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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best strategy for a high rank on Mistman Beta?

I have 1 star on the white cart and 4 on a blue cart for chip purposes (I'll trade chips if need be). My style for now (getting V2 and V3) is Shield.
My style for the V4 will obviously by Team.
My current folder is 2xHero based.
That's just about it. What's the best strategy?

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Lots of Boomer chips is all I can say. I can't remember how but I tore through him and Kingman Beta with a folder that had lots of boomers.

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Actually, ignore my last answer. The Bodyguard PA, while incredibly cheap, is probably your best bet. Use it and the Super Armor Navicust. Reset the fight and keep trying until you get it on your first turn. It stuns him, so the fight is basically already won.

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Use reflect program on his tackle,and stunning chips when his mist appears,work every time

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The only way to battle Mistman is to use the other version as he is not in the game

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