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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find rainbow pass?

I need to get the rainbow pass after I had refused it at the sinabar gym. I have tried to talk to Bill and only get the pc response.

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From: gamermanh 6 years ago

If you want to get the rainbow pass, beat the Elite Four, own 60 Poke'mon and go to 1 island to start a quest for none other than the RUBY and SAPHIRE gems. Bill will give it to you.

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You will find the rainbow on one island after you defeat the Eleat Four

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When you beaten elite four you must have 60pokemon at pokedex and go to celio...Go to mt. ember and you will see team rocket..

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Wait,the rainbow pass or the tri-pass?

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Requirements for Rainbow Pass
1. Beat the E4
2. Get a minimum of 60 Complete Pokedex Entries
3. Go See Prof Oak to get National Dex( Automatic if 2. was completed prior to 1.)
4. Complete First Sevii Island Quest (if not done after Blaine's Gym)
5. Talk to Celio to be told to go get the Gem Plate on Mt North of Island 1
6. Get Ruby and Return it to Celio
7. Get Pass from Celio

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