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How do I beat # 1,2,3)?

I need help beating them

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ineedananswer answered:

For 1's and 2's, StepCross should be able to take care of them. I'm not sure about the hp of 2's, so pack a few +Atk chips just in case. Or you can use the BlackBomb strategy. Get BlackBomb 3, GrassStage, a couple of +30 Fire chips and another fire chip (Ex. HeatShot) to blow the bomb up. For 3's I used this strategy; Airshoes, Muramasa and CopyDmg. You'll need atleast 651 hp for this to work. Run around Secret 3 until you find a virus. Get hit until you have 1 hp left. Then exterminate the virus. Now go and fight the #3. Keep Adding chips until you have those 3 in your cust screen. Use AirShoes to glide over the bottom-right panel. Use CopyDmg on the 3 on the top row. Now go up the the 3's om the bottom row and unleash the Muramasa right in their face, killing all of them at once. The BMD at the end of the path is chipdata for Hole *. Pretty useful.
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