Black Flame MR Deck Guide by Desperado37

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                                Black Flame MR Deck
                                  By: Desperado37
                           Copyright 2010 Andrew Bullock

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Copyright Notification
3. Contact Information
4. Version History
5. Deck Strategy
6. Card List
7. Credits



Hello all. My name is Andy and this is my first FAQ. Hopefully I can make it a
concise and easy-to-read guide to building, in my opinion, a good early deck in
DM: Sempai Legends. I recently started playing this game and actually used a
concept from a type of Yu-Gi-Oh! deck my friend thought up. I first picked this
game up about a month ago and am still enjoying it. I proceded to start a new
game and decided to try my idea out. And, since I've used GameFAQs so much and
really enjoy the site, I decided to write an FAQ for the heck of it. So, here it


Copyright Notification

This guide may not be reproduced except for private use or with my consent. It
has been written for and use of this guide on another website or
any other public media is prohibited and a violation of copyright. If you see
this guide anywhere except, please contact me at
as quickly as possible.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2010 Andrew Bullock


Contact Information

If you have any comments, contributions or suggestions on this FAQ, you can
email me at Since this is my first FAQ, contructive
critisisms to it's improvement are welcome.


Version History

December 19, 2010
Version 1.0
First full guide submitted (all in one night baby :P)


Deck Strategy

Now that I've got all of that boring stuff out of the way, we can move on to the
real reason you've come to this FAQ. This is the deck strategy section where I
tell you how you use it, why it's effective, and so on and so forth.

I got this idea from a friend who was talking to me about a mob rush Yu-Gi-Oh!
deck and we talked about it for a while when I thought, "Hey, this idea would
probably work better in Duel Masters." Thus, my Black Flame MR Duel Masters deck
was conceived. You may ask yourself, "This deck's strongest card only has 5000
attack power, how can it be effective?" I asked myself the same question. When I
realized that a creature can only destroy one sheild (excepting the double
breaker ability), whether it has one thousand or one million power, I knew it
was an advantage to have three monster that cost two manna rather than one
monster that cost six. I also soon realized that the opponent can have nine
monsters in play but, unless one or more is a blocker, you can still attack
their sheilds. Another reason that the three small monster work better than one
big one.

This deck is not meant to show off a Gattling SkyTerror destroying your oponents
last two sheilds or anything like that. It is, in my opinion, the fastest way to
decide a duel in this game and probably not a shabby deck in a real life
setting. Like most decks though, it has it's strengths and weaknesses. It's
strengths: FAST, easy to use, easy to assemble early on in the game. Because of
this, you can use this deck until you want to upgrade to a better deck or not
(I'm at Lakeburg and still using this deck, probably for a lot longer too). It's
weaknesses: slowed down by blockers and time. Blockers are this deck's worst
enemy, but there are ways around them which I'll explain later. As for the
latter weakness, imagine this setting. If your opponent is able to summon a few
monsters with decent attack, they can start taking out your weak, albeit fast,
monsters. If you can no longer attack their sheilds, then it's open season on
your's since this deck offers only a few blockers which I mostly use for manna
fodder anyway. But, your opponent can only summon these monsters if the duel has
gone on for a while. So the quicker you are, the easier the duel is.

Now, how do we get around our opponents blockers? Usually, I'll use a spell card
to destroy my opponents untapped creature or I can sacrifice one of my monsters
to tap it. Usually though, if your enemy can get two or three good blockers out
on the feild, it's game over for you. Luckily, that doesn't happen too much in
the game.

Another big question you may have is how much manna should be saved up for this
 deck. I've won many duels using only four, yes four, manna. Ideally you'd want
 six though, but it isn't necessary. However, I would like to advise you to use
 an equal number of both red and black manna for this reason. If you have two
Immortal Baron Vorgs but your manna count is 1 red and 3 black, you can still
only summon one of them despite having enough total manna for both. Also, this
game is unforgiving if you choose the wrong manna for a summon. For instance,
I'd summon a Bone Spider with 2 red manna and 1 black manna and not be able to
summon my Deadly Fighter Braid Claw as a result because I left one black manna.
Moral of the story, think carefully about how you'll allocate your manna. You
may also ask which cards to use for manna and I'd say it depends. Usually I go
turn by turn so if that card is not useful to me that turn, it's a candidate for
manna fodder.

So, in summary, the objective of this deck is to get as many monsters on the
feild as possible asap and attack the opponent's sheilds directly ignoring their
monsters on most occasions. Use a spell or sacrifice a monster to get around
blockers and don't let the duel go on for too long.


Card List

Here I will list the cards that go into this deck. After that I will talk a
little about the cards and what they contribute. So ladies and gentlemen, I
present the Black Flame MR deck!

4 Wandering Braineater
4 Bloody Squito
4 Writhing Bone Ghoul
4 Death Smoke
4 Bone Spider
4 Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
4 Brawler Zyler
4 Immortal Baron, Vorg
4 Fatal Attacker Horvath
4 Crimson Hammer

Well as I said, those first two cards are usually my Black manna fodder. They
both cost only two manna though so if you need/want a blocker on the feild in
a hurry, go ahead and do it. All of the other monsters in the deck are quick
hitters that should be used to attack your opponent's sheilds. I usually use
Fatal Attacker Horvath as manna fodder just because he costs three manna
instead of two. As for spells, there is Crimson Hammer which I find incredibly
useful as it can destroy weak blockers (yay) and it can keep some of your
opponents early counter attacks from being summoned. There is also Death Smoke
which is your best blocker counter followed by sacrificing Bone Spider. Death
Smoke and Bone Spider are probably the only two cards that you'll have any
amount of trouble obtaining. Many of these other cards are simply thrown at you
in most booster packs. These two you may have to do a "bet duel" as I call them
in the card trade center. Until then, I just used my Fire/Dark starter deck I
got at the beginning of the game and, as I started to get the cards from the
booster packs, I'd slip them in my deck for some of the more costly monsters so
it was a gradual change into this current deck. If you want more magic, Burning
Power is a good card since it boosts attack which may destroy a blocker and only
costs one manna. A special note, when the oppurtunity presents itself, always
always ALWAYS summon Deadly Fighter Braid Claw on the first turn if you can.
When I go first and summon it on the first turn, I win the duel probably 99% of
the time. This is because you've essentially destroyed two sheilds with one
card. Just trust me and try it out. Also, NEVER sacrifice Death Smoke for manna
if you can help it. It's use as a blocker counter is too great to waste on
manna. Overall, this deck wins about 80 to 85 percent of the time in-game and is
a good choice for anyone who likes it's meat and potatoes approach and
effectiveness well into the game.



Me           for deciding to do this guide, it was fun
You          for actually reading it {I don't expect many to do so, congrats and
             thanks ^_^}
GameFAQs     for always being there when I was lost in a game  for my ASCII art