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WANTED: Lorelei of the Elite Four. Where is she now?

I searched throughe this Answer board to get some help for the problem I've got: Getting Lorelei back to the Elite Four.
I found this and thought that it would be helpful. To my big disapointment, it wasn't.

"Question from cinderis Asked on: 2/14 6:55PM -
Where's Lorelei???
I got all the gym badges, but i can't go into the Elite Four. How do I?!?! This girl just says,"I am so sorry, but you've wasted your time getting here. Lorelei of the Elite Four is absent, you see. As a result the Pokemon League is closed for the time being."

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From: animanga1999 2/22 10:16AM
first of all you have to beat the sevi island quest
next you can go to the elite four
loreli is The first in the elite 4

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Because it's been closed I have no choice but to write this;

I've already done what animanga1999 wrote, long before I decided to seek help here and she's still missing. She's not in her house, not in the Ice Cave where I first met her, not in ANY of the SEVII Islands, at all.
I've got all the 8 badges ages ago and is frustrated over the fact that I can't complete the game without defeating the Eilte Four.

Someone - ANYONE - PLEASE, help me ='(

TheRealFayleen provided additional details:

That was the first thing I did and is one of the SEVII Islands quests. I also wrote that I have already met her in that cave so that doesn't help at all but thank you for trying =)

TheRealFayleen provided additional details:

I've given Celio both stones.
What pokemon?

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harvestchic answered:

U need to go 2 her home town 4 island and go inside the cave.Complete the maze there and u will see her arguing with team rocket she will ask u 2 help her then u need 2 defeat the guy and she will go back home in her house.U talk 2 her and she'll say something about not knowing whether 2 stay or leave then u go to the place with the brail door and cut it.Finish that and a nerd will come and tell u the other pass word.go to that place with the big forest on the right and put in both passwords(hopefully you went and got the ruby for that guy on 1 island)do that maze and talk 2 that nerd guy in'll set the pokemon free and go back to lorelli's home(hopefully she wont be there...)if she's not there she's at the elite 4!!!if not I don't know what else 2 tell ya!!! :)

Hope I helped! :P
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harvestchic answered:

But really u need the Ruby and Saphire stone then set the pokemon free!
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