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Asked: 6 years ago

How come my save file got deleted?

I have no idea how it happened, but when I turned on my FireRed version of the game this morning it said "The save file has been deleted". Does anyone know why it says this?

Additional details - 6 years ago

No, I've saved it every time.

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From: CrAzY_4_U_66 5 years ago

The same thing happend to my little brother the other day. I turned the ds off, blew into the cartrige, put it back in and the data came back!(I tested it in a gba and it was fine) I'm not sure why the heck it happend but then again, his game did frezze a lot. I think it has something to do with the the game cartrige. try to do what i did but if that doesn't work then.. sorry there's nothing you can do...Best of Luck!

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Um...... did you save before turning off the game

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Maybe you turned it off while it was saving?

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Your data may have been corupted. There are many things that could have caused it, while playing the game, or within the cartrage itself. I'm really sorry for you. Good luck if you have the heart to start again.

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3 or 4 possibilities: 1.the game is OLD. it happened to my friend once. i just blew in the cartrige and the cartrige hole and the data came back.
2. dd something screwed yur game up? maybe u used cheats 2 much.
3. duh-dur-duh.... water!!! hve u ever gt yur game wet?

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It may also be dirty. You propably have to clean it. Blow into it or use a q-tip

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there are multiple reasons why your game might have been deleted.
1. Water might have got in it.
2. Dirty
3.2 many cheats
4. Game is old
5. U turned off when u were saving
6.Game corrupted
7 U did not save when u started a new game

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