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Where do I get a Pupitar?

I want 2

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BigTheBrat answered:

Go to Seven Island and catch a Larvitar, then evolve it.
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TheAnswerMan737 answered:

Or you could do it the hard way:
1. Snag and Purify Tyranitar in Pokemon Coloseum
2.Trade Tyranitar to FireRed
3.Breed him with a Ditto
4.Hatch the egg and evolve Larvitar
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Vivisqeq answered:

You evolve a Larvitar into Pupitar at level 30.
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animanga1999 answered:

you should go 2 7 island and catch a larvitar . when i caught mine i had 2 wait about 10-20 minutes . the larvitar levels are 10-15. then larvitar evolves at level 30 and then 55 for tyranitar

happy to help :D
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supermario11196 answered:

1 Go to sevault canyon on 6 island, catch larvitar and evolve it

2. trade from pokemon xd after trading wooper to duking)

3 get tyranitar from pokemon colloseum
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PokeMaster998 answered:

The real answer has already basiclly been answer but in order to catch a larvitar you have to go to seven island (after you beat the pokemon league) and go south until you reach a rocky terrain. Then run around in the grass until you get your wanted larvitar and maybe if you're lucky you will get a shiny larvitar.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

2 ways: 1. go to sevault canyon and catch one. really hard to find so be patient.
2. WARNING: hard way....... catch tyranitar in pokemon colosseum and trde to firered.
breed, hatch egg.... THE.....END.............
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