Question from iqqmal_96

How to get through the maze on Team Rocket's Hideout?

Please i got the second password but dunno how to get through

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drsdragon97 answered:

Just go to
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RAndCgamelover2 answered:

You have to get on the arrows and map your way to the areas.
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o2awesome answered:

Iwould check a faq map
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o2awesome answered:

sorry I meant
I would chec Faq Map Team Rocket Hideout Map
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littleschud answered:

It depends which hideout the first one or the second one.
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game558 answered:

Check faq
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lala12343 answered:

Can you look at my question Rioku?
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mariam12345 answered:

Use the tiles.
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vladic1212 answered:

Which hide out???
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