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How can i get islands 4,5,6,7?


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First you have to beat the E4 then go to island 1 talk to Celio then go to Mt. Ember where those 2 team rocket people are and start walking thier way and they will start talking when they are done talking battle both of them and once you beat them go into the hole in the Mt. and when there is 2 ways you can go, go to the left move the bolder and go down the ladder there will be a lot of plates and they spell the abc's go down that ladder and you will get the ruby. If you go up there will be another plate and it says "Every thing has meaning Existence has meaning being alive has meaning have dreams use power". then go back this time go down and out of the cave and give the Ruby to Celio and he will give you the Rainbowpass which lets you go to the sevii islands.
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orangeumbreon23 answered:

Beat the E4 and get the Ruby Plate from Mt. Ember. Read a FAQ for more help.
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animanga1999 answered:

first , you beat the sevi Island quest .
next beat Elite 4
then, you get the rainbow pass
last , you go
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Topher65 answered:

i tried that, but the rocket dudes won't battle me. Is there something wrong? or do i need the national dex? help me.
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