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I need to know how the safari zone works and how to catch some pokes?

How does the rock ball bait system work in the safari zone i need tauros, chansey, and khangeskahn to complete my pokedex.
Any help or suggestions would be mush apresiated.
i usually just throw a ball cuz they always run away if i throw bait or a rock is it just dumb luck or can i not catch them with just a ball...


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LugiaLatias answered:

Ok, throw rocks = pokemon easier to catch, but more likely to run.
throw bait = harder to catch, less likely to run.
also, a little tip - if you just stand in a grassy area and tap, don't hold the control arrows down, you will turn around and around in circles without moving. You will still encounter wild pokemon, but your time will never run out!! I've tried it - it works!
Good luck!
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RaikouTGC answered:

You can Absolutely Just catch them with the Ball

Throwing A rock makes them Easier to catch, but More Prone to Run
Throwing Bait Makes them Harder to catch but less likely to run
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t_real88 answered:

ok here's the Trick with catching Pokemon in safari zone:
1. For Catching Bigger pokemon; After throwing the safari ball wait untill the pokemon is inside when the ball has finished bouncing and the ball starts rocking 1,2,3 hold down the (A) button with pressure at the end of each rocking and then let it go before the beginig of the next rocking begins until the your new pokemon has stoped rocking and been captured...

2. For some pokemon that bursts out after you've tryed the first method don't worry it's only because you only need to add pressure on 3 at the last rocking BY HOLDING DOWN THE (A) BUTTON EXACTLY AT THE END OF THE 3RD COUNT or tap (A) 3x and hold it like you want it bad ON THE 3RD COUNT and you'll get it I PROMISE YOU...

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Darkcat1 answered:

If you have an oddish with sweet scent this is also a way not to use up steps. Just keep using this move from the menu to attract the pokemon...
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lemangeles31 answered:

Just an observation.

Try throwing BAIT first so they will not flee. With this, they will start eating the bait. After that, throw a ROCK. THis will trigger them to react and be mad. This will be the best time to capture them
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RaikouTGC answered:

lemangeles31 Answered:
Just an observation.

Try throwing BAIT first so they will not flee. With this, they will start eating the bait. After that, throw a ROCK. THis will trigger them to react and be mad. This will be the best time to capture them
If your going to do this you might as well just throw a Ball and hope for the best. Because Throwing the Rock second(Catch +1 Stay -1) Undoes Throwing the Bait (Catch -1 Stay +1) in the first, and you are back to base start (Catch +0 Stay +0)
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ELVINIC answered:

Yeah,like RaikouTGC said.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you're still confused on how the Safari Zone works than just look up an FAQ Walkthrough.

It'll tell you all you need to know in full detail.

Hope this helps.
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xchunchenx answered:

When You Met A Pokemon
Watch Carefully
Whether The Pokemon Is Big Or Small Or Light Or Heavy
For Big And Heavy Pokemon
Throw A Stone 1st
And Throw Safari Ball To Them
For Small And Light Pokemon
Throw One Or Two Bait
Throw A Stone
And Catch It

Pokemon Normally Does Not Like 3th Stone And Bait
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ChrisPerez001 answered:

Like everyone is saying its true
Rock=Easier Catch, More likely run
Bait=Stay, Harder catch

Its really a hard decsion to make. If you're the lucky kind of person, go with the bait. If you're the opposite, use the bait even if it means it would take an hour to catch beacuse in the end its really worth it.
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mariam12345 answered:

Just use the balls.
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shadowx2107 answered:

ok. people make up all these little codes for catching pokemon. for example: after throwing the the ball press a and b over and over as fast as you can. these do work for cathing pakemon normally, but it actually has the opposite effect in the safari zone. just pressing one button after throwing the ball will give you less of a chance of catching it. Kangaskhan is the rarest pokemon in the safari zone. i learned this pokeball thing while lokking for her. I also figured out that she(Kangaskhan is only a girl)is more likely to appear if you have caught every other pokemon that appears in the saffari zone. The saffari balls are a lot better than people expect. the way I caught Kangaskhan(also being the hardest to catch in the SZ) was throwing one rock and hoping that she gets angry instead of fleeing. hope this helps. also, the throwing one rock(or nothign at all) and then throwing a ball works for any pokemon in the SZ. I wouldnt recomend throwing bait at any pokemon.
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