Additional ArtGreg Davis
Additional ArtTarin Kim
Additional ArtVictoria Munoz Martin
Additional ProgrammingCliff Davies
Animation DirectorDevon Brown
AnimatorAllen Borza
AnimatorRick Daniels
AnimatorGavin McNeal
AnimatorKaren Sanok
Art Director (Atari)Kristine Meier
Art, Text, Design, Character ModelsGerry Swanson
Associate Producer (Atari)Steve Charbonneau
Associate Producer (Atari)Amy Jordan
Associate Producer (Atari)Chris Lundeen
Character Models,and DesignJim Grant
Character Sprites,Character ModelsKOSTANDIN IGOR RUIZ
Design's,Character Models,AnimationAndrew Myers
Design,Sound EffectsPaul Carmody
Director Software, Engineering, Project SupportPasal Pochol
Game ProgramingPatrick Alphonzo
Game Programming, Design, ToolsPatrick Alphonso
General Counselor & COO, Project ManagerDebra Osborn
Graphics DesignerMorgan Tomaiolo
Lead AnimatorNick Schreiber
Level Arts,Special AffectsGerry Swanson
Music,Sound EffectsYannis Brown
Producer+Art and DesignDana Dominiak
Senior Producer (Atari)Michael Cucchiarella
Special Effects Art & AnimationMandi Paugh


Data and credits for this game contributed by tight686, Chaos Control, Cosmic!, LordAndrew, PZT, and BGoldTLE.

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