Question from gigagreymonx

Where can I find HM surf?

I'm having troble fighting fire pokemon
So were can I find HM surf?
HELP ME!!!!!!

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smmlink89 answered:

The HM is located in the Safari Zone in the Secret House. This site has a bunch of FAQs that detail exactly where you need to go to end up there.
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orangeumbreon23 answered:

Read the Faqs. It's found in a house in the Safari Zone.
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ashleyrox38 answered:

ITs located in the secret house in te safari zone. Its a little hard to find though you might confuse it with a break room.
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animanga1999 answered:

you have to go to the Safari Zone ,
next you have to travel about 3-5 sections (maybe its 2)
that should only take you about 2-5 minutes
then you find a house that has a guy in it (there is another house but i think you get nothing)
right after you find the real house talk to the guy and will give u surf as a prize 4 making it far
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