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"The reward for beating the game isn't the only good part."

Zero Mission, Zero starting items...for the first time, kind of.

Story 6/10

Metroid Zero Mission is a game based of the original Metroid game. To progress a story and really take it to it's full potential was very hard for an Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). However, Nintendo had a chance to take the ball and run with it and expand the story in this game. In some aspects of the game such as Samus' childhood, they did. For the most part they didn't.

Graphics 9/10

It's 2004 and it's on the Game Boy, one of the best looking games graphic-wise there were. They definitely had a lot of detail in the characters and the backgrounds. Instead of having a blank white screen or some bricks they had interesting environments. The character detail is very faint however still adds to the game. For example the slight glowing lines on Samus' suit. The anime like cut scenes were well animated and they added a new way of advancing the story and the ass of Samus. The unlockable Samus gallery is definitely worth going through all the trouble. Trust me. ;)

Sound 10/10

When there's music in a Metroid game you just know it's going to be magnificent. This game was no different. The music really set the mood beyond what it's supposed to. Although there were only 23 tracks they were put to very good use. When you're in a fight with a giant worm there's a very fast paced frantic song playing in the back ground. It makes you think that oh man I better beat this quick! The sound effects were pretty mundane. You have your shooting and your crazy flying monsters screeching your head off. They were mostly put to a side but they still added to the overall feel of the game. The sound was easily the best part of the game.

Game Play 8/10

The heart of any game, playing part of it. Zero Mission is played as a side scroller. You play as Samus and you have your arm cannon. Like the others in the series you start off with nothing but your beam. As the story progresses you become more powerful by collecting power ups. The game has 2-dimensional map which can come in very handy. The difficulty of the game can be changed from easy, normal and hard. It's a very enjoyable with several items to be found of however the game is too short. There are ways to increase your playing such as a %100 or %15 item runs. Doing such things can get you some very nice rewards.

Metroid Zero Mission to this day is still at least a top 50 Game Boy Advance game. It's definitely worth it to buy especially now at these bargain-bin prices I've been seeing. It's a great pick up and a great remake of a legendary game.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 07/15/09

Game Release: Metroid: Zero Mission (US, 02/09/04)

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