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Answered Questions Answers
What are the strongest pokemon of each type? 5
Where can I find (exp share)? 1
Where can I find HM flash? 2
Where can I find HM surf? 4
Where can I find HM fly? 5
How do you find pikachu in viridian forest? 1
How do I get the second password for team rocket? 2
Where are all the Professor Oak Aides? 1
How do you get flash to light up Rock Tunnel in order to continue to Lavendar Town? 7
How do i get lugia and ho-oh? 13
Recent Questions Answers
Can I receive special event items such as Aurora or Mystic tickets through mystery gift? 1
What happens when you try to sell the ruby or sapphire? 1
Fire Red Squad Rating? 1
Ghost in Pokemon tower, But it knows shadow tag...? 0
Where do I check my Pokemons happiness? 0
How do I beat Elite Four Lance's Aerodactyl and Dragonair? 1
Ghost in Pokemon tower, But it knows shadow tag...? 2
Hidden item help? 0
Normal Type Team? 0
Where do I check my Pokemons happiness? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where are the gem stones found in firered? 5
How many pokemon are in this game (and only this game, no trades)? 7
Wat happens after u beat the elite 4 the 2nd time? 4
What is the best strategy for the Elite Four? 1
What to do after i finished the sevii island quest.......? 2
Weres the move deleter's house?. 3
How to get eggs on island 4.....? 3
Weres mt ember? 7
Where can i find a bellsprout? 3
Best Pokemon by type in gen 1? (no legends) 5

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