Question from Marskall

How do I get the guy away from the Ditto door?

What do I have to do to get the guy away from the door to get the Sapphire?

UrkelFan101 asked for clarification:

Where is the door with the Sapphire?

THEBLACKTIGER18 asked for clarification:

Do u mean dotted hole.

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megaman0099 answered:

First go to island 4, beat team rocket in icefall cave, go back there, and use cut on the door .The door will open.Next go through the hole.Then go through the holes in this order.Up, left, right, down . The guy that was blocking the door will grab the sapphire and give you the second password for the rocket's hideout.
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orangeumbreon23 answered:

Do everything else you possibly can on the other islands and he should move.
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inzanemada answered:

Try helping lorelei in island four inside icefall cave.. beat team rocket... then try coming back there... it should be opened
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cbechtel_35 answered:

There wasnt a guy there when i got there
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alastor945 answered:

I don't think there's anyone in front of the Dotted Hole.

To open the Dotted Hole,you have to use cut.The dots,or Braille,on the door mean "Cut".
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ExCeleby answered:

In Dotted Hole it have 4 hole you can go with 1 - 1 or open game Faqs /Faqs Guide
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masterchaozz answered:

Hmmm no one's there but if there is, try doing the major quests on the other islands
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hi123_321hi answered:

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darkmaul123 answered:

Well first u go to 6 island then u need a pokemon with cut u go where the dotted hole is and press on the door the door saids cut so use it then when u go in go in the hole. then go up,left,right and down thenget the saphire then go to 5 island and go to the rokcet warehouse
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aguirrenujnuj answered:

I think you should finish your mision in icefall cave then go back and you should use cut then
drop to the hole and do this
then the scientist wil give you the second password
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Primal_Giratina answered:

Huh? Ditto door???
Where is that???
I only know Dotted Hole.....
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truegamer97 answered:

If you mean DOTTED HOLE, you must help Lorelei get rid of Team Rocket at Icefall Cave.Get HM07, then climb the waterfall at Icefall Cave entrace. Go to room where Lorelei confront Team Rocket grunts. Then, go to DOTTED HOLE, the man should gone and you can cut the door to open it.
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Ultrajake12 answered:

What the heck is a "Ditto Door"?
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