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Asked: 3 years ago

Why won't my VBA Emulator import and run save files I have downloaded?

They have the .sps suffix and the GameShark Snapshot Import option attempts to load them but then an error message comes up that says: Cannot import snapshot for SRTOG AOGE. Current game is SUPER ROBOT AOGP. I don't know what parts of the code in the save files I need to rename. I have tried the ones containing what I think are the names but I'm editing it wrong somehow. I have already tried renaming the file name to match the game and turning the files into .sav, .SAV, and .sa* files but the first 2 wipe the save data and the last one is not recognized by my Visual Boy Advance emulator.

What parts must I edit, what must I edit in and what program should I use to edit them?

This is the 1st line of code for 1 of my save files and its name:


SharkPortSave SRTOG 8/24/2006 12:24:30 PM SRTOG AOGE E

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From: Gabriel6302 2 years ago

You cannnot import save states from VBA. Any SharkSaves cannot be uploaded.

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