Question from cinderis

How do you get to island #8?

I have no idea. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jessejaura answered:

You can't .Islands 8 and 9 are not available through regular game play.Try this website. It can help better than me.
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RaikouTGC answered:

You need the Mystic Ticket, Which was released several Years ago during the Pokemon Rocks America Tour, and on Specific days at the PCNY, curently aside from using a cheat device there is no way to do it
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cbechtel_35 answered:

you need the mystery gift. Go up to the clipboard at a store and type in " link together with all" then go out to gamestop and buy urself a wireless adaptor
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randomgamers123 answered:

you need the mystic ticket, which was given out at a nintendo event (which has already happened) so u cant get it without cheating anymore. Sorry, I wanted the mystic ticket too...
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ExCeleby answered:

in island 8 - 9 you can get legendary pokemon
like Ho oh ,Lugia, Deoxys
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bharathrts answered:

you need the wireless adapter for this.after you have a wireless adapter,go to any pokemart
and type in the words'' LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL''. anyways,my friend told me that
the mystic ticket was given out at a nintendo event and he also said you really can only
get it by cheating.Sorry,but just in case he was lying,try doing it.if it doesn't work,SORRY!
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