M0    :MMr   72        r        S        :0B       S@X   8        aWM7   
     Ma8  : XW:    WMX   MMM8MMZ : ZMWM; , M8   M0 . WM   aM   MMZ  BM2  SaM   
    0MM   M Z:B , ZZM . ZM08B0M, , 2MZM: , MM , W@ . 7M.  :Ma  :0B   MM.  @aM  
    MWr  :M  88   @Z2 ,    ;.M.  , W Mar , MM , 7M   .MS . @M   M88  ,MW  .MMW 
   Ma8   W8 WM   X8B:   MWaaiM0 ., M M8i , a  . MM, . MW . SM;  r0W   ZMX  S0M 
  MBM   78ia0S . WZW . ;WMMX@8M ,, M MZi , X ..:MMi , 0M..  MW   @80   MM.  0SM
  MWr   WXMZW   iBZ7 , M@M@a2MW ,. M7Ma: , Mi . ZM7    M .. Z@   70W.  82 .  8W
 MX7   22aXM,   Z2Z        77::    aWM2    XZ    Ma2        82S   ZaZ        2M
  MZS2S22M M7222arW22S22SSaXMBXSS2a.MMSSS2SXrS22SXM8a222222aMX2222SS2222222S@0 
                                 Zero Mission

ASCII Art generated by ASCGen (

Metroid: Zero Mission
No Boss/Miniboss Run Guide
by Peter "Wild Eep" Belmonte
wildeep219 at netscape dot net
v. 1.3 (September 7, 2004)

*This guide can currently be hosted at:
If you would like to host my guide, please e-mail me for permission first.

If this guide appears on any site other than the one(s) listed, also please
e-mail me.

Table of Contents:                                                 (nbmb_table)

1) Version History            (nbmb_version)

2) How to Use This Guide      (nbmb_help)

3) What is NBMB?              (nbmb_whatis)

4) The Rules of NBMB          (nbmb_rules)

5) Skills You Need to Know    (nbmb_skills)

6) Walkthrough                (nbmb_walkmain)
   A) First Things First      (nbmb_first)
   B) The Walkthrough         (nbmb_walkthrough)
      a) Brinstar, Round 1    (nbmb_brinstar1)
      b) Norfair to Crateria  (nbmb_crateria)
      c) Norfair, Round 1     (nbmb_norfair1)
      d) Brinstar, Round 2    (nbmb_brinstar2)
      e) Norfair, Round 2     (nbmb_norfair2)
      f) Brinstar, Round 3    (nbmb_brinstar3)
      g) Kraid                (nbmb_kraid)
   C) Full NBMB Item List     (nbmb_items)
   D) Unobtainable Items      (nbmb_miss)
   E) Alternate Routes        (nbmb_alternate)
   F) Things to do After NBMB (nbmb_after)

7) Credits and Legal Stuff    (nbmb_credits)


1) Version History                                               (nbmb_version)

9/7/04 - v. 1.3

(current collection rate: 46% for Easy/Normal, 45% for Hard)
Rules lava missile tank (#42) unobtainable in Hard Mode
Adds Unobtainable Item list with reasons
Gives permission to use this guide

6/11/04 - v. 1.2:

(current collection rate: 46%)
Adds Full NBMB Item List
Adds Things to do After NBMB
Gives permission to use this guide
*Somebody please test the lava missile tank (#42) in Hard Mode!*

5/11/04 - v. 1.1:

Adds two overlooked items to guide (current collection rate: 46%)
Fixes a faulty Infinite Bomb Jump explanation
Gives permission to use this guide

4/29/04 - v. 1.0:

First version of the guide (current collection rate: 44 %)
Covers the entire NBMB run (I am dead sure I have all the items!)

2) How to use this Guide                                            (nbmb_help)

  In the Table of Contents, you will find codes [for example, (nbmb_help)] that
you can use to jump directly to the various parts of this guide.  Here's how to
do it.  First select the desired code and copy it (Ctrl+C for Windows users),
and then open the Search dialog (Ctrl+F for Windows IE/Mozilla users) and paste
(Ctrl+V for Windows users) the code into the Search dialog and hit "Find Next"
or similar button, and presto!  You're now at the desired location!

[DISCLAIMER]: I did not come up with this system.  Countless numbers of people
used it before me.  I'm only using this system to be user-friendly.

3) What is NBMB?                                                  (nbmb_whatis)

  NBMB (no boss/miniboss) first came to be in Super Metroid, when a glitch was
found that allowed players to skip fighting Spore Spawn.  The ability to skip
Spore Spawn inspired players to find out how many items they could collect
while avoiding every boss (Bomb Torizo excepted).  But this is a Metroid Zero
Mission guide, not a Super Metroid one, so if you want the full scoop, check
out the Super Metroid NBMB guide at GameFAQs.

  I personally was first intrigued by NBMB in Metroid Zero Mission after
completing a 15% run in Normal mode and figuring what to do next.  I recalled
that some people had tried a NBMB run in Metroid Zero Mission a while ago, but
I never heard of it since.  I decided to try it for myself, and the results I
will share with you in this guide.  I can't remember who first tried it (that
information has been long lost to the purge of the GameFAQs forums), but if
you tried one before I posted this guide, drop me a line!  (see top for e-mail)

4) The Rules of NBMB                                               (nbmb_rules)

  Note: Since I have heard of no official NBMB rules for Metroid Zero Mission,
I am taking the liberty of creating them myself.

  The goal of the NBMB run is to collect as many items as possible without
fighting any bosses or minibosses.  Therefore, you are not allowed to fight any
of these enemies#:

Acid Worm
Spore Larva

All other bosses and minibosses cannot be accessed without fighting Kraid
and/or Spore Larva, so they are not on the list.

  Since you cannot actually beat the game without fighting bosses, the NBMB run
is over when you have collected every possible item without fighting a boss.

#The Charge Beam Beast may or may not be deemed a miniboss.  Here are the
arguments for each side:

*Charge Beam Beast IS a miniboss:

  *The Charge Beam Beast traps you and confronts you, like all other bosses.
  *Since the Beast is unavoidable, you must shoot it ONCE in the eye and then
   wait for it to flee the scene.

*Charge Beam Beast IS NOT a miniboss:

  *Since the Charge Beam Beast can be made to flee, it does not fully trap you.
  *The Beast is fair game to defeat.  That way, you don't have to make it flee
   every time you pass one of its chambers.

  My personal opinion follows the latter argument, but you can do whatever you

5) Skills You Need to Know                                        (nbmb_skills)

  To get the best percentage possible in a NBMB run, you need to know several
difficult Metroid tricks.  Thus, it is recommended that you've beaten the game
before, and if you've beaten a 15% run (especially with Screw Attack), that's
even better.

  Without further ado, here are the techniques:

Wall Jump:

    Perform a spinning jump towards a wall, and as you collide with the wall,
  point the D-pad away from the wall.  Then, before you actually move away from
  the wall, press the jump button again, and you will bounce off the wall.  You
  can repeat this technique between two walls, or you can do it with only one
  wall by quickly pointing the D-pad towards the wall once you've bounced off.

Infinite Bomb Jump:

    Once you have the Morph Ball and Bombs, you can reach any height with the
  Infinite Bomb Jump.  Start by dropping a bomb, and then place another one
  just a tad after the first bomb explodes.  Keep setting bombs at the apex of
  your bounce and whenever you land on a bomb, and you can go as high as you
  want.  An easier, but slower, way (and one that makes the Diagonal Bomb Jump
  (see below) easier) is to drop the bombs right as you land on the last one.

Diagonal Bomb Jump:

    To Diagonal Bomb Jump, place a bomb.  As the bomb explodes, place another
  one and move in the desired direction in the air, and then move back onto the
  second bomb and place the bomb on top on the second bomb.  Once you're going,
  just hold the D-pad away from the direction you want to head and drop bombs
  on top of the previous ones.

Horizontal Bomb Jump:

    A very difficult maneuver, the Horizontal Bomb Jump is similar to the
  Diagonal Bomb Jump, except you have to place the bombs at nearly the same
  height each time.  This technique is so hard that I can't even do it, but has a video of it in action at the bottom of the "Speed
  Tricks: Skip Acid Worm" page of its Zero Mission section.  My best advice is
  to study the video and keep trying.  Remember: this trick is VERY difficult.

    If you need help with the Shinespark trick, you are not playing a NBMB run.
  The Shinespark requires the Speed Booster to use, and the Speed Booster is
  blocked by the boss Kraid.  In a NBMB run, you cannot get the Speed Booster.
  Look in another FAQ for details on the Shinespark, since it won't be needed
  in a NBMB run. 

6) Walkthrough                                                  (nbmb_walkmain)

6A) First Things First                                             (nbmb_first)

  There are several things to keep in mind while attempting a NBMB run.

They are:

*You can only visit Brinstar, Norfair, Crateria, and Kraid's Lair.

*Ridley's Lair, Tourian, and Chozodia are off limits due to bosses in the way.

*Speed Booster, Super Missiles, and Power Bombs are unobtainable due to
 uncooperative bosses (Kraid, Spore Larva, etc.).

Now that that's through, on to:

6B) The Walkthrough                                          (nbmb_walkthrough)

  In this walkthrough, I'll be listing the current collection rate after each
item acquired.  For Missile Tanks and Energy Tanks, I will often refer to them
by the collection rate right after they were collected (ex. Missile 3).

6Ba) Brinstar, Round 1                                         (nbmb_brinstar1)

  And so begins the NBMB walkthrough.  After the short intro scene, leap over
the giant floating rock on the left to reach the Morph Ball (1%).

  Then go two rooms to the right and climb the vertical shaft until you reach
a blue door on the left.  Crouch and shoot out the blocks, and then roll into
the tunnel.  Go into the hatch on the left to collect the Long Beam (2%).

  Then shoot the blocks on top and roll on through to leave the room.  After
shooting more blocks, go to the left end of the tunnel to visit the gate to 
Tourian.  You will never be able to enter here in a NBMB run (besides, the only
thing in here is a boss anyway).  Head right and face a sidehopper creature. 
Destroy it, and heal at the Chozo statue.  Back at the shaft, drop down (and
don't get hit by the Rippers!) until you reach a blue door on the right.  Go
through the tunnel and drop to the bottom of this shaft. Head right in this new
tunnel until you reach a Missile Tank (3%).

  Then head back the way you came.  The Charge Beam Beast will ambush you here;
it's your call what you do.  If you killed it, get the Charge Beam (4%).

  Climb the second shaft and open the first red door you see with a missile.
Run past the gnat creatures through the next two rooms.  In the hive room,
destroy the first hive, and then jump left, shoot another hive, and then pick
up another Missile Tank (5%).

  Blast the final hive to eradicate the gnat threat once and for all, and then
go into the next large room.  Crouch and shoot the bottom part of the wall to
find a Missile Tank (6%).

  Unless you killed it, the Charge Beam Beast strikes again.  Deal with it, and
head right.  You'll find an Energy Tank (7%) right out in the open.

  At the end of the tunnel, you will encounter a shaft.  At the bottom is a map
room, but we want to climb up and to the left.  Climb to the top of this room
and go into the left door.  Roll through the tunnel and blast the red hatch
with a missile.  You'll find the Normal Bomb (8%).

  Use your Bombs to break the two blocks with dots in the center.  Roll left
and bomb your way to the Missile Tank (9%), remembering that bombs can send
your ball form into the air.

  Bomb the parasites on the way out of the Bomb room, and head back to the
shaft where the red hatch used to be, and drop down to the bottom of the shaft.
Head right, and take the elevator to Norfair.

6Bb) Norfair to Crateria                                        (nbmb_crateria)

  In Norfair, head left until you bump into a wall (skip the Missile Tank for
now - we'll get it on the return trip).  Crouch and shoot left to reveal a
secret passage.  Take it and go up in the next room to reach the elevator to

  In Crateria, go right and dive into the water.  The left side of the body of
water is destructible, so use bombs to find a secret tunnel.  At the end of the
tunnel, shoot the left end repeatedly to uncover a Missile Tank (10%).

  After climbing out and waiting for the small block to regenerate, hop out of
the water, scale the platforms, and use a bomb to break the rock formation on
the top platform.  Jump left and then up, shooting the block in your way.  Upon
entering the Chozo Ruins, roll and bomb your way right.  Keep going right until
you encounter Unknown Item #1 (11%).

  Shoot the special Chozo Blocks to escape, but don't forget to shoot out the
Chozo Block on top of a Missile Tank (12%).  Shoot left to uncover a step out
of the water.

  After leaving the Chozo room, use bombs to reach and break a Chozo block. Now
that you're on the surface, go left and jump on the platforms to reach a hatch.
In the next room, fall through the pit blocks and shoot the blocks on the left
to find a Morph Ball passage.  Use it to go left and find the Power Grip (13%).

  Climb your way up and left until you reach your ship for the first and only
time.  Then go right and shoot out the Chozo block in the next room.  After
leaving this room, you will find the Norfair elevator again.  Take it back

6Bc) Norfair, Round 1                                           (nbmb_norfair1)

  Back in Norfair, drop down and grab the ledge to the left.  Head right until
you find a Missile Tank (14%), and then return to the upper right hatch.

  Head back to the room with the elevator to Brinstar.  On the way, use the
Power Grip to collect the Missile Tank (15%) we left behind.

  Instead of trying to return to Brinstar, keep going right.  Use the platforms
to help you get past the room with the lava.  In the room ahead (the Main
Shaft), climb to the first blue hatch you see (the other hatch leads to a room
we'll visit once we collect the Varia Suit.  In the meantime, avoid it like the
plague.  It will sap your energy in a heartbeat without the Varia).  In this
room, use the Power Grip to grab onto the ledges to make your way left.  You
will be well rewarded in the next room with the Ice Beam (16%).

  Since you can't leave the way you came (the hatch needs a Super Missile to
open), bomb your way left in the crevice under the statue.  Freeze the Ripper
and use it to reach the hatch on the left.  In the next area, climb upwards
by means of frozen Rippers.  Once you enter the hatch on the right, freeze the
Squeept that leaps from the lava so you can jump across.  Jump over the next
Squeept and use the Chozo Statue.  Freeze the next three Squeepts to cross the
lava pit.  In the next room, freeze the two Rippers so you can reach the ledge
on the right.  On the other side, jump and shoot the wall to uncover a Missile
Tank.  Freeze the roaming Ripper to reach it (17%).

  Go into the door on the right to return to the Main Shaft.  While one would
normally drop through the pit blocks and leave Norfair, we're going to freeze
the Ripper at the right, jump onto it, and shoot a Missile into the wall to
reveal a hidden passage.  Quickly use a bomb to jump into the passage before
the Ripper thaws.  As you drop down to the right, set bombs to break a block in
the right wall.  Then Wall Jump or Infinite Bomb Jump to the crevice the block
leaves behind.  In the next mini-shaft, shoot upwards to destroy a block and
then Wall Jump up to the ledge on the right before the block regenerates.  Then
drop down a long way to reach lower Norfair without the Speed Booster.  At the
bottom, crouch and shoot a missile left to return to the Main Shaft, but this
time at the bottom.  Climb and bomb jump left to reach an obvious Missile
Tank (18%).

  Roll back right and shoot a missile at the block left of the tank's former
resting place.  Then roll through, jump to grab onto the left ledge, and bomb
at the left end of this tunnel to uncover a way out.  Climb to the second blue
hatch you see and enter it.  Leap from the statue's head to leave this room and
continue your climb upwards.  In the Main Shaft once again, walk past the
launcher, crouch, and fire a missile right.  Roll through this new opening.
Either Infinite Bomb Jump or Wall Jump along the left wall to reach another
Missile Tank (19%).  Keep using the aforementioned techniques to reach a hatch
to the left.  Make quick work of the enemies here and use a missile to open a
red hatch.  Collect the Hi-Jump (20%) and return to the launcher you passed
earlier (you shouldn't go left until you return with the Varia).

  Use a bomb on top of the launcher to return to the top of Norfair.  On your
way back to Brinstar, free the trapped Squeept with your beam and freeze it at
the peak of its jump.  Use it to reach a Missile Tank (21%) on the ledge.

  Back at the elevator room, freeze the Rippers and climb back to the elevator.
Return to Brinstar.

6Bd) Brinstar, Round 2                                         (nbmb_brinstar2)

  At Brinstar, head back left to the shaft, and climb it to the top.  Freeze
the Rippers at the top and use them to reach the ledge at the very top.  Pick
up the Missile Tank (22%) and return to the previous shaft.

  Enter the top hatch on the right.  Continue right to the set of four pipes
and roll through the top one.  At the end, bomb a block and use the passage to
pass the plant obstacle from above.  In the next room, shoot at the ceiling and
climb above it.  Make a running jump left and hang onto the ledge.  Shoot
upwards and grab onto the ledge you just created.  Enter the hatch on the left.
Wait for the bugs to destroy the plants and then proceed left.  Then jump up to
the tunnel at the top.  Roll into the ditch, unmorph, and leap up to grab the
left ledge and continue.  Repeat this one more time, and then drop to the next
platform.  Jump your way left to another tunnel at the top.  Hold left on the
D-pad as you fall through a pit block, and you'll roll into the next part of
the tunnel.  Drop a bomb as you drop to the left and spring into the new hole.
The bugs will eat the plant, opening the path to a red hatch, inside which is
the Varia Suit (23%).

  Leave the Chozo room and drop into the acid.  Bomb along the bottom of the
lake, and fall into the new opening.  Unmorph and shoot left, revealing the way
to an Energy Tank (24%).

  Return to the previous room, drop down to the bottom, and continue right.
Pick up the Missile Tank (25%) out in the open.

  By the pipe after the tank, shoot or bomb the bottom of the acid pool and
climb into the pipe.  Unmorph and shoot the barrier on the red mark.  Pick up
the bugs and return to the acid where you destroyed the blocks previously.
Take the bugs to a plant in the acid, and your path will be clear.  Climb out
of the acid on the other side, and use the Chozo statue.  Keep heading right
and you will find yourself near the location of the Bombs.  Drop down to the
second hatch from the bottom.  Go left like you did after collecting the Bombs,
but bomb the floor after leaving the hive room.  Drop to the bottom, and jump
onto the box containing the Missile Tank.  Roll left off it, drop a bomb, and
leap back into the opening.  Collect your well-earned Missile Tank (26%).

  Make your way back to Norfair.

6Be) Norfair, Round 2                                           (nbmb_norfair2)

  Head back to the Main Shaft.  Enter the door above the door that leads to the
Ice Beam (the one I told you not to enter the last time).  Jump from platform
to platform until you come across a Missile Tank (27%).

  Return to the Hi-Jump room (see Norfair, Round 1).  Roll under the statue and
bomb along the tunnel in the next area.  Make your way left using more bombs,
and enter the hatch on the left (watch out for the Squeept!).  Head to the lava
pit, and use Bomb Jumps to reach the left ledge without the Speed Booster.
Make quick work of the giant sidehopper and keep going left.  After the save
room, go as far left in the room as you can and shoot four missiles upwards.
Get up to the top any way you want, and enter the hatch on the left.  Dodge or
freeze the jet-propelled Rippers and use a missile to open the red hatch on the
left.  Collect the Screw Attack (28%) as your reward.

  Use the Screw Attack to destroy the Rippers in the previous room and pick up
the Missile Tank (29%) guarded by Screw Attack blocks.

  Screw Attack through the blocks on the right, and take either hatch to the
left.  Open the red hatch in the next area to find the Map.  Drop through the
false lava and take the hatch on the bottom right.  Head right through the
bubble room (use a non-spinning jump to land on the first pillar).  Shoot out
the floor of the next room, and take the bottom hatch.  When you find a drop in
the ceiling, shoot to the right to uncover a Missile Tank (30%).  Keep going
right and you will find another Missile Tank (31%).

  Climb back to the top of the previous room and take the top right hatch.
Blast through the enemies with the Screw Attack and missiles.  In the next
area, bomb the floor and drop through false lava to find a hatch on the left.
Bomb the wall in the next room, and use the Screw Attack to destroy the giant
sidehopper.  Bomb the other wall, and blast the red hatch to collect the Wave
Beam (32%).

  Backtrack all the way back to the Hi-Jump room, and use the launcher to leave
Norfair, or, if you'd like, you can use a path blocked by Screw Attack blocks
to leave (this path saves one missile).

6Bf) Brinstar, Round 3                                         (nbmb_brinstar3)

  Go to the left shaft in Brinstar.  Drop down until you see a Ripper.  Freeze
that Ripper, jump on it (don't kill it with the Screw Attack!), and leap over
to the box on the left.  Bomb the top, and head through the tunnel, picking up
a Missile Tank (33%) along the way.

  Drop down to the bottom, ignoring the Super Missile Tank (as much as it
taunts, we can't collect it...), and roll right to the exit.   Go to the wall
across from where you emerged, and jump while hugging the wall.  You'll grab
a hidden ledge, which will lead to another Missile Tank (34%).

  Return left out of the cave.  Fall to the very bottom of the shaft, and exit
left.  In the next room, shoot the ceiling to find an Energy Tank (35%), and
Infinite Bomb Jump up to it (alternatively, you could always freeze a Skree).

  Keep heading left.  In the room with the bombable floor, bomb through, and
drop to the bottom.  Bomb along this floor to reveal a launcher.  Drop a bomb
in the launcher to send yourself sky-high.  Hold right on the descent, and you
will collect yet another Missile Tank (36%).

  Drop back down to the bottom, use the right hatch, and it's off to Kraid's
Lair we go.

6Bg) Kraid                                                         (nbmb_kraid)

  Go straight to the save room.  Roll into a ball, and jump towards the left
wall.  Roll left, bombing any obstacles, and you will get a Missile Tank (37%).

  Leave the save room, and fire a missile at the red hatch directly to the
right.  Jump your way right to another Missile Tank (38%).

  Keep heading right, taking out the sidehoppers with relative ease by means
of the Screw Attack.  In the next room, drop bombs to uncover a launcher, and
fire yourself upwards.  Climb up the walls to the top (Power Gripping the
cracks, Single Wall Jumping, and Infinite Bomb Jumping all work), and then
enter the top hatch on the left.  At the left end of this new corridor, head
into a vertically-oriented room.  Roll into a ball, fall down the hole, and
drop bombs to reveal a hidden area.  Use the launcher at the bottom to shoot
yourself back up to this new area.  Bomb another block once in the crevice you
bombed out before, and then roll through.  Use a missile on the red hatch and
go in.  DO NOT ACTIVATE THE ZIPLINES.  Doing so will trigger the fight with the
Acid Worm later, and that would ruin a NBMB run.  Instead, hop into the acid
(good thing we have the Varia!), and wall jump against the column holding an
Energy Tank (39%) to climb up and get it (With Hi-Jump and Power Grip, you
just need to spin jump out of the acid to reach it).  Thanks to Zelda Gamer
Monthly and GamingDemon for pointing this tank out to me (I thought that you
were forced to fight the Acid Worm in its chamber if you got this tank.).

  Leave through the right, and follow the rooms until you are back into the
previous vertically-oriented room.  This takes you through the Acid Worm's
Chamber, so if the ziplines were activated, you would have to fight it.
Launch back to the top of the room, and leave.  Without the ziplines, we'll
have to jump across this acid pool in the corridor from before.  If you have
Hi-Jump and Power Grip, simply jump from the floor of this room to reach the
ledge.  Without them, you'll have to Diagonal Bomb Jump to the right.  Back in
the first launcher shaft, drop down, but hold left to sneak into a tunnel
with a Missile Tank (40%).

  Go to the shaft with the elevator, and enter the third hatch from the top on
the left side.  Take care of the sidehoppers, and then climb to the platform on
the left.  Jump and grab onto the ledge so that exactly two of the pit blocks
collapse.  Quickly jump to the left again, and just as you grab onto the next
set of pit blocks, press A.  If you can't pull yourself up and roll left, just
press A repeatedly in hopes that you will pull yourself up.  Your reward for
this challenging task is another Missile Tank (41%).

  (This next Missile Tank is believed to be unobtainable in Hard Mode, so if
you are playing Hard Mode, you may skip this next paragraph.)
  Now it's time for a small interlude.  Since we have all the Energy Tanks
available to us, we can take a heated challenge in Norfair (Varia REQUIRED,
Wave Beam recommended, four Energy Tanks STRICTLY RECOMMENDED, although
GamingDemon tells me that if you are really fast, you can do it with only
three, but I still recommend having all four tanks to have more room
for error).  Return to the shaft in Norfair with the false lava (on the path to
the Wave Beam), saving along the way (You'll need this save!).  Fill up on
health and plunge into the REAL lava at the bottom.   Position yourself below
the leftmost block and fire two missiles downward as you fall.  Try to avoid
grabbing onto the edge of any of the blocks as you fall (this wastes time that
you really don't want to be wasting).  Quickly shoot out the blocks on the
right and continue to the hatch on the left.  In the next room, climb up as
fast as you can, and fire your Wave Beam right to reveal a secret tunnel.
Climb above this tunnel, roll all the way to the right of another tunnel
(no need to use the Wave Beam to reveal this one), and drop a bomb at the end.
When the bomb explodes, quickly unmorph and fire a missile upwards.  At this
point, try to reach the Missile Tank (42%).  If you miss, return to the top
tunnel and jump for the tank.  Now, get out as fast as you can.  When you exit
the room that actually contained the Missile Tank, fire the Wave Beam
diagonally upward to clear the blocks before you reach them to save time.
Shoot out the Missile Blocks again and climb out by jumping on the blocks that
previously hindered your progress as quickly as you can.  Now your top priority
is to SAVE!  You really don't want to get yourself killed and have to do this
all over again!  If you can't get out of the lava alive, keep trying and look
for shortcuts.  This Missile Tank really is tricky to get.  When I got this
tank, I escaped with only five units of energy, meaning I had next to no time
to spare!

  After picking up this tank and living to tell the tale, return to Kraid.
Every item that remains in the NBMB run is in Kraid.

  WARNING: The NBMB run gets INSANELY difficult at this point, so you should
make sure you've got the skill, patience, and determination to continue! 
(even I can't get past the next challenge - I copied my real NBMB and
"cheated" by killing the Acid Worm so I could skip the next challenge and
continue to write this guide for you; I didn't collect the item blocked off by
the Worm and I only used the ziplines activated as a result to cross the next

  Behind the second door from the top on the left side is a large lake of acid,
which normally would require the ziplines to cross.  But we're going to get by
it without them!  Either:

  *Destroy all the blocks and Horizontal Bomb Jump your way across.
  *Destroy the rightmost block, and climb up to the next block.  Roll as far
   left as you can without falling off, drop a bomb, and move left just as it
   explodes.  You should land on the next block.  For the last block, however,
   you must drop two bombs so that the second bomb gives you extra oomph to
   reach the platform.  To reach it, you must unmorph as soon as you can.
  These steps came from the awesome videos at!
  After this, climb the next shaft, enter the top right hatch, and kill the big
sidehoppers to make your way to another Missile Tank (43%) (42% in Hard).

  Bomb the floor over the acid and fall down, way down.  Head right two rooms
(the one after the red hatch), and be prepared for a challenge!

  GamingDemon has this to say on the Missile Tank (44%) (43% in Hard):
  "Well, what you need to do is go into this room and kill all the side hoppers
  except for one. Lure him to the left side of the room. Quickly run right and
  get on top of the purple block that's connected to the long line of crumble
  blocks. Hover over the left side of the purple block to make the crumble
  block appear and disappear. When it's about to reform, roll off the left
  side, (Timing is key, because you need the block to reform late in order to
  be able to jump and grip the block next to it, and so on and so on) demorph
  in mid-air and jump straight up and left to grip the next crumble block, and
  continue doing this left. Have your charge beam charged up with the ice beam
  and as soon as you see the side hopper, let your charge go as soon as you hit
  the floor. He should be frozen under the tank. Continue gripping blocks left
  and use the frozen side hopper as a platform to the tanks. You need to be
  quick about the whole process to get the side hopper in the proper position
  for when you freeze him.  This is by far the hardest tank to get in the NBMB.
  The tribute to PB66 in Super Metroid."
  Thank you very much, GamingDemon!
  Return to the previous room, and bomb the floor.  Drop down to the bottom of
this new area, go to the right (not through the hatch), and shoot above you.
Roll through this new corridor to reach Unknown Item #2 (45%) (44% in Hard).

  Blast through Chozo Blocks to reach the hatch on the upper right.  Run and
jump right through the next room to take out the enemies without breaking a

  *I STRICTLY RECOMMEND YOU SAVE HERE.  If you drop down in the next room,
you'll have to fight Kraid for the Speed Booster in order to leave.  To avoid
this point of no return, go two rooms right and shoot the ceiling to make your
way back.*

  If you want to take the route of no return, bomb the floor in the next room
and drop down.  Then go to the next room on the right.  Shoot upwards and
Infinite Bomb Jump up through the opening, and scale the shaft.  Take the
second hatch from the top on the left, and go all the way left to find a
Missile Tank (46%) (45% in Hard) behind some shootable blocks.  DO NOT SAVE

  That's as far as I am sure you can go in a NBMB.  If there are more items to
collect that I have overlooked, just drop me a line at wildeep219 at netscape
dot net.

6C)  NBMB Full Item List                                           (nbmb_items)

  Once you're finished (and trapped for that matter), you'll have these items
in your possession.

(First # is for Easy/Normal, Second # is for Hard Mode)

45%/46% in Normal, 44%/45% in Hard?

30/29  Missile Tanks 150/58 Missiles Total
    4  Energy Tanks  499/299 Energy Total
    1  Morph Ball
    1  Long Beam
    1  Normal Bomb
    1  Unknown Item #1
    1  Unknown Item #2
    1  Power Grip
    1  Ice Beam
    1  Hi-Jump
    1  Varia
    1  Screw Attack
    1  Wave Beam
    1  Charge Beam (optional)

6D)  Unobtainable Items                                             (nbmb_miss)

The following items are impossible to collect in an NBMB:

  *All Items in Ridley's Lair
    *In order to enter Ridley's Lair, you must defeat Spore Larva.
  *All Items in Tourian
    *In order to enter Tourian, you must defeat Kraid and Ridley.
    *In order to obtain either of the items in Tourian, you must defeat
     Mother Brain.
  *All Items in Chozodia
    *In order to enter Chozodia, you must defeat Mother Brain.
  *Speed Booster
    *In order to obtain the Speed Booster, you must defeat Kraid.
  *Charge Beam (optional)
    *In order to obtain the Speed Booster, you must defeat the Charge Beam
     Beast, which may or may not be a Miniboss - see (nbmb_rules)
  *All Super Missiles
    *All Super Missiles are either:
      *Found in Ridley's Lair or Chozodia
      *Require the Speed Booster to obtain
      *Require other Super Missiles to obtain
  *All Power Bombs
    *All Power Bombs are either:
      *Found in Chozodia
      *Require other Power Bombs to obtain
  *Remaining Missile Tanks in Norfair
    *In order to reach two certain Missile Tanks in Norfair, you need Super
     Missiles to open the green doors concealing them.
    *The Missile Tank in the lava is believed to be unobtainable in Hard Mode
     due to lack of energy.
  *Energy Tank in Norfair
    *In order to reach the Energy Tank in Norfair, you need the Speed Booster.
  *The Remaining Missile Tank in Crateria
    *In order to reach the Energy Tank in Norfair, you need the Speed Booster
     and Power Bombs.
  *Remaining Missile Tanks in Kraid
    *One Missile Tank requires activating the zip lines and defeating the Acid
     Worm, since this tank is under the Acid Worm.
    *One Missile Tank requires Power Bombs and the Speed Booster.
  *The Remaining Energy Tank in Kraid
    *This Energy Tank requires the Speed Booster to reach.

6E)  Alternate Routes                                          (nbmb_alternate)

  If you're skilled, you can collect many of the items earlier in the game than
I have you get them in the guide.  Here are the alternate routes for experts.

  *If you're really good, you can collect the Varia Suit, Missile Tanks #22,
   #25, #26, #33, #34, and #36, and Energy Tanks #24 and #35 right after you
   collect the Bombs.  This means you only need two trips through Brinstar (the
   second trip to get to Kraid's Lair) and one trip through Norfair.
  *You can also enter Kraid's Lair to clear out the upper right area and get
   Energy Tank #39 right after getting the Bombs so you can collect Missile
   Tank #42 in the lava without having to make a special trip for it (which is
   why I added tips for navigating Kraid's Lair without the Hi-Jump or Power

  *You can collect Missile Tanks #14 and #15 before entering Crateria with good
   Bomb Jumping.

6F)  Things to do After NBMB                                       (nbmb_after)

  Once you've collected all the items in the NBMB run (with the possible
exception of the final Missile Tank past the point of no return), there are
several things you could do:

  *You could try to find ways to items previously thought unobtainable in the
   NBMB.  If you find any items not in the guide, drop me a line (see either
   end of this guide for my address), and you'll get mention in my credits
  *You could try to beat the game using only the items you collected on the
   NBMB (Exception: Unknown Item #3, since you need that to beat the game).
  *You could get a good score on an any percent speed run, since you might now
   be a master at navigating Kraid without the ziplines (If you do, don't
   forget the Speed Booster to leave Kraid)!

7) Credits and Legal Stuff                                       (nbmb_credits)

If you have anything constructive to say about this, I'd like to hear from you.
Just e-mail me at wildeep219 at netscape dot net.

Thanks to:

  * All the sick days I had so that I could write and revise the guide.
  * for having an awesome site and visual tips on how to bypass
    the Acid Worm.
  * GamingDemon for the excellent tip on Missile Tank #44 and giving me a
    heads-up on Energy Tank #39 and Missile Tank #42.
  * Zelda Gamer Monthly for also letting me know about Energy Tank #39.
  * DeGustel for also letting me know of Missile Tank #42's existence before
    v. 1.1 went live.

Legal Stuff:

  This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
  private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
  publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
  web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
  violation of copyright.
  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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  Copyright 2004 Peter Belmonte.