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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find stepsword P and gutsstraight Q?

I looked for the hospital 1 bmd and there wasn't any there. As for stepsword i have no idea.

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Quoted from the FAQs:

041. StepSwrd **** No Element 130 damage 2 steps, then wide swrd.

StepSwrd L: Chip/Bugfrag Trader Exclusive.
StepSwrd M: Past Beastman's Security Cube, in Undernet 4.
StepSwrd N: Chip/Bugfrag Trader Exclusive. !!!
StepSwrd O: Reward for Job 8.
StepSwrd P: Yoka Square Chip Merchant.

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049. GutStrgt ** No Element 100 damage Punch 2 square range.

GutStrgt O: Higsby's Chip Order. !!!
GutStrgt P: Yoka 1 Bugfrag Trader.
GutStrgt Q: Hosp Comp 1 BMD.
GutStrgt R: Beach 2 GMD.
GutStrgt S: Chip/Bugfrag Trader Exclusive.

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If you can't find it in the hospital, you might have gotten it before, traded it away, and completely forgot about it...

Or it might be somewhere else in white version, if that's the one you're playing...

Or you might not be looking in the right place. Are you looking in platman's area, or just in some square shaped comp area found in the hospital?

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