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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (pokeflute)?

Ware can u get the pokeflute and how do u get it?

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From: latias_dv_1994 6 years ago

When you get the silph scope from Tam Rocket head, go to Pokemon Tower in Lavender town. There at the top floor you will find a ghost at the exit. Use the Silph Scope on it and the ghost appears which is none other than the missing Marowak!!!!Beat it.Don't try to use a pokeball on it as it would be waste. Then go to the next floor you will find some team rocket members beat them all and at the last you will find Mr.Fuji who was also missing. He will take you to his house. When you talk to him you will be given a pokeflute!!!!!!Use it on the Snorlax sleeping arond there.

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After finishing the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, the caretaker of the tower will give it to you. Note that you will need the Silph Scope in order to finish the tower.

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If you save Mr. Fuji in the Poke'mon tower from team rocket, then go to his fan club, he gives it to you. It is the only way to continue.

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