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One of many birds?

I found the navi who is ranked 7 in the principal's comp.
he told me to find one of many birds

Where is it?

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parrotperil answered:

First, go to Mamoru's room, on the second floor of the Beach hospital. At the end of the bed, there are some stools. Above the stools there is a jar of origami birds. press a to examine it, and Lan takes a bird.
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megazero50 answered:

In the hospital in mamaru's room,the oragami birds are what he is asking for.
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emirblade answered:

In mamaru's room, there are a lot of origami's for him to get well on te wall.

grab one and zoom back.
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bearboy43 answered:

if u cant find the origami birds,its that thing that looks like a dead animal on the wall OK?
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dc_shorty_0 answered:

It's in marmou's room in the wall that has multiple colors. Its in the right side
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