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How do I get Eevee to evolve into...?

Into Umbreon/Espeon.Yes,I know,train it at night for Umbreon,while earning its friendship,and the same thing in morning for Espeon,but does that only work in Emerald?Or in F/R too?

inzanemada asked for clarification:

So can you get an eevee in ruby?

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aznblackthrilla answered:

In this specific game, you cannot evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon, however you can evolve it into one of three others. You can evolve it into the Fire-Type Flareon with the use of a Fire Stone. You can evolve it into the Water-Type Vaaporeon with the use of a water stone. Or lastly you can evolve it into the Electric-Type Jolteon with the use of a thunder stone. You can pick up Water, Fire, and Thunder stones all in the Celadon Department Store Fourth Floor for 2100 Points (dollars).
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animanga1999 answered:

so sorry but espeon and umbreon can only be execible by trading from colloseum,Emerald
i dont know if you know but you can still get vapereon,flereon,and jolteon. there is one more way , buy a gameshark it is cheap at gamestop

ps. i know you know but there is no night day sysem
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xfir answered:

Only from XD and Emerald. Any other questions about pokemon check this out.
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CrAzY_4_U_66 answered:

Some people say It can also be done in ruby and sapphire but i Doubt it..
But it deffintly can NOT be done in fire red.
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RaikouTGC answered:

Eevee can Only be Evolved into Espeon and Umbreon in Ru/Sa/Em or XD (Ru andSa do indeed work), as to which one is dependant on the Time on your In-Game clock that you set at the Beginning of the Game. AM=Umbreon, PM=Espeon (YES THIS IS CORRECT)

the Day/Night Split is only in Second and Fourth Gen
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Darkcat1 answered:

you can trade an Eevee into ruby/saphire/emerald. from what I hear becase of R/S/E's weird clock the eveloution tim is reversed. Espeon eveloves at night and Umberon eveloves durring the day
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Dragour answered:

On Sapphire and Ruby, Eevee can evolve into Espeon between 12am and 12pm. Eevee evolves into Umbreon between 12pm and 12am. I know because I evolved them on my Ruby and researched their evolution on Seribii
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