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How do you get flash to light up Rock Tunnel in order to continue to Lavendar Town?

I know I have to get through rock tunnel to get past the snoring thing blocking the other route, but it's just too dark.

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Go all the way through Digglets cave and go south using cut then
you will reach one of Proffesor Oaks aids that will give you flas if
you have caught at least 10 pokemon.
hope this helps.

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A cave east of Vermilion City, called Digglet's Cave, leads to just south of Pewter City. Heading south from the Pewter City end, and using Cut on several small trees, you will eventually come to a building. Inside the building is one of Professor Oak's aides, who will give you the HM05, Flash. You can use the HM to teach Flash to one or more of your Poke'mon. Once learned, the move cannot be unlearned for quite a while, so choose carefully. Whichever Poke you decide to teach it to will then be able to use the move Flash both in battle and outside of battle. You can return to Vermilion City the same way you came, through Digglet's Cave.

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go through diggletts cave and you'll be outside Pewter city(i think) but in another area with a house somewhere just keep going down till you see the building with professor Oaks aide if you have enough pokemon he will give you flash

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u can get flash if you go from vermillion city to a tunnel called digglets cave nearby. get to the end of it and there u will come to a place close to Pewter City. Keep going along that area(u may have to use cut) and u will reach one of Proffesor Oaks aides. If u have caught 10 pokemon or have complete information about 10 pokemon he will give u HM5 (Flash).Now take digglets cave back to Vermillion and go to rock tunnel. Open the start menu and u will see that the Pokemon u taught Flash to can use it. Go to the Pokemon option in the start menu and select thet Pokemon and apart from summary and stuff it will have Flash as an option. Use it and Rock tunnel will light up.

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Right Outside of Vermilion City, you will see a cave. This is the Diglett's Cave. If you go across the cave, you will emerge outside of Pewter City. if you walk around there will be a house. South of
the house, there will be a border. inside will be one of Professor Oak's Assisstants.
If you have caught at least 10 Pokemon, Flash will be yours. Now Rock Tunnel can be navigated without a map.

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Get 10 pokemon and go to one of the pokemon center

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You can only use HM 05 (Flash) outside of battle if you beaten Lt. Surge & win the Thunder Badge.

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