Question from swift_taylor23

How do I get past the pokemon mansion?

I don't know how im supposed to get through the Pokemon mansion... Can someone please help me?


ShinyFeraligatr answered:

The statues of Abra are switches: those walls that LOOK like card key walls are not. They are effected by the switches. Oh, and at some point, you'll fight a scientist near two holes: go into the first one.

If you still have trouble, read an FAQ.
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brit_12 answered:

so i have to have an Abra to have the doors open up instead of using the gargoyles with switches on them?
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metagross22 answered:

As soon as u enter poke mansion, click on every mewtwo's statue.
walls open and close, just follow the statues, u'll b out.
hope this helps :-)
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metagross22 answered:

and u dont need an Abra
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