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Are there any codes that work for metroid zero mission?

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ShadowRaquaza39 answered:

There are codes but they're for Action Replay, Gameshark, or other cheat devices but their aren't any codes for Zero Mission itself except for a button combination "cheat" that gives access to the "Time Attack Mode". To do this you must be at a save file with a Screw Attack symbol next to it (must beat game on that file) and go to the "Start Game" menu. Then press Up+Left+Right+Down and a new option called"New Time Attack" will appear. In this mode, you will have a little clock to show time and an item percentage on the map screen during gameplay.

Hope this helps:)
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Scorpion2121 answered:

Not that I know Let me think.. No, there isn't any codes that work for Zero Mission itself
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