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Asked: 4 years ago

Saffron City, How do I get Team Rocket out?

Please tell me how I get Team Rocket outta Saffron City

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You have to make your way to giovanni when you do they'll leave

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Go into the tall building in the city then keep on looking around and go on the teleporters. Sooner or later u will find a teleporter that takes you to your rival.Beat him then go on the teleprter next to him.You will come to some place then go on the 2nd teleporter and you will find the rocket leader around there.Beat him then get outta there.Thats all!! =}

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Alakazam is right-- BUT! If you talk to the guy next to your rival after you beat him, and he'll give you Lapras; don't worry if your party is full, it'll just be sent directly to your PC. And, after you beat the boss (Giovanni), go north and talk to the guy at the table. He'll thank you for ridding Team Rocket from the city and saving Silph Co., or something like that, and give you a Maater

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...One, I meant to say "Master Ball" at the end of my answer, and two... I thought I was answering for Pokemon Yellow, and some of the stuff I said might have been wrong... Sorry. :(

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Go inside the Silph Co. Building once the guard is "taking a snooze".
Get inside, and, you need the card key to reach the Boss. If you want an easy way, take the elevator the the 5th Floor, go left, then go down, and go to the teleporter next to the Team Rocket dude and when you teleport, just go back in the same Teleporter and go right. You then will find the Card. Now, just go down to 3rd floor, go down, and open those doors, and go in the, I guess the second telporter you will find? Just as long as you know you're near if you teleport to the 7th floor where Gary is and you battle him. And then just go to the next teleport and you'll be near the Boss and after you beat him, Team Rocket will flee.

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Don't forget to talk to the guy next to Gary. He will give you Lapras.

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