Question from toxic1212

Asked: 4 years ago

Can you evolve porygon?

I know this game is kind of old so I don't really know which pokemon are in it.

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From: oceanblackdog 4 years ago

Yes you can. Find an up-grade at Rocket Warehouse or Trainer Tower prize, make porygon hold the item, then trade it to any other game, and you should get porygon 2. Another fun fact, porygon 2 and porygon z have never been shown in the anime, and only once have we heard porgygons english voice, in a whos that pokemon. Porygon is found at the rocket game corner

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Ya. Just trad it while it's holding a "Up-grade".

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MAN, oceanblackdog, you are DEFENETLY a "Pokemaniac" bro. XD

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