer also
provided the hit points for Chuckolator's shield, Hoohooros' pillars,
Dragohoho's stones, and Mom Pirahna's Pirahna Plants. Thanks a ton!

Edgemaster link for a great tip about fighting Lemmy Koopa.

Leirbag for pointing out a mistake in the Chucklissa/Jojora fight and providing
a helpful tip.

Steven Farghali for tipping me off to another one of Fawful's attacks!

MegaManEXE759 for a couple of corrections!

YamiYugiofLife and Alexander Stawski for telling me about using Thunder Bros.
on Hermie III!

Strider_Hiryu2003 for giving me a very helpful, general tip!

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