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Asked: 5 years ago

Where is this place called Rednu3?

Ranked navi #8 tells me ranked navi #7 is at Rednu3?Where and What is Rednu3?

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Rednu 3 is Undernet 3 (Rednu being Under backwards, and 3 being, well, 3). I can't exactly remember where he is, as it's been a while since I played BN3, but he is there.

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It is where you first fought Flameman in undernet 3

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The big hole in Undernet3 which Bass made. You'll fight BeastMan there.

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Rednu3 is undernet 3 because rednu 3 is spelled backwards. So when u get under 3 go to where the flames are and then you have to fight beastman. So when you done you have to fight with a purple navi. HINT(when u finish fighting beast man u cant save when you have to fight the purple navi so spare some life)

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